Figured a give a bit of a status update.

Been in discussion with a few different rom teams to get a device support project for the whole community going.

Since layers will need all new resource exposing since Google did a lot of the exposing and most of the 2.1 commits will be unneeded, we will be having our gerrit on this for this project too.

This will just be for exposing commits so everyone can get in on the process from rom devs to themers and get more people involved.

What does this mean for layers

Pretty much nothing except the resource exposing will be in a bigger atmosphere so rom devs can have more input then this way here is a new commit and so everyone can test it.

Layers itself will still be developed and ran by the bitsyko team and roms involved in the hardware support project are not committed to using it

This project is just for better code review on the layers side and get the community on a common aosp like source for devices and ROMs.

there will be a community just for this

Since it will encompass several roms and it not directly tied to layers, it will be a common meeting ground for devs and themers to discuss commits on gerrit, test out commits and contribute.

there will be a donate option in the layers manager

Donating gets no extra features, it is strictly for us to contribute towards server costs and the like. Hoping to get a build server attached to it also just for the layers stuff so themers can test thier themes against any proposed commits to make sure it doesn't break anything.

So is this to make a more like cmte thing

Nope, there will be no merging of any common folders or messing with package IDs or trying to emulate cmte at all.

If anything there will only be work done for not rebooting, better theme update handling and no root needed but on the layers side, the goal is still not to break compatiblity with stock and that is a goal that we will strictly adhere to.

This is not an attempt to try to get more roms using layers, this is just us trying to help out the community with better rom support for the community, any ROM team getting involved is not committed to layers, layers showcase or RomMate, if they want to use it, that's awesome and if they wanna help out, that's awesome too but it is still a bitsyko project.
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