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Xmas is soon approaching get your Private Swissedent Dentures in now @@Swissedent

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Dental Laboratory Awards 2015 13/11/15

Tonight is the big night for our Dental Laboratory , wish us luck.

Good Luck to all of the other Dental Laboratories who are in the Finals, together we can make the Dental Technology trade a better place if we all work together.

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Bremadent Premier London Dental Laboratory Short-listed for the Laboratory Awards 2015

Swissedent are proud to announce our Own Dental Laboratory BPL has been short-listed to the finals for 'The Best Dental Laboratory' and the 'Most Innovative Dental Laboratory' at the Laboratory Awards 2015 via FMC. A great success for our Dental Laboratory, stay tuned as the awards ceremony is tomorrow 13th November 2015 in our neck of the woods, London.

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Loose Dentures, Information for Denture Wearers

As people age their body, hair, skin, face and mouth change but guess what, the dentures stay the same and miss the boat to change with us humans as they are a solid material made to the shape of the gums at the time.

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Denture Repairs in London, Walthamstow Whilst You Wait (1 hr 30 mins max) Swissedent Dental Dentures Clinic

"My denture has broken, what can i do?" dentures can break from time to time and there are various factors that we do as humans that can contribute to dentures breaking. Denture repairs can cost from £45 - £50.
Dentures can be broken if they are dropped due to the impact snapping the hard plastic acrylic, being acrylic its a type of plastic, if you use boiling water to clean your dentures (i hope not) this can cause your dentures to wrap. Also excessive bleaching with a denture cleaner ( use a ultra sonic instead) can alter the properties of the dentures and looses its pink pigmentation causing it to become brittle and break more easily. Eating habits e.g chewing on chicken bones, this causes minor stress points on the hard acrylic, imagine putting your two index fingers together at the tips and push together, its the same principal here.

Continue reading by clicking the link below.............

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Sports guards (Gum shields) protect the teeth and the mouth for adults & children whilst playing sports such as rugby, martial arts, boxing and many more. They are custom made under 10 PSI bars of pressure which make them accurately fitting and come in a variety of colours and patterns at 5mm in thickness to make sure all impact is absorbed before going to your mouth.
Sports Guards ( Gum Shields) for contact sports: Boxing, Rugby, Hockey, Martial Arts etc, Play Safely.

Sports guards are typically made for the top jaw and locks the lower jaw into the sports guard to stop movement. The lower jaw is moveable and will move around during sport activities that is why it is easily damaged if not locked and supported.They are worn by professional sports team and are recommended by sports associations.

Sports guards:
Custom made to the individual, customised with various colours and patterns. They are locked into place to make the lower jaw stable and absorb shock rather spread. All edges are smooth and are constructed under 10 PSI bars of pressure, which makes the sports guards fit tightly and accurate whilst making the sports activity safely comfortable.

If you need sports guards for your whole team (school teams as well), Swissedent Denture Clinic can offer discounts and provide sports guards with the team logos, colours or mascot to make sure your opponents know who they are up against.

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Contact us today and play sports safely.
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Metal (cobalt chrome) dentures have been the gold standard in replacing missing teeth for many years and have various designs to suit the patients needs, here are some of the benefits below:

A metal denture is the framework in the middle of the denture that has plastic (acrylic) attached to the sides. It is easy to adapt to with the thickness at 2-3mm which allows the tongue to glide over it comfortably. It is designed to be discreet, strong and durable whilst maintaining comfort.

Blends in:
Due to its discreet nature behind the teeth, the only area that is shown is the plastic that is usually a gum colour. Sometimes metal clasps are added onto natural teeth for extra grip, this can also be placed discreetly and out of site.

Accurately fitting:
The metal denture is gripped into place by the use of the patients teeth and metal clasps placed onto the teeth for extra grip. The metal clasp can be exchanged for a gum / tooth coloured clasp instead.

Strong & Durable:
The material used is Chrome Cobalt. It is a biocompatible material and has high properties in strength and durability. Gum coloured plastic and teeth is added mechanically to the sides of the framework.

Patient friendly:
There are various designs for metal dentures from covering the area behind the teeth to leaving the area exposed. This is determined via the individual rather than a standard design protocol.
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Dental implants for Implant Dentures

Swissedent work alongside with our Implant placement Dentist in Walthamstow to place the implants and we manufacture the implant retained dentures.

There are two types you can go for:
Locators, Stud type dentures
Implant bar type dentures.

Locator, ball and stud type dentures require 2 dental implants placed in the lower jaw and 2- 4 dental implants placed in the top. The denture is removable and clicks into placed like fastening a button a stud jacket.

Implant bar type requireds at least 4 dental implants placed in the lower jaw and 4 - 6 in the top jaw. The bar can either be removable of fixed via implant screws. A Removable implant bar works on the basis that the bar itself is screwed into the mouth and the denture sits on top of the bar via clips or attachments and can be taken in and out when required.

a fixed implant bar is when a implant bar is embedded into the denture and is screwed into the dental implants. Being fixed means that it will require a 6 month visit to the dentist to remove and clean underneath you can always clean the under side of the denture with a small brush.
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