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I'm noticing, as a high school teacher, that my students are moving away from Facebook and going toward Tumblr. When I ask them about this, they say most of the adults in their lives don't know what Tumblr is so they feel safer sharing content that adults would most likely frown apon. In essence, they're basically using their profiles on FB current to keep up appearances. LOL!!!

Has anyone else talked to their students about this, or is it just mine?
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This has been the norm at college level as well. They've moved to Instagram & Reddit.
Ah yes, Reddit is another one they've talked about.
It's so funny how our schools and/or districts have only recently caught onto using social media to connect with their communities, only to find no one's home. lol

The lesson, perhaps: Involve students in the endeavor, always.
Twitter doesn't even come up on their radar, apparently. Going to look into it a little further. My curiosity's a bit more piqued now.
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