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Peter Andersen
Shit happens when you shoot street...
Shit happens when you shoot street...

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It's that time of year again. 

Trying to figure out what the hooplah over Ello is.
Simple, very simple platform, but.... Nothing new.

Yes, it's a beta, but still... Way, way too simple.

I seem to stumble upon new up'n'coming social networks on a regular basis, and the one thing they have in common is they don't really have what it takes to catch on.

Understandable... To have even minor success, they must compete against the one main monstrosity of a social media behemoth out there: Facebook.

What's the secret ingredient that will raise the odds in a new social media site's favor?

I don't know. And, it seems, neither does anyone else. So far noone has made it happen... Functionality is not enough.

My personal guess is no one platform will rise to fame as long as Facebook is running even remotely ok... Because the userbase isn't moving anywhere.


So I gave this a shot a couple of years ago, and thought it might be relevant to do it again:

"I want to play a game" 


No really, I'd like to test the reach of a post on G+, on Twitter and on Facebook. 

Quite simple, really, if you see this post (and read it) then give it a +1.

I'll ask the same on Twitter and Facebook, to see what percentage actually reads what is posted. 

Interesting? Perhaps not, but useful for yours truly :)

So G+ just upped the game again. Photosharing massively improved. Well color me impressed!

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So the new iPad Mini. 

Any thoughts on it? Are you going to get it? 

Personally, it is about as perfect as a tablet can get in my book... Will most likely have to get one. 

#iPadMini   #Apple  

If you were to host a blogging platform on your own domain, what would you choose? 

Are there no feasible options other than Wordpress? 

Disclaimer: I actually like Wordpress, am just trying to see if there's anything else out there that might be an option worth looking into

#cms   #blogging  

Right... So ended up back on Android again. 

Currently installed flipboard, path, instagram, facebook, g+.. Any MUST have apps out there you can recommend?

Not that much into games. 

#android   #androidapps  
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