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I wonder what organ the pink one is..
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the one on the knees wor. so generic. maybe stomach.
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lolz xD
I hope I don't hit insolvency.
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-_- hungry
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It feels wonderful to be able to breathe underwater. Advantages: no humans talking. The feeling: surreal.
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because its the Dead Sea
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Oh em gee. Oh em em eff gee.
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"You should never take more than you give"
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Unfortunately, a lot of people in America takes only and not give at all.
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I give zero fs to your so-called pi day. But the numerous pictures and photos of pies make me want to eat them all.
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hmm idea
Let me tell you a story of life, #love   and #ingress .
In early 2013 my very good friend,@Ramgad introduced me to the world of ingress. She was realy dedicated to game and soon became one of the most significant Enlightened players in Slovakia. And the best female player ;) She participated on many operations, including Bratislava Girls Eight (2013).
Then the spring of 2014  begun, and she met nice, handsome guy and they totally felt in love for each other. He had only one flaw. His agent name is @servac24 and he is Resistance player!
There were many questions and doubts in the early begining  from both factions. But soon everyone understood that love is strong, even stronger than XMP.
Together they participated on Helios anomaly in Prague. Their love rejoined comunities and they organized first and very sucesfull ingress First Saturday in Bratislava, Slovakia.
When you hang around with them, you just have to admit that their are made for each other.
Hence there was no suprise that 1st November 2014 servac24 knelt down and proposed. And she said YES!
Today, 7th March 2015 is the big day D. Just in 3 hours from now, the firs Cross-faction wedding!
And because they are so lovable couple, tonight  the 14 agents of both factions spent significant part of the night creating small morning suprise for them :)  135 portals, 400 links, 2 factions, one love!
+Dagmar Ďurechová​, +Marcel Cagan​ , I wish you all the best! your story is great and your love is strong. You are real inspiration!
+Niantic Project​ +Anne Beuttenmüller​ +Ingress​ +Brandon Badger​ +John Hanke​ +Joe Philley​  +Matilde Tusberti​  #ingress   #love   #wedding   #fieldart  
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Congrats & A Blissful Marriage! ;)
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:D AWESOME NEWS! But I haven't even reached the previous limit of 20k -_-
Got a big music collection?
Google launched Play Music back in 2011 with the option for users to upload their entire music collection for easy streaming. Play Music started with... by Ryan Whitwam in Applications, News
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Oh, dear. That chocolate.. <3
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Not an Android, yet.
Welcome to my personal Google+ profile page! The views I express on this platform are mine entirely, and have no connections with any other entities.

I was born in the city of Singapore, and attended pre-school, primary and secondary schools, before heading to junior college. At the later institutions, my out-of-lesson activities are usually computer and digital related stuff. To be honest, these have no relation to what I decided to study in university.

I am currently a PhD candidate in Nanyang Technological University. (Oh.. how time flies)

  • Android (just using it as a semi-power user is so fun)
  • Scuba diving (Advanced Open Water Diver)
  • Photography (although I'm still very new in this) - Canon 550D
  • Travelling: Especially to countries with big landscapes and cold weather. Recent trips to Malaysia, New Zealand
Bragging rights
survived the sun.
  • Nanyang Technological University
    PhD on Sustainable Earth, 2013 - present
  • Nanyang Technological University
    Physics and Applied Physics (Hons), 2009 - 2013
    Bachelor of Science, Applied Physics
  • Innova Junior College
    GCE 'A' Levels, 2005 - 2006
    Physics, Mathematics and Computing
Contributor to
  • Femtosecond Dynamics Laboratory
    PhD Candidate, 2010 - present
  • Singapore Armed Forces, Republic of Singapore Navy
    NSF, 2007 - 2009
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The ice cream here isn't that great. I had the Salted Mr Brown and it really isn't ice cream; more like plain frozen milk with stuff in it. There are chunks of brownish stuff, which I would suppose are brownies. The ice cream (or frozen milk) is way too salty. If you want ice cream, it would be best to go elsewhere; there are many ice cream parlours (even local, indie ones) that serve great ice cream.
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