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Hi all. Whats the story with €120 promo credits? I know in the grand scheme of things they aren't much but they certainly incentivise the smaller client to jump on board. Any update (or indeed the actual credits!) would be great!

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Facebook recently made some interesting changes to our news feeds! What is the impact of this updated news feed algorithm to digital marketing and how do their hidden core values effect social strategies?

Hi. What are people's experience with call tracking in AdWords (their own call tracking, not a 3rd party). This is for Irish clients specifically. For example I've a client in Sligo, using an 071 number. Do Google provide an 071 number to track if I enable this, or is it some random number? Thanks!

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New blog post: Mobile Internet Usage continues to increase in Ireland. Get the stats and the lowdown on what it means for Website owners. 

Good morning. Can I ask do you tend to set up separate ad groups (or campaigns) to target mobile only?  I figure if we want to have specific extensions for mobile ads (different to desktop) this is the only option?

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As an amplifier of your greater public-facing message, rich media plays a key role in building your brand message both offline and online.


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Data is a powerful tool in content marketing, but it can be hard for readers to understand unless it’s presented well. One solution is providing a visual breakdown of the data in a context that’s easier for the average web user to read or scan.
Let’s take a look at how data visualization content marketing could work for your business.


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For many organizations, web design can create a lot of challenges—with so many projects to create, it can feel like you’re re-creating the wheel every time out. Could a dedicated web framework be the solution? A couple of recent projects by the federal government and BuzzFeed show the value of the strategy. Here's a take on what to and what not to:


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How up-to-date are you on the latest marketing terms? It can be tough to keep up with the fast pace of change in digital marketing, as new tools, techniques and tactics pour through your social feeds and inbox almost daily.
Here's a list of 8 terms that are either new or experiencing a resurgence in digital marketing, to help you stay afloat.


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The world of web analytics can feel very overwhelming. There are so many metrics which you could be looking at, but what do they all mean and even if I work out what metrics to look at, how can I actually improve the results?

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