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5 Top Tips for Broadcasting Hangouts on Air (HOA)
Here are some of my top tips that make your HOAs work better for you. HOAs are live video broadcasts.

I've seen people use HOA broadcasts to do many things. They can really help you spread your message, connect with your audience, establish yourself as a trusted source, improve your business... etc. But if done poorly, they can also damage your reputation.

Read up on these 5 simple tips to be sure you are getting Good Results from your Hangout on Air efforts.

Thanks to +SiteSell & +Mike Allton for publishing this.
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Hangouts on Air are a fantastic tool to expand your brand’s online presence. Used poorly however they may damage your reputation.
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16 Week Digital Literacy Skills Development Learning Series Launching September 9, 2015 5:30 pm @ The Maywood Public Library........
Week 1: Digital Literacy Training Series 
Membership required to attend classes
Call 1-708-673-7594

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Very peaceful, very beautiful indeed!

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That's why we have remained a loyal advocate of blogging classes for every one since 1998. I have long felt that when one person decides to setup, design and start building their blogging journey, that they are actually building today's unofficial career development platform.

The blog is a remarkable product you see. Just as there were assembly lines for worker productivity from the war years when I was born, an innovative blogger can utilize a blog assembly line for all manner of digital product manufacturing.

The unassuming blog is the magic carpet that is the natural vehicle to and for the abundance movement, Google and social media combined. We have dedicated years developing, following, honing, curating and sharing many aspects, possibilities, tips,techniques and creative insights about blogging potential and blogging in real time.

That is why we have designed literally thousands of blogs and have touched many people in Chicago and throughout the world since the mid 1990's.

Beyond just blabbing about my blogging history path, of which I believe is a very essential research study for those learner's interested in knowing, discovering many rare insights from pioneering early adopters from Chicago, people such as legendary blogging authority Dr.Barb Iverson, Justin Massa, Michael Maranda, Jean Russell and a handful of other visionary people developing blogging styles and digital portfolio even before twitter came on the scene.

I believe that one of the smartest moves that any serious professional, contractor artist, business owner, young person searching for a job or training opportunity,etc could make in today digital environment is to simply start your blogging journey.

Think of 5 things that you really feel passionate about or that you have thought about learning and simply setup a blogger blog or a blog called

And your blogging journey has begun. Stay with it. Write mini blog post / articles about 3 times a week or more and become the person that you have always dreamed you could become.

Starting with a simple blog. Products are born and nurtured via blogs in 2015 going forward.

Thanks for listening,

Sy Bounds
CEO / Founder
21st Century Classroom & Video Training Academy
15 Pro Blogging Tips Every Marketer Needs to Know
There is no better way to combine content marketing, social media marketing and SEO than blogging. Let’s take a look at just how powerful and effective blogging can be:

• Companies that blog get 97% more inbound links to their website.
Blogs are rated as the fifth most trusted source for accurate information online.
• 61% of US online consumers have made a purchase based on recommendations from a blog.
• Small businesses that blog get 126% more lead growth than small businesses that don’t blog.

There is a lot of value in blogging. These stats are enough to make any marketer rush to download WordPress and jump right in, but each one is meaningless if you don’t know how to blog.

#blogging #bloggingtips
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We're working toward a web that includes everyone. Our approach aims to strengthen diversity at Google and increase opportunities overall.
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Helping people to design and build their tribe. Using google + community (public or private), google + circles, google + event feature, google + business page & more!
Teach Distance Learning @ The Neighborhood Level
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Currently we design and customize premium information packages for awesome clients who understand and value professional services that we provide at the elite digital performance level. Contact: 1-708-673-7594 or
 Currently we design and customize premium information packages for awesome clients who understand and value professional services that we provide at the elite digital performance level. 

As well we create cutting-edge Google+ Community modules to inspire and train a small select group of preferred premium clients. Ours is not a quick fix onetime weekend training workshop. Each client whom we serve is expected to spend at least six months growing and studying with our team. We focus on the overall, longterm value that we can and will bring our preferred clients, instead of haggling over hourly and one time rates. 

If you would like to discuss how we may work together please leave a message 1-708-673-7594 or email

And that is my main reason for making this long-winded presentation! Thank you very much!

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Sy Bounds, The Blog Professor. One of Chicago's most innovative thinkers regarding social media skills. Currently Sy's primary focus is to retain a small number of premium clients each month. Allowing me to provide my highest level of service in focused training sessions. Sy's training style appeals to and works with all audiences and he is an in-demand speaker and trainer for organizations throughout Chicago and the midwest
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