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Are you experiencing eyestrain or blurred vision during computer work? This may be due to an inability of your eyes to remain accurately focused on your screen.

Do you tend to hold reading materials at an arm's length? Do you experience blurred vision at a normal reading distance? You may be suffering from #presbyopia. We can help.

There are two main types of age-related macular degeneration: wet form and dry form.

Firework season is upon us! Keep your child's vision safe by following these safety tips:

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Wearing sunglasses during the summer will not protect you 100%, learn more on how eating right affects your vision:

Viewing a computer screen often makes the eyes work harder. Computer eyewear may relieve some strain from your eyes. Schedule an exam and address your concerns with one of our eye care professionals!

Opening your eyes while swimming with contacts can irritate and damage your eyes. Remove contacts before joining in water activities or consider wearing swim goggles to keep your vision safe.

Celebrate Sun Safety Week with our office! Make sure your entire family’s #eyecare needs are met as we begin another season with the hot #summer sun.

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135 million people are visually impaired worldwide, learn more eye statistics:

Blindness Statistics | National Federation of the Blind

People with diabetes are 40% more likely to suffer from glaucoma than people without diabetes. The longer someone has diabetes, the more common glaucoma is. Ask your optometrist for a Comprehensive Eye Exam today.
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