I would like to announce the release of a very small puppet modules to manage GODI.

GODI is a package manager for OCaml.

Puppet is an IT automation software.

Once you have installed this module, you can write declaration like the following into puppet:

class container::mygodi {
  schedule {
      period => "daily",

  godi::instance {
      upgrade_schedule => "daily"

  godi::package {
      instance => "default";

This will auto-install godi-skylift into /usr/opt/godi (as the GODI instance "default") and all the GODI packages mentioned (godi-findlib, godi-ounit...). It will upgrade every day your installation.

The module can manage multiple instance of GODI on the same computer and manage to install the pre-requisite of GODI (gcc, patch, m4) on Debian.

This is a work in progress and patches are welcome.
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