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Today we begin learning the Big Apple routine(7:00-7:45) followed by Lindy One (7:45-8:30).

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Musicality here! Musicality there! Musicality everywhere! Come practice your solo dance moves tonight while learning Doin the Jive, and then dance all night to Zuzu's hot five (FoFREE)

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April Update!
So March was awesome with Bring on the Blues rocking so crazy hard. There were over 40 people dancing the night away at 4 am for the Saturday late night dance (So really Sunday). That's insane and tiring. And let's have that be the reason why this blog hasn't been updated.

The Crash course is April 23 and will be East Coast Swing. This will be an awesome introduction to partner dancing if you have never danced. If you are feeling comfortable in your primary dance role, crash courses are also a great place to try the other side. Learning the other role can really help your dancing ability.

The April Savoy is coming up on the 25th. It is Sock Hop themed, and it's going to be ridiculous and fun. Mike Herring is DJing and teaching. #gomike!
At the same time of our April Savoy a little event called "DCLX" is happening.
Basically that weekend is going to be dance crazy and ridiculously fun.

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Check out our very own Brian Richards dancing in Steel City Blue's Open J&J! If this just made you want to dance ALL THE BLUES, DONT WORRY! Bring on the blues registration is still open!

Bring on the blues is less than two weeks away. A few important notes: Registration for a full weekend pass closes 03.25.15. Having a full pass is the only way to guarantee access into all the dances.
Housing registration closes 03.20.15. If you register for housing later than that we will do our best, but we can not guarantee it.

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March 2015 is the month of Blues.

We have been talking about it a lot, and it almost here. Bring on the Blues 2015 is just a few weeks away. Three days of live music featuring Michael Gamble and the Rhythm Seranders, Eli Cook, and Elizabeth Wise and the Shoo Flies. We are also having some pretty awesome DJs, and some really sweet venues. Basically you should register right now.

Isn't it great how we are teaching blues this month, with bring on the blues happening at the end of it?? It is almost like we did that on purpose or something. Crazy...

Other fun things that are going to be going down.

ACME is playing the first Wednesday of the month on March 4th. Live music is the best. You should be there.

Ctrl + Alt + Dance is happening this month! March 17th to be exact. So you can watch a movie with some of the best lindy hoppers around and then go get your dance on with the UVA swing club. That is going to be a good night. You should also be there.

See you on Wednesday!

March is going to be the month of blues. Start it off early with the blues crash course today!!! From 7:30-9:30 at Oddfellow's Monticello Lodge.

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Dancing is the best. Tonight there is dancing. See you there!

It's cold outside, but dancing can warm you up! Swing is still happening tonight with lessons beginning at 7. See you there!!

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Did you know that we have all our lesson recaps divided into playlists?? WELL NOW YOU DO. Learn all the ECS, Lindy,Charleston, Balboa, and Blues!
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