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SwiftStack innovations power hybrid cloud storage
SwiftStack innovations power hybrid cloud storage

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Industry analysts predict that 2017 will be the year that more unstructured data is retained on scale-out cloud storage than classic storage. Scale, efficiency, and multi-site are the drivers. Learn how to take advantage of an on-premises storage cloud built with Cisco’s S Series servers and SwiftStack software, the same software used in public cloud storage offerings. Many on-premises applications are already compatible with a storage cloud built with these building blocks.
This session will share real user insights on:

-Easily incorporating hybrid-cloud storage into your environment for existing applications
-Leveraging the multi-site capabilities of a single cloud storage namespace
-Enhancing the scale of storage while also lowering TCO using standard building blocks

Environments that are benefiting the most from this new approach to storage include Web/SaaS, Entertainment, and Scientific Computing, though every organization can look to apply this approach to their datacenter evolution plans. Please join guest experts from SwiftStack as well as Alan Stearn, Technical Solutions Architect at Cisco, who will share analysis of how organizations are using scale-out cloud storage to grow their IT capabilities while also lowering costs.

Webinar Details:
Scale-out cloud storage in 2017 with Cisco UCS S3260
Thursday, February 9, 2017 • 10AM PST / 1PM EST
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"Right now, at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) show, we’re demonstrating an example media workflow in the Cisco booth using SwiftStack software and Cisco UCS servers. For those who are unable to make it to the show and are interested in seeing the demo, check out this video we produced that highlights some of the ways SwiftStack private and hybrid cloud storage has benefited a number of our clients in the media and entertainment industries..." You can read the full article here:

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"...we announced version 5 of SwiftStack Storage to help our customers further realize the value of cloud storage on-premises and to enable new hybrid cloud workflows. So let me run through the details…" Erik Pounds, Director of Product Development at SwiftStack. Read the blog post here:

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“We believe that enterprises now and for the foreseeable future will live in a hybrid cloud world, where business value should determine where data lives, when it moves and how it behaves,” said Steve Duplessie, founder and senior analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group. “IT creates and controls the policies for corporate data that places data on-premises and/or in the public cloud, based on the criteria that keeps their customers happy: cost, performance, security, access and availability.” - Read the full press release here:

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#SwiftStack is officially a Google Cloud Technology Partner! Read the press release here:

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"Open-source object storage SwiftStack software delivers access to petabytes of unstructured data in a single namespace, with a pay-as-you-grow feature. It first talked about Cloud Sync back in November. Now it's here, more details have surfaced." - The Register, read the full article here:

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We’re proud to announce SwiftStack Version 5! Building on the best technology for on-premises private cloud storage, we're launching new capabilities and enhancements to help enterprises on their journey to hybrid cloud adoption. See our new features here:

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Register for the SwiftStack First Look Webcast:

Building on the best technology for on-premises private cloud storage, SwiftStack is excited to launch new capabilities and enhancements to help enterprises on their journey to hybrid cloud adoption. In this webcast, join SwiftStack’s head of product marketing Erik Pounds and chief evangelist Mario Blandini who will walk though the details of the next major version of SwiftStack.

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New! Cisco Media Webcast Series!

With the rise in cloud storage for media production, experts from SwiftStack & Cisco will discuss approaches to MAM storage, multi-site production, storage consolidation, active archive of assets, and storage methods surrounding distributed transcode and render.

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Mario Blandini, vice president of marketing, SwiftStack, stated that the end game for SDS is that storage goes away as its own distinct segment of the IT infrastructure market.

“Storage came about when applications expanded beyond mainframe compute to distributed x86 computing,” said Blandini. “With SDS and hybrid cloud, storage is no longer defined as a big box full of hard drives, it is the management of data existing across private and public data centers, all in a single namespace.”

Read the Full Article Here:
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