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It's the moment you've all been waiting for - the SwiftKey Flow beta is open and we're eager for your feedback. Download it below and don't forget to share your feedback with the team. Enjoy!
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Downloading. Looking forward to giving this a try... 
Please some how bring back swipe to delete. Other than that I don't have any complaints.
It seems great so far, but agree with +Curtis Cook , I miss swipe to delete. Long delete still works nicely, so maybe I just need to change my habits.

Implementing swipe with swipe to delete is certainly going to be tough to make intuitive.
My suggestion and I'll post this in the VIP forums in the morning is to do a swipe starting from the delete key moving to the left.
That's it, I'm officially done with Swype. Been using it for a solid hour now, it's easy to use and way better. Basically after last update, Swype hasn't been functioning properly and not been saving words in dictionary, basically having to type out a lot of words. Better predictive text in swift key flow and also the themes look amazing, Swype had like none. 
Great. However, missing the enter button. Otherwise great. 
hahah the swipe right to left to delete whole words doesn't work. Good to know that it got replaced by holding down the delete button. 
Not really a fan of the long pressing method because imo it slows the flow of the typing experience. That's what I loved most about it in the past.
Awesome.. This appears to be my new keyboard. I haven't used it much yet, but just from typing this I can tell it's a winner. 
+Curtis Cook While I agree with you, I don't know how you could implement the swipe delete feature with the swipe keyboard. I would think they would interfere. 
hey +SwiftKey is there any way to import my old swiftkey usage statistics into the beta app? 
Good job +SwiftKey - there is no better app worth to purchase than this one! 
I'm also missing the swipe to delete feature. Hope you can find a way to include it in this new version. 
Only just started using it but so far so good, was using Swype before this.,
Je suis en train de tester votre bétâ, elle fonctionne super bien :)
I hope the final version is free for those users who had purchased any of your previous apps :-) 
First test - German works great so far, nice! :)
Can't seem to replace words with a swipe 
Ki Rin
Still no support for Japanese? :(
The swipe to delete feature is missed but you can change the long press duration so that the long press on delete works very quickly, result. 
Testing now. I also miss swiping left to delete but hopefully it could be restored by initiating the swipe on the delete key as +Curtis Cook suggested.
I don't care if the developer has to eat but soft keyboards should all be free and physical keyboards should cost $5 tops.  Who's with me?
+Chris Oxtoby +SwiftKey Swipe to delete would indeed be great, what about a single key switching "flow" on and off? When off, swipe deleting is active. 
+Mark Eggers An easy fix would be to start the swipe at the delete key & move to your left just like in previous versions. It's basically the same as long pressing but it feels more natural with the flow of... Flow. 
Swiping from the delete key would be nice. 
I have been using swype for sometime, but this looks aweosme! 
+Curtis Cook +Mark Eggers +SwiftKey  what about long press on delete key and swipe left? That way there is no doubt that the user wants to delete and the delete key wasn't touched by mistake.
oh man just downloaded and it is sweet as!
Sadly still no Chinese input
Sarah L
No Japanese input either
It's great but long press is kinda annoying so I had to disable that. Also sometimes it only gives one swipe possibility even though there should be a another option. For instance, the word "sometimes" gave "someone's" instead. That's not that bad for a prediction, but it should give more than one option.
I'm afraid the default swipe keyboard that comes with Android 4.2 kills all independent competitors. It's so perfect...
Great news to wake up to! Putting on phone & tablet now. Thanks +SwiftKey 
+Jonas Van Dorpe Press backspace once after flowing a word to get the three suggestions. I think it'd be better if they showed them directly when flowing, but pressing backspace once isn't too bad. 
I recently upgrade to android 4.2 and have been swyping on the default android keyboard. Wondering what's the competitive advantage here for SwiftKey.
This keyboard is awesome I love it. 
+Kelvin Chow For me it is the ability to have multiple languages active at the same time, better predictions and not having to manually add words to the dictionary. 
There is no love in the world.
Testing it right now, I'm quite impressed! 
Hasn't anyone patented the Swipe-to-Write technique already? :O 
hello Ritan sure we will all enjoy this
I'm testing it now... It's amazing... Wow...
It basically works as it should, but too bad I can't swipe punctuation and backspace. 
Swiftkey flow on a tablet sucks... Only works in portrait. At least swype works in landscape and you resize while also moving the keyboard around. Hopefully this will be added into Swiftkey flow tablet when it comes out of beta. 
Is it smooth on older phones (e.g. Mytouch 4g)?
It is definitely pretty. That is about all I see as an improvement over stock 4.2 keyboard, but I only need one language. If I needed more this would be my new keyboard 
So far so good better than swype in my eyes 
How does this work? wow! I like it 
Wow! I loved swiftkey but I still found swiping or sliding faster but with the prediction involved with swiftkey flow my speed is bananas! I'm loving it. So far I have no complaints what so ever. 
This is awesome, I am sure this will replace swipe if they have a couple of dollars to spend in the future 
Your app just gets better And better! Awesome job on flow. 
+Johan Appelgren for me Chinese support would be the alternate language I would like to see. However, I have just tested this. The prediction and speed is impressive. 
It seems to work very well. Love the keyboard and its accuracy.
I wanted to like it. I really did. But sadly the words being swiped are worst than even Google gestures and getting worst as I use it. Words have to be typed after multiple attempts at swiping, some words are spontaneously changed, even when typed, some Are capitalized for no reason making the flow, and the keyboard in general useless and frustrating. 
Loving it so far. More accurate than any other swipe predication that I have used so far. It is also super quick and responsive. 
By the way. I typed this using SwiftKey Flow. 
Works well so far. But I miss the swipe to delete! Can't do that when flow activated 
The best keyboard just got better 
It's not working in landscape mode on my galaxy note 2. :(
Seriously needs a way to offer more options after completing a swipe. I find myself swiping a long phrase only for Swiftkey to decide at the end that I had typed a completely different thing.
I like the keyboard so far, but how do you type words that have two consecutive letters while "flowing"? Can't type words like "letters" or "soon" or "butt", etc. 
It's working great on my phone, I love it :)
+SwiftKey Having bought Swiftkey for phone and tablet, will I have to pay for this too? Or, will I get a free/discounted update for showing my loyalty to swiftkey :-)
+SwiftKey It looks really lost when you have 3 languages and you write in all of them... maybe needs to select the language first.
+Landon Dodd you just circle the letters twice so that they appear twice. I just typed 'letters' and 'appear' in that sentence by using this method. 
Nice, this is my favorite keyboard, now with flow. Even better.
That's great but still :
* Lack of back up and restore
*download of language pack doesn't continue when screen is off
+Landon Dodd you would type "letter" as "leter" and the keyboard will figure it out. It would be the same for similar words. 
Anybody else having issues getting the language pack to download? Keep getting a network error but have no issues with any other connectivity. 
Giving it a shot now. Started getting used to the slide gesture on the stock keyboard in preparation for this release. 
Their servers are probably hammered. Takes so long to download a language..
This message entered using SwiftKey Flow, by a former Swype user of 2.5 years. I'm never going back. 
This is pretty cool actually and I am somewhat impressed with the accuracy. I own a note 2 and the default keyboard is kinda large and difficult to reach worth one hand but not impossible. The only thing SwiftKey still lacks to make it my ultimate keyboard is support for handwriting recognition on the note 2 when the stylus is in use.. 
I would try this but knowing swift key they're going to charge like $4 when it's out of beta. I'll stick to the 4.2 keyboard
Got the beta this morning. It works so much better than the stock 4.2 keyboard
Swiping. But doesn't support multi finger swiping so that's not cool. But it is a great keyboard.
Ryan Ng
I want to get this but I don't know if I'll be able to adjust (I am still accustomed to typing the whole words)
I am just starting the download as I use SwiftKey already, I am going to enjoy this update.
Just downloaded but Swiftkey Flow is going to have a hardtime vs. the best keyboard already out... Swiftkey 3.
I've only been playing with for a few mins and it's only a MILLION times better then 4.2 Keyboard.

The only thing I don't like is I  can't swipe right to left to delete a word XD. I have to get out of that habit now.
First impressions are great! The colors of the trail match perfectly with stock Jellybean. 
Did you guys fix Swiftkey for G+? If you add a punctuation mark after tagging a name. It makes that punctuation mark part of their name, and it makes tagging impossible. 
Swype is a fad, that is slowly fading away.
I feel swype had more intuitive interface. It had shortcuts to delete, select all, copy etc. Prediction wise try typing unusual or uncommon words to compare (say heroine). But I can see that swiftkey is learning fast as well. Also no need to loop over repetitive letters makes for faster typing. I am sure this will get better 
It's won't download the language pack....? 
Just downloaded it and typed this message on here in impressed thanks for an awesome keyboard swiftkey
I just installed and tested it. It very well might be my Swype replacement. It's slick, smooth, and intuitive.
iPod and Word and such have something similar.  The problem is, I have no idea how to use the pop up suggestion, so I write the whole word.
this version is sick smooth , way better than swype 
I have been using Swype for years and I am impressed! One feature that I think needs to be implemented is a swiping shortcut to select all, copy, cut, or paste. In Swype this is implemented by swiping from the Swype key to the 'a', 'x', 'c', or 'v' letter respectively. Then it goes from four stars to five stars. Great job guys!
Please add the option for arrows to the tablet version. 
Being a Swype user I can adjust to this quickly. I'm really liking it, it seems well polished for a beta. Swipe right to left delete isn't working though. 
Prediction wasn't working, so I changed from "Rapid" style, to "Fast", and then back to "Rapid" and now it works.
It's nice but waiting for the original version. Haha
I'm not crazy about the multi color effect, but otherwise its ok.  I wish there was G+ integration (I know why not) for personalization.
+SwiftKey awesome work, +1 for swipe to delete, please fix bahasa Indonesia language that can't be downloaded 
The stock swiping is stock android 4.2 works great!
Awesome update. Only issue I had was I could not get the English dictionary to download for the longest time this morning. Got it now though.
+Kaprina Steward Mine was the opposite lol. I was on mobile data and couldn't get it. It would just fail at about 80% and then it wouldn't do anything. Hooked into my wifi and got it first try.
I'm kinda torn between this and the stock Jelly Bean keyboard. Both are really nice. I'll try Flow out for a few days though. 
Flow is better to me because it has the awesome prediction of swiftkey behind it. Plus I'm not a big fan of how the stock keyboard works in general.
I wish flow was available when entering contacts in email/sms To: field
Just changed from SlideIT to Swiftkey Flow. I've only done some brief messaging with it but my initial reaction feels like "a big sigh of relief". The keyboard feels like it reacts better in that follows the swiping more precisely. Some of the little glitches in SlideIT that were really annoying me are solved with this. Typing on the phone now feels relaxed. Fantastic work - it was worth the wait.
works crappy, uninstalled before getting the first message typed/swiped............
Oh.. No how do I get that
Testing now, great so far!!! Keep up the good work SwiftKey.
Wish you could swipe in all url/search/to fields. 
Testing soother flow for accuracy.

Testing Swype 1.3 beta for accuracy.

Testing SwiftKey flow for voice accuracy

Testing Swype Beta 1.3 for voice accuracy

Testing Google Voice typing for accuracy
+Med Ziane I don't agree. Good apps, keyboard or whatever need to get paid. I am previous paid user of swift key and I will pay for this one well because these guys need to be supported for this great job. 
Sad. I have (at least, for now) returned to Swype. When I saw that SwiftKey sends every keystroke back to the company, I realized I couldn't use it. Every password, credit card #, e-mail and message content, sent to this company.

I use my phone for work, so I can't knowingly install a keylogger...
I downloaded last night and love it. I miss the swipe to delete feature, but I will learn to just hold down the delete button.

Swiping through the keyboard is pretty sweet! 
Just got it and loving it 
My app won't download the language pack for some reason. Maybe servers are overloaded. 
I was heartbroken. Thought this would be my passport to typing Nirvana. Just downloaded it, tried it for five minutes... And at first hated it. I couldn't get any fluency at all. It never picked the correct predictions at all. And I miss the swipe to backspace terribly.

HOWEVER as I write this here it is working rather well. How strange. It's picking up what I want or to put with pretty good accuracy.

I've been a dedicated SwiftKey user since I got my first Android phone two odd years ago. I think I'm still a thumbs on keys man rather than a swiper (flow-er?) but I can see it growing on me tremendously. But if I had been just curious and trying it out the first issues would put me off completely! 
I'm using it right now to leave this comment and I am very impressed. My finger never needs to leave the screen, now that is impressive. Well done on this app. 
Doesn't work with some apps like dolphin browser. Default 4.2 keyboard works just fine. 
#Lee Newsted - My statement may have stretched a bit, but here are a few items from Swiftkey's web site that users should know:
"At SwiftKey, we may collect three types of information from our users, in the following contexts:

1. Anonymous crash and usage statistics from our client Apps (such as SwiftKey for Android), to help us debug and improve our products and services.
2. Language data voluntarily provided by our users to facilitate cloud-based personalization, prediction synchronization, backup and other such server-based services.
3. Personal contact information and correspondence via our web sites and communications channels, which allows us to offer user support, beta testing communities, surveys, competitions and similar services."

"You may, however, opt to give SwiftKey access to this learned language data in order to take advantage of various services, such as the ability to back up your learned data and sync it with your other devices. This access will always be communicated clearly and will be subject to this privacy policy. The language data accessed may include personal data."

"By opting to personalize SwiftKey or other TouchType Apps/services using our server-based personalization technology, you grant TouchType permission to handle your data on our servers.

This grant means that we have your permission to access message and other language data stored on your profiles on the various third party services that you specifically elect for us to access (e.g. Gmail, Facebook, Twitter).

Granting TouchType permission to handle your data for personalization services means our servers may store data that you consider to be personal or private data. We will guard and protect such data very carefully to ensure that your privacy is not compromised. In particular, we will not disclose your personal information to any third party unless you have consented to such disclosure or where we are required to do so by law.

Your use of TouchType’s server-side personalization services means we may use data provided by you, which may or may not include personal data, to process your service requests, personalize your use of our Apps, and review, develop and improve our products and services. Such data will only be processed by TouchType employees or agents securely, so as to safeguard your privacy."

Lee, I hope that this helps answer your question about my post. Thank you.
Hey +SwiftKey I downloaded the apk for tablets, but I can't download languages. And I can't log into forums, any suggestions? :) 
Can't download the language anyone else having this problem? 
Can't use SwiftKey Flow when searching, goes to tapping mode. Otherwise works great. 
+Corey Crook same thing for me.  Anyone have this issue or have a resolution?  +SwiftKey Can you point us in the right direction to fix this?

Been waiting to try it out, and love swiftkey3!
If the new Google keyboard didn't just receive an amazing gesture keyboard like it did two weeks ago, i would be all over this. 
+Corey Crook Try it again I think it is the network as I was able to finally do it.  Apparently there are several people downloading the packs and possibly overloading the servers.
I love it, came pre installed on my note 2, i will never use another keyboard
So.... It's just the new jelly bean 4.2 keyboard? No thanks I'm good
There it goes. I was much more excited about this before the stock keyboard on 4.2, but I do like the idea of not having to lift your finger to hit the space bar. That being said I found swiftkey quite slow to open before so I probably won't actually use it as my default keyboard.
Works as advertised, though I'm not sure it helps to not have to lift your finger to add a space. Androids 4.2 swipe keyboard is still my preferred choice, I like the blue trail better and I think lifting my thumb to start the next word helps to avoid mis-swipes. 
+Daniel Ornelas Yeah, I think lifting your finger for the next word helps you keep track of what you're typing. It's unnatural to keep your fingers on the keys so it actually slows you down.  Maybe you would get used to it, but going back to default for me.
Impressive keyboard. Very fast and I like being able to swipe to the space bar without having to lift your finger between words.
There are three things I'd like though:
1. Japanese input (I'm sure it's coming at some point)
2. Swipe to delete whole words (like many other keyboards have)
3. Two-fingered swiping (I first used it in Keymonk, my current keyboard of choice, but I notice that the new Jelly Bean keyboard has two-fingered swiping too, though it doesn't seem to have gotten any coverage that I've noticed).
+SwiftKey haven't read through all the comments but would it be possible to add swipe to delete by swiping along the space bar from right to left and only include this functionality if the swipe is initiated from the space bar. This would prevent mistakenly deleting a word mid swipe when trying to string two or three words together without lifting a finger. 
Love the swipe effects. Much better than swype. 
Network error for English language pack.. I am hoping its just due to high traffic and I will be able to get it eventually.
Doesn't seem to be working in browsers, anyone else? 
Is it just me, I can't swipe (flow?) into a login field.  I have several logins with the same base name, 12 characters.  Using Swype, I tap it out once, make it save to my dictionary, then in future I can quickly swype my login.  Flow doesn't work in those fields for me.  Frustrating start.
This is pretty cool. I have a bias toward SwiftKey though. Try it for yourself. Best qwerty keyboard on the market and now gonna the best swype-ish keyboard on the market. Love the multi-colors that follow what you have traced. The predictive is in point too. 
Tony Ng
Fantastic keyboard. Too bad it doesn't have feature for one handed operations like the default Samsung keyboard for the Galaxy Note II.

I would have switched in a heartbeat otherwise. 
+Curt Wischnewski I believe that's done to prevent errors. Happens with any username /password field. I agree with you though, it would be nice to be able to use swipe input in the user field 
+Gabriel Lawrence If you're swiping with one thumb on one side of the keyboard, you can either tap or swipe keys on the other side with your other thumb. Takes a little getting used to but I love it now and I'd have trouble going back.
If you look up the 'Keymonk' keyboard, there are some demos and explanations about how two-fingered swiping works.
I don't think the stock Jelly Bean keyboard does it as well as Keymonk does, but they both do the same kind of two-finger swiping.
Only request I have is to somehow implement the swipe delete feature from SwiftKey 3.
Have three languages. Danish, English & arabic. They work smooth and excellent. Keep up the good work. 
P Diddy
Your server is being hammered. Can't complete the set up.
+P Diddy Just keep trying. It took me about 10 minutes of retrying to download one language pack.
couldn't download a language pack until i came home on my WIFI ...  then the keyboard hangs...   then when you type something it doesn't show the entire sentence.. and when you hit the back key it doesn't erase characters. 

Samsung Galaxy Note
I've been using Flow for 15 minutes now and it feels way more stable and responsive then Swype, which I used to use. Beta or not, I'm loving it so far.
I'm a Swype evangelist, and I've never had any issues with it. But after reading the comments here, I have to give this a try!
Personally I find the stock swiping in 4.2 to be excellent already.
Is there any way to import into Flow what SwiftKey has learnt from my typing so far? 
Maybe moving the relevant files to the appropriate folder.
I have root access so I can dig the files from anywhere if I know what I'm looking for :)
Apparently I wasn't the only one wanting in on the goodness. Took me three attempts to get the language pack downloaded! Popular!
So far I'm enjoying flow. I would love to see swipe to delete brought back. 
+Alex MacKenzie  I also just noticed that you can't use Flow in the address bar on the Browser or Chrome.  Swype at least recognizes and doesn't insert spaces, assuming you are typing real words, but without spaces, for addresses.  I am close to going back to Swype.  I will try to get through the week first.
Another annoying thing (with SK too) is that you cannot insert punctuation after mentioning someone here on G+ because it removes the link.
I've noticed that if you use multitouch to input a smiley that it always come up with a word after :-) and. :-( And ;-) and O:-) and :'( and 
Language packs never down load
So far I love it. I do miss the ability to swipe backwards across the keyboard to delete a whole word though. That was one of my favorite features!
can't use it because the language pack download keeps failing
I haven't been able to use it, but according to others, there is no "swipe to delete", which would be difficult to implement on a swipe style keyboard. But, I really love swipe to delete!!
perhaps start the swipe to delete on backspace key, and swipe left. :) 
Now, if only the English language pack would finish downloading. Five hours and counting, with several failed attempts.
I think to resuscitate the swipe to delete function, allow the gesture to be performed in the text box or above the keyboard perhaps? 
I love this keyboard, it's so fast! The only downside is I have to remember to take my finger off the keyboard after a few words or entire paragraphs dont register. There's a limit to the number of words it can do at once
This is extremely disappointing, I can't swipe on most apps (e.g. YouTube) but stock 4.2 allows me to swipe on any app
Downloaded. Failed to download English language pack (first step). Guess that's beta for you...
I'm typing with it right now! Amazing!!! 
I not used to this swiping business
Great improvement for SwiftKey keyboard, but the memory usage is 3 time bigger (~20 vs ~60 MB) slowing down the device.
Like it but you can't swipe in browser or address bar. That really needs to be fixed 
Flow doesn't seem to work within certain applications. The most baffling one being the Play Store!
Awesome just awesome very smooth and swipe is very fluid and pretty fast to kept up with my finger for the most part got a few errors like spelling words with double letters 
There has to be an easier way to swipe-spell "it's" than performing the cumbersome alternative, which as it stands requires you spell "is," hit backspace, and select manually select "it's" from the predictions.
I've been really looking forward to this addition and have gotten the beta to try it out. Thanks for the chance! 
i dont think swype to delete will be possible in  flow version... press n hold back space is the only choice... swiftkey flow is the most amazing thing ive ever tried on andriod love it so much !!
Loving it! This blows swype out of the water! Going to take a while to get used to the new interface but it's brilliant. Thank you +SwiftKey !
It'd be nice if it would let me try it out at least once, before deciding to crash.
Using it now. Only thing is I wish they would improve the look of the keyboard. Much like swype did the last time they updated it. Love having SwiftKey's predictive typing again though. 
Testing now and like it so far. As I have not tried swipe keyboards previously, so I can't really compare it to anything, but the SwiftKey Flow feel is quite nice, and it is fairly "forgiving" in terms of accuracy. Even with a Scandinavian keyboard layout in portrait mode on a HTC One X. Definitely worth trying out. 
This is awesome. It reads everything. I have not had to go back and redo any word. AWESOME!!!!!! 
+Guillermo Velasquez , have you played around with the themes?

The "halo" and "pumpkin" themes are a bit more tolerable than the default setting.
Could you please add a clear theme, so I can see underneath. Take a look at the Float and Split Keyboard.
+Amadeus XLO yea I have tried them out. Some make it a little better, but overall they still don't look that great. Just think they could do a much better job. 
+Amadeus XLO Actually I had never tried the pumpkin one. Just assumed it would be awful. Good call, it's much better than the others. 
Seems cool just installed it not bad for a bata it will be a sweet keyboard for me when finished 
The app consuming too much of ram... 
Is it just my slow phone or is anyone else having the words showing up kinda slow after they are swiped the word?
My problem is that there are several text boxes that your can't "flow" in. Eg chrome browser bar, even the G+ search bar. Why is this disabled? It is frustrating to get used to sliding your finger and then find out you can't in certain places. 
Neat! I'm currently using SwiftKey 3 now and overall happy with it! Can't wait to try the new "Flow". :D

One question though, will this be an upgrade to the existing SwiftKey or a completely different app (in which we would have to buy again)? 
I'm enjoying SwiftKey Flow so far in beta. Beautiful and I prefer the numeric keypad to the native Android line of numbers. 
I'm using our now! It is fantastic! Woohoo! 
I'm liking it so far, but it does have trouble with contractions s especially "we'd" and it seems that it isn't recognizing the old patterns from SwiftKey. No biggie, it is learning fast! I like it a lot. 
I haven't encountered any problems I only swype on occasion but I can type a lot faster with this keyboard with less error so this will be my main keyboard for while at least after I roots my siii and install a custom rom I couldn't get a good keyboard to work with fc so thanks again for this link 
It does not work on my phone. Any one have problem with "flow" ? Do I need remove swiftkey3? Edit... It works fine now but I did not know I need to reboot phone 
Now only wish you guys had spen input as well
Not liking it so far, to be honest. I might need to customize it a little more, but I will probably go back to the regular version of SwiftKey.
I already got the beta and it is amazing!!! Great job Swift Key 
Installed it on my Note 2 this morning. 

Very impressed
Installed it on my GSII.
Very happy with how fast and smooth it is. It, so far, has replaced the Android JB keyboard.
One very annoying thing about it is when the flow predicts the wrong word then inserts a space, thus removing the correct alternative that was in the top bar! 
It's cool. Exactly what I wanted on Android's Jelly Bean keyboard, being able to input spaces without lifting your finger. <3 Can't wait to buy the final version. 
Is it way better than Google keyboard? I'm pretty new to android LOL
After writing a couple of text and some things, I've come to a conclusion that I love this thing! Word swiping works even cooler than Jelly Bean's stock keyboard (mainly because it supports multiple languages) and SwiftKey's signature text prediction feature make it even better! Also, this is pretty smooth for a beta version. Superb work, guys!

I don't think I'll ever change my keyboard again! :D
I gave up on Swype since they have been ignoring the most requested feature for over a year now. Automatic spacing after a period needs to be a toggle.
Marc Q
Works great! So smooth and fast! 
Thanks.  This is even better than I imagined it would be.
Generally it is working very well. There are a few issues and I'm not sure if I'm missing something.

Firstly, the "How to" video demonstrates words can be deleted by swiping your finger on the keyboard from right to left. This is not working for me. Each time I perform the gesture, it adds words?

Secondly, I have also found that I cannot use the swiping feature when entering a recipient's name in the "To" field. This also applies when trying to input information in search fields such as in YouTube. Does anyone have any ideas in thus? Am I doing something wrong? I was able to do this with "Swype."
The software is released as a beta build. Bugs and hiccups in functionality are to be expected.
That may be, I was just wondering if anyone else is also experiencing the same issues, or if it may be related to my Samsung Galaxy S3?
Yes +Ben Liebrand +Matthew Greenbaum is right.  Having those issues as well and it is annoying especially since I normally use Swype Beta and you can always use the Swype/Flow feature in any text field area.  Hopefully there will be a fix for this. 
I've been using this for over a week now and can confirm that this keyboard is awesome. It's not like the stock keyboard at all which does not allow you to form complete sentences 
I installed flow on my nexus 7 and it doesn't want to work for me. I installed on my smart phone, and it works great. I I'm so upset I can't get it to work on my tablet. I please help! 
+MATT STRONG - Same here buddy :( Do you have the full version of swiftkey installed on your nexus?
+MATT STRONG +Ranjit Nair There are two versions of the software. One for mobile phones and the other one for tablets. Are you sure you downloaded and installed the version for tablets? I'm just asking?
I believe that its a known issue that it doesn't work on the Nexus 7 yet. 
+Matthew Greenbaum I guess as someone else of pointed out before, this software is still in beta. I'm sure they'll get it ironed out. 
+Ben Liebrand I think the Nexus 7 also has some weird configuration.  There was something else recently, and I believe it was a Google created thing, that wasn't working on the Nexus 7 yet.
I have the paid version of swift key and i tried both the tablet beta and the phone beta and still nothing works
I really like this typing set up. I hope they get it working for the nexus
Hey Matt, it's working for me in the nexus 7 now. Download the tablet version from their site. The name too is not swiftflow beta. it's a strange name - so choose the keyboard name which you havent seen before as the default one and you should be good to go....
The new Google+ app won't let me trace the first word of a post, but I can trace the next words. Previously let me trace an entire new post. 

Also notice I can't trace in Google Play or Contact settings on my Samsung Galaxy 2. 
+David Coleman until the bug has been fixed, start by pressing the space bar, then backspace, then you will find that it is working. 
When will the stable version be released?
I've noticed that SwiftKey Flow is still not working in input fields. Other than that it is working great. 
+ranjit nair thanks ill give it a shot when I get home
+Ranjit Nair thanks I did exactly that and it works perfect. I'm really enjoying it.
All good other than the no swipe to delete 
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