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It's not too early to start on Halloween. I am holding special effects and airbrush classes AND recruiting volunteers for fx makeup artists for Preston Castle Haunt. The October haunt starts training in September for all positions - Actors, Costumes, Props..... Ready to play now Set Builders, Prop Builders. Play with us in a 1894 historic haunted building. Check it out at


We had a great time and a good show at HauntX halloween and Haunt Industry Tradeshow. Thank you to all you stopped by and bought makeup, asked questions or came to my classes.  

So many of you all are off enjoying a winter break, stay warm, stay safe and stay happy.

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Blessed Be its Thanksgiving. Started the day call friends and family to wish them all a happy weekend. You too...have a great one. Then back to work fro me busy face painting for the holidays.

How to Hire the Best Face Painter for the Holidays
The holidays are upon us and one thing is for sure you will not find the best face painting with a simple google search. And images posted on the internet can be quite misleading. Sure those painted on the thigh images look great but will that translate to your face paced event needs? Avoid images of very close up work and repeat children, instead look for images that show the artist has actually painted these during an event. And are those fancy faces on their web site really what you get? Ask? And look for sites where the artist noted they show on the job face paintings. Hiring the best is easy if you do a bit of looking and asking. All the work we show for the Sacramento area and Yuba-Sutter area, and well beyond, is done on the job. What we show is what we paint. We offer great holiday entertainment.

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Please check these blogs for your artwork being used.
I had to have 25+ urls removed. This site used my post and images...lots of your work is here.

Make Googler remove it use your rights!

These sites had four+ more sites linked that may also have your work. 

Wow lot's of new face and body artists on Goggle Plus......can you say Facebook Fallout!

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An event worth a look! 

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Looking for face painters, makeup artists, sfx makeup artists and interested persons to help with Preston Castle haunted attraction makeup. Yes volunteer. In Ione California USA..perfect for people in Sacramento, Placerville, Stockton, Modesto areas. Amazing location!! A real haunted castle reformatory school from the 1800's.
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