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That moment when ... ...

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The history of Glam Rock
A short Noisy doc: Under the Influence - How Glam Rock Got Us From David Bowie to Lil Uzi Vert. "After Woodstock and before Punk, Glam Rock reimagined the Rock ’n Roll experience as outlandish fantasy. By becoming objects of art themselves, Glam’s performer...

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Think different - Beanz meanz Heinz: Top 20 slogans
A Top 20 slogans and the writers who came up with them. Read / See more over here .

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The process of aging
A talk with three photographers who are photographing the process of aging. Paddy Summerfield, Lydia Goldblatt and Sarker Protick. Read and view the whole story here .

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Finally Indonesia & South Korea worked together - new song by Rich Chigga & Keith Ape 'Gospel'
'Gospel' by Rich Chigga, Keith Ape & XXXTentacion, produced by Ronny J. (the video I picked is made by Satsujin Visuals)

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Originally pasta was macaroni and you ate it with your hands
From the 17th to the 19th century eating spaghetti with your hands was a street spectacle in Naples, the macaroni eaters. Read the story here .

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XLR8R Podcast 489: Samuel Rohrer
Over 1 hour and 1/2 very nice music by Samuel Rohrer.

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The Tesla Solar Roof order page went live
Elon Musk announced 2 days ago that the Tesla Solar Roof order page went live, and he thinks it's awesome. I think so too. And no, not only in the US, also in Europe, Middle East et cetera. Pick your country, pick your tile, pick your credit card. via

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New work by Banksy in Dover
A workman removing one of the European stars, symbolic for Brexit. Embed from Getty Images It was already values at US $ 1 million. I wonder if the vandal who put 'The Clash' on it added or deducted dollars from this value. Does Banksy see this as vandalism...

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Who would have expected a link between petanque and kissing Fanny
I didn't. But there is. And it's a very nice story you can read here . "Fanny was a waitress at a local café in the Savoie region or Lyon– no one seems to agree. Watching the men playing pétanque (or boules) one day, she declared that she would allow any ma...
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