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Here's my weekend hobby. I've been messing with Dashclock's code, and added the following options:

- Light/Condensed font, as well as a new clock face (just before the analog clocks) and a new date style (the last one);
- Full featured color picker for the foreground and background color. A full color picker makes the configuration harder, but i think the added freedom justifies it. ARGB color codes can be entered by tapping the center color circle.
- A (fake) card shadow style for each extension;
- Different font sizes (option "Text density"). These have only been tested/optimized on a Nexus 4, so they might not look good in some devices, particularly on tablets. The "Comfortable" option is similar to the current font sizes.

The apk is here: 

Code is here:

+Roman Nurik  If you want to merge some of these changes i can try to help. I've recently been fighting with git, so the repo isn't as clean as it should be, but i think it is ok now.

Happy new year
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This is just awesome! Makes it look so much cleaner. Thanks for this!
If clock is disabled and separators are visible, a separator still appears at the top below where the clock should be.
Thanks! Really love this one!! 
Wireless and cellular extension don't work ..but it's awesome :)
The only other thing that would be cool would be to make the cards have rounded corners. This is really great work. Thanks for this. I really hope +Roman Nurik takes this into consideration!
Judging only from these screenshots, there needs to be an option to centre the clock within the card (not including configuration icon). I think this would look much better. Right now it's just a lot of wasted space.
Extensions did not show on Lock screen
Which widget is the Nasdaq one? I've been searching for one for a while but coming up empty
So far so good. Missing a few extensions. Battery dash, storage and a network one. 
Won't let me install over existing dash clock app on HTC One....should I uninstall the original app before applying this version?
You have to Uninstall, reboot, install, reboot 
On all my devices, I have to reboot to have widgets show up in my widget selector . nexus 4, htc one, and nexus 7. All running cm11 +Shawn Matthiessen
Finally someone takes dashclock to a all new level...thanks indeed!
H Wolfe
Don't round the corners it matches the Google search widget currently.
Glad you like it.
+Stephen Bain Missed that issue. Should be an easy fix.
+Shawn Matthiessen I started implementing having one extension always collapsed on the right side of the clock, but it's still not looking good, so i removed it for now. Will look into it again.
As for rounded corners: yeah, they would be nice, but i had some problems with rounded corners and setting the background of the card to colors with transparency, so i just went with this solution. It works with any background color, looks good enough to me, and is also lighter on resources.
+Synced Synapse you understand the importantance of it right? E.g. if I determine on my nexus 5, only 4 expanded widgets will fit on my collapsed lockscreen when I hide the clock, then I can set the widget collapsed mode conditions to 5+ which means it will only show collapsed mode if it actually won't fit. Or I could say "never collapse" and just be able to scroll/expand if they go off screen.
+Shawn Matthiessen I get it, and i understand its usefulness. Though i must say that, personally, i'm more inclined to just do something to allow for one or more extensions to fill the space on the right side of the clock.
Of course, do whatever you want to do! You've done an outstanding job so far so whatever you end up doing,  I am sure it will be good :) :) :) Event Flow widget 5 stars
I really hope this gets merged. You've done a great job!
+sulfiq deen Check the "Separator between extensions" checkbox and select an appropriate background color.
+Synced Synapse where can find the "separator between extension " check box? Do I need download it as separate extension?
would be awesome to see the cards support in the main app itself! Great work!
TY for your work. Its great! If you dont mind, could you add collapse option on it?
+Taehoon Song if you read the comments you would see this has already been suggested, and he already replied to that suggestion. you're welcome to add your vote, but lets keep all the votes in one place shall we?
+Shawn Matthiessen It was so long conversation that I couldn't follow up. totally agree with your advice and will keep in my mind :D
Uae d Link up n d discussion. Uninstall if u r using d one from play store. Reboot n install 
+Stuart Rowe I haven't touched the Day Dream module. When i get some time i might take a look at it.
Just wanted to say thanks for this. Would it be possible to change the package name so that it doesn't conflict with the system version of dashclock that ships with several ROMs ?
I'll look into it, but there might be some problems caused by the extension's API.
+Synced Synapse If you're planning a new release please check support for more screens and dpi settings. I'm using this on my SGN3 with 408 dpi and there's not enough space between the lines no matter text size. The bottom of each line is overlapping the top of the line under. Not much really, just a few pixels, but it doesn't look good. Many thanks for your time and effort. 
So it this going to be added to the existing DashClock or will this be an fork?
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