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Sway Grantham
Love teaching, collaborating, learning. As well as, asking 'why?', digital leaders, p4c, ipads and all things tech
Love teaching, collaborating, learning. As well as, asking 'why?', digital leaders, p4c, ipads and all things tech

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+Sarah Aliwell I think I've sent you an email!

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Apologies for the short notice! Just posting this from the hotel! If you are unable to make the Big Birthday Weekend, you can hopefully (technology allowing) join us via live video stream! Here are the URLs:…

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So I saw something like this a while back and I can't decide if it was the same thing or something similar, but this is lots prettier.

It's called Dr Scratch and you can upload a Scratch project and find out how 'good' it is for certain computational aspects such as flow control and abstraction. There are also explanations for how students can improve their score.

I just entered a random Scratch project I found to see what it did...

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Haven't tried yet, but thought others might be interested too.

Computer science planning and resources by Google.

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Today I have been really impressed with 'CamScanner' not necessarily an app useful for IN the classroom, but for preparing images it has been great! I have been planning a lesson using a book and needed some of the pages on my slides to share with the class. The images on the left of these picture were taking using the regular camera on my phone, the one on the right was taken using the CamScanner app on my iPad.

Not only are the images brighter and cleaner, it also does a great job of making a 'rectangular' image even if you don't quite hold the book straight! Whereas in the other images you can see corners or blackness, or even sometimes my living room!
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What age group do you teach?

If you select 'other', please comment underneath what the 'other' stands for. Thanks!
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EYFS (5 years and under)
Primary (5 - 11 years old)
Secondary incl. FE (11 - 18 years old)
Higher Education (18+ years old)

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WE-DO electronic curriculum pack - currently at £0.01 rather than £199.99!!

Worth looking into, to see the possibilities... 

Is anyone heading down to BETT next week?

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Stumbled across this - Logo challenges!
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