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Calling all Haven fans,

Season three starts production today. Tell us in the comments why you're looking forward to the show coming back.
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Ending on a cliffhanger like that... is almost unforgivable. (Especially when the Christmas special made everything seem hunky-dory...)
Haven is pretty cool. Kind of like the X-files, but localized to the little town in Maine. I think the team from Warehouse 13 should visit and relieve them of some of their artifacts. I am most interested to see where the story goes from here...
my friend will stop calling me about the show and watch it instead.
+Christopher Warter You think Warehouse 13 could do a crossover with Haven? I understand how Eureka and Warehouse 13 could do it because for the most part it is lighthearted humor and a similar vibe, but Haven seems a bit darker than the other shows.
With lost memories, intrigue, mysterious characters, and supernatural plot, what's not to like?... and I am a Stephen King fan.
Marc G
Looking forward to getting more dirt on the ever intriguing Duke!
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