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Which one of these dystopic futures do you think you could survive?
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I could totally survive in the BSG universe...but as a toaster... :)
Considering I don't live in scotland, I'd say doomsday. Definitely could make that list much more robust though
V for Vendetta, a Death Race maybe (love the stallone/carradine version), I know Brave New World was a movie in some fashion but the book was amazing and has an interesting future to it, Gattaca, Judge Dredd is just hilarious and deserves to be up there with something like Waterworld, saw a comment mention Idiocracy, Logan's Run would certainly kill off part of the readers, almost all of the Philip K. Dick books made into movies, stephen king would have a couple more also I'm sure but The Stand could have represented his work, etc
Oh man, Johnny Mnemonic, who wants to get the black shakes?
All good ones. Gattaca especially gives me the shudders.
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