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Visual documentation of my Intro to Physical Computation final, Stitching Stories. Why yes, we did in fact hack a Bop It. I am so proud of this, it was my first time messing with hardware and soldering as well as the first large piece of code I've written since undergrad. 
PComp Final Project
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Wtf, Mac. Why do you struggle with connecting to the Internet after coming back from sleep state? #fail

G+ hangout is interesting when all you have is audio and everyone else has video. Oh the possibilities and problems...

Lease signing tomorrow - yay for MTV park and ride

Apparently if I get a notification that someone's added me to their Circles and I add them to my Circles within the notification, it doesn't reflect that in the actual Circles tab - the contact doesn't have the icon in the corner. This has happened to me before, so...BUG!!

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Of course someone would come up with a way to fuse FB and G+ XD

Whoa, hold up. How am I not the first person in the results when typing in a name to tag a photo of myself? Wtf? #googleplus

The little tweaks really do have an interesting effect on the experience. For example, try uploading multiple pictures to an album. There are some glaring holes though, in my opinion

+1 for photo sharing ease (I don't have install some silly extra thing), -1 for the inability to update from your own page. Interesting design choices...

Taking some time to actually explore this thing. Clean, simple, and no annoying ads/apps. This is where you lose big time, Facebook
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