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Sweet Paul

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They've revealed the costume that Supergirl will wear in the pilot for what could become a television series next fall. It's actually a good and modest costume
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Sweet Paul

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My Top Films of 2014
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Star Wars Prequel Reboot, DVD / Blu-ray, Book or Movie

SweetPaul Entertainment got it’s name in the strangest way. I had a friend that ran a website called “” and it was an entertainment based website. I just decided, as a joke, to get and for years I struggled with what to do with the domain. I finally decided to create a blog, where I would write about my interests.

This site is no relation to Sweet Paul Magazine.

My IMDB Page

Regarding Movies

I’m a huge fan of movies with hundreds of DVDs and a growing Blu-ray Disc collection. I have a dream of one day directing a major motion-picture.

Regarding Video Games

I’ve been a Nintendo fan since the NES. We had an old school Atari back in the day, too. Since then I have owned a Super NES, N64, GameCube, Wii, Wii U, Gameboy, Nintendo DS and a Nintendo 3DS. I also own an Xbox and an Xbox 360, but neither get as much play as the Wii U.

Regarding Books

I love reading books by J.R.R. Tolkien, the latest Star Wars expanded universe books, and other similar books. I don’t know how much I’ll write about them, as I’m a slow reader, and still have yet to finish Star Wars: Dark Nest III. I started it a month.

Regarding Music

Here’s another place that I have a huge collection. I love music, and know a lot about it. I just don’t listen to much of the popular music these days.

About the Author

Paul Martin is the Chief Creative Officer and one of the founding members of ProCPR / ProTrainings.  We’ve also launched in the UK:  I might not update this blog every day…. and in fact, I don’t.  That’s because of a number of reasons.  First, I only write about things that I am definitely interested enough and inspired enough to write about.  Second, I have a lot of other places that I blog. It’s almost ridiculous how many places that you’ll find my writing.

  • DesignTrek - My design blog.  I write about projects that I am doing regarding design, editing and creative outlets.  It’s something that I might get a little more technical from time to time, so that stuff didn’t really fit here.  I’m also working on a book about building a web community, with a series of entries over there.
  • NarniaFans – My uber-site for the Chronicles of Narnia movies and books.  C.S. Lewis is another topic covered by this site.  It’s got a lot of writers also contributing articles, but I try to update that at least once per day, Monday through Friday.
  • MatrixFans – My uber-site for The Matrix Trilogy. Started in 1999, it was the top Matrix fan site on the net when the movies were some of the most popular properties around.
  • MNightFans – My site for the director M. Night Shyamalan.  He is often criticized for his work, but I feel that no matter how I feel about his movies (I love all of them, except for The Happening), he’ll always be a better director than Uwe Boll, and many of the directors out there.  So far he’s done something that few are able to do: Direct his own scripts, with total creative control.  There must be some amount of envy there.  But now he’s doing The Last Airbender trilogy, so that’ll be great.
  • ProCPR Blog – My company blog.  I write in this multiple times a day, Monday-Friday.  It’s usually health related, and I sometimes cover entertainment topics when related to medical and health.
  • WaldenFans – My Walden Media fan site.  I am trying to find the time to get this thing updated more regularly, but right now my priorities are elsewhere.