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Great work India Resistance team.. 
India Gate, New Delhi: Enlightened Target Portal for Helios Artifacts.
August 27th to September 10th 2014

Resistance agents in Delhi NCR woke up to @CaptSaxena shaking all local and National hangouts, alerting them to a new episode in the #Helios artifact game:
New Delhi would be hosting the Enlightened target portal for two whole weeks!

Two days’ notice was enough to gather ourselves and our resources to make sure Resistance India denied the Enlightened any possible victory:

     Travelling agent @Preski was handed over some crucial keys, which he dropped off at the right stations during his train journey, while agents @CaptSaxena, @dpest, @isceman and @nickdex recced the target area on Day 1 and formulated a plan to guard it in shifts as a routine for the next 14 days. A fair number of strategic blockers were placed throughout the city and around the target area.
        The National Capital was scene to a battle of cross links. Any attempt to clear the blockers or capture the target was to be dealt with quickly- @dpest and @isceman would guard the target and Central Delhi, blockers were planned from nearby portals for quick response; @nickdex would keep control of the Northwest; @CaptSaxena and @AntzgoMarching of the South; while @OhmResistance and @FluffyMonster were to operate from the Resistance stronghold in the East. 
 With a framework for defense in place, #Delhi tensed and prepared for the battle ahead.

The first 2 threats came from South India when Malaysian and Australian ENL sent artifacts #17 and #18 towards Chennai on two consecutive days. On high alert, crosses were put up throughout Central India to contain the packages...

Chapter 1: Artifact #17
     The evening of #17’s arrival in #Ennore , Chennai had no active agents to welcome it. Cross links were instead set up from #Tirupati and #Pune . The night passed. Just before dawn, #Hyderabad Enl were seen clearing crosses, perhaps to make a direct transfer to the Delhi target. A visiting ENL at Tirupati jarvised the cross links erupting from the temple town and the Pune-Rajahmundry link came under attack. Luckily, Pune agent @iRobinhood was able to successfully defend the link for 2 consecutive hours, stealing a Jarvis Virus from the aggressing ENL in the process. His quick reactions bought us enough time to wake Chennai agent @Allflash, who headed straight to the artifact location with @sayandhan. The two rushed to the ENL home portal in Ennore at top speed to reach in time for the 730am jump. 10mins to the jump time, the portal was ADA’d and linked to ‘Bala Tripura Sundari Temple’ in Rajahmundry; the move was successful and the crisis averted.
        #17 spent a few hours at Rajahmundry, guarded by @godassassin, while we searched for a possible exit route. With no immediate options and only 1 p7 in the city, a decision was made to send the artifact to Tirupati- where agents @vidyasagarreddy, @psprakashreddy and visiting Bangalore agent @APIND could spawn p7s at will to keep the Artifact under control. After some jarvising, #17 was sent to Tirupati and we moved on to thinking about possible exit routes.
About half an hour into this process, agent @samit22 from #Nepal appeared on Hangouts to inform us that he had keys to ‘The Seated Tigers’ in Vizag and a high level portal from which he could potentially make the link! @vidyasagarreddy promptly cleared the path and @APIND linked to Vizag the following hour. 

       At Vizag, agents @AllIsMind and @redyellowgreen prepped and guarded The Seated Tigers, hopeful of getting rid of the Artifact as soon as possible. Agent @samit22 set off for an isolated portal in a forested region on the outskirts of Kathmandu and prepared to link, only to be foiled by signal issues. We had to wait another hour…

       Enthused at the prospect of having Artifacts in our country, perhaps, the ENL successfully convinced their Vizag-based agents to attempt a takedown of ‘The Seated Tigers’ before the next jump. The link was made but ENL reached the portal in time and, unable to destroy it with xmps, resorted to the use of a Jarvis Virus 90 seconds to jump time... 

       Delayed by another hour and with only 90 seconds to flip and link the portal before the next jump, we watched with baited breath. @samit22 waited nervously in southeastern Kathmandu while @AllIsMind aligned The Seated Tigers for the use of an ADA Refactor. Thanks to the quick fingers of our agents and the blessings of the Network-Provider-Gods, the link was made! #17 moved to ‘Durga Idol’ in Kathmandu, Nepal and we had successfully stolen our first Artifact!

Chapter 2: Tada!
Next came Artifact #18 from the Australian Enl, this time to the town of Tada, a good 75 Km away from Chennai. While we contemplated sending agents to Tada, @Allflash agreed to catch an early morning train and repeat his grand theft of #17. However, not being at the best of health that morning, he was advised to drop the plan.

Later in the day, @patchboy rose to the call of duty and took a lengthy bus ride in the searing hot weather. The bus was running late and all would be lost if #18 made a random jump before we could reach it. Luckily, it didn’t.
@patchboy ADA’ed and linked ‘Vinayagar God Temple’, Tada to ‘The Seated Tigers’ in Vizag; nervously watching his surroundings for hiding ENL till the jump was made.
 Number 18 had been patched and dispatched away from enemy control! 

     Artifact #18 joined #17 in Nepal through Vizag in two consecutive jumps through the previous days’ path, which the ENL had failed to destroy. 

Chapter 3: Kaos in Kathmandu 
Agents of #ResistanceNepal had had no previous experience in handling artifacts. India being the target for the ENL and Russia for the RES, our awesome friends across the border wanted to shift artifacts to Nepal. Nepal has very few L8 agents and it was a difficult task for us to to prepare L7 portals. Two days prior to the artifacts’ arrival in Nepal, we prepared 3 L7 portals on southeast corner of #Kathmandu ; safe from the Enl. L8 agents @samit22, @suj17 and L6 agent @beebayek contributed to make this possible.

 The battle began when the ENL shifted #17 to India. When #ResistanceIndia successfully stole #17 and sent it to Vizag, we made our first attempt. Unfortunately, network issues prevented the jump in the 1st hour and the portal in Vizag was jarvised at the very last minute in the 2nd. Our third attempt on the next UTC was successful and #17 was shifted to ‘Durga Idol’ in Kathmandu, Nepal. We kept #17 moving over these three portals.

 The very next day, agent @dejavu1987 destroyed all ENL P7s and made preventive crosses. India then received  another artifact- #18- which #ResistanceIndia again managed to steal and send to Nepal using the same uninterrupted route. Both artifacts were in Nepal. This was a truly new experience for us!
  There were only 3 L7 portals and 2 artifacts. We needed more p7s. Agent @dejavu1987, committed as ever, travelled 20 km early the next morning and aided @samit22 in preparing additional p7s. Unfortunately, #17 jumped randomly to a portal in the heart of Kathmandu by the time this task was completed.
We had to retrieve it before the ENL could reach the site. Agents @suwish and @samit22 were more than up to the task; retrieving the artifact and bringing it back under RES control.

 The job now was to shift the artifacts to Russia, who had a key to 'Biruwa Jagaran Samaaj', a portal in the RES safe house in southeast Kathmandu thanks to the foresight of @samit22 in transferring keys to a travelling Russian.
There were a few internal cross links- green links were cleared by @nrjbhusal and blue jarvised by @dejavu1987 and @mdpes. We kept moving #17 and #18 around the 5 portals until #18, quite surprisingly, random-jumped to the middle of Kathmandu. Before the ENL could gain any kind of advantage, we again managed to retrieve the artifact. @suwish, @droidpp and @dejavu1987 upgraded the portal and got it back in control.
The ENL made their first attempt at this point and tried to gain control of #18, which they managed to capture but failed to upgrade to P7 for any movement. @suj17 and @mdpes recaptured the portal, upgraded it and sent the artifact back to the RES safe house located in southeast Kathmandu.

  Due to crosses in a remote part of #Kazakhstan , we were unable to shift the artifacts to Russia immediately; and running low on flipcards, we decided to let both artifacts jump around randomly. There was no confirmation as to when the crosses would be cleared. 

  On the third day of random jumping, we got the message that all crosses from Nepal to Russia would be cleared. Come the morning of 4th sept, agents @samit22,@suj17 and @dejavu1987 upgraded the portals housing #17 and #18. @dejavu1987 ADA’ed a portal to clear the way to merge both artifacts at a portal near the proposed portal to shift to Russia, again, located at the said RES safe house in Kathmandu.

 The ENL managed to create a few blockers the same day and agents @nrjbhusal and @mdpes cleared them. Our hearts sank when the proposed portal to shift artifacts to Russia, ‘Biruwa Jagaran Samaaj’, was destroyed by ENL. @suj17 travelled 15km late at night to aid @samit22 in recreating the p7. 

We were set. #17 and #18 were united at the proposed portal at 12:45 am, local time.

All eyes were on #Russia . Around 4:35 am local time, the #CrazyRussians  cleared the innumerable crosses between Nepal and the target portal in one go and successfully made a direct link 3800 km long to Nepal from the target! 

#17 and #18 disappeared from the faithful portal in southeast Kathmandu, re-appearing directly on the RES target in #Yekaterinburg* , Russia!* 

A week-long struggle finally came to an end as we congratulated each other on a job well done.

@Allflash +Venkat Ram 
@sayanthan +Sayandhan p 
@godassasin +sudheer akkala 
@vidyasagarreddy +Vidyasagarreddy V 
@psprakashreddy +Prakash Reddy P S 
@APIND +achyuth kalyan 
@patchboy +Mohit Reddy 
@AllIsMind +Ashish Rawat 
@redyellowgreen +mehta ankush 
@hemuspartan +hemanth taninki 
@iRobinhood +Narendra Thadani 

@samit22 +Samit Ghimire 
@dejavu1987 +Anil Maharjan 
@suj17 +sujan chapagain 
@suwish +Sovita Dahal 
@beebayek +Bee Bay Ek Katwal 
@mdpes +Dipesh Khanal 
@droidpp +Pujan Piya 
@nrjbhusal +Niraj Bhusal 

Chapter 4: #BehindEnemyLines* - Nashik*
     Artifacts #7and #8 were brought to an enemy safe house in #Nashik from Dubai on Sunday 31st August as per a ‘deal’ made in agreement with global ENL and RES.

The deal was honoured when #7 and #8 reached Indian soil and #RESIndia* knew that it was time to move.

   Agent @TheRaiden’s timely help in Nashik ensured that the package was contained for the night, while the quick response of agents in Delhi secured the target location as well. Agents @GolDi3 and @ScorpioVenom linked to Ajmer from Pune later in the night, securing the corridor for the time-being.

Over the next couple of days, remote cross replaced remote cross as the ENL watched their efforts being repeatedly foiled.

 *A notable attempt was made by the ENL on the evening of the 1st of September: 
     There was a strange and sudden lull in ENL activity and we knew something was up. The take-down of our safest link, #Haridwar   to #Pilani , was a dead giveaway. All agents were ready and waiting.
Back in #Delhi , @CaptSaxena, expecting the obvious, went to check on ‘Daadha Echo Water Tank’ in Noida- the source of several blockers due South of the target- at 2115 hrs... 

     Clear-sighted as always, @CaptSaxena noticed a shadowy figure crouched in a dark corner near the portal clutching a mobile phone with an #Ingress scanner running, “Guys, Captain Saxena is at the portal”, came the voice of a known ENL. The message was promptly transmitted and agents were at their stations, ready to man them. Our links fell like dominoes: Pune-Ajmer, Noida-Neemrana, Jaipur-Nainital, Ajmer-Haridwar; all went down in quick succession ten minutes to jump time. The ENL had really pulled all stops!
Agent @isceman shot out cross links from the AIIMS campus before the blockers went down completely, while @dpest rushed to Lodhi Estate to create more blocks than existed previously!  Meanwhile, agent @AllIsMind calmly stood by the The Seated Tigers in Vizag, waiting for the Pune-Ajmer link to go down. Once it did, he linked to #Nakoda in #Rajasthan , putting an end to their feeble attempt.

     The ENL had sent their agents far and wide; we didn’t expect them to give up. 2230 passed without incident.
For the 2330 jump, precious Intel of another attempt by them trickled in. Agent @vizay waited at NRI Water Tank in #Jaipur , ready to foil them once again. As expected, blockers started going down too early. He waited patiently for the Vizag-nakoda link to go down and linked to #Buxar and #Ajmer , effectively cutting Nashik off from any linkable p7 up North. @CaptSaxena and @FlufflyMonster made more links to #Neemrana from Noida, putting an end to ENL efforts for the day.

Following this was the unsavoury incident of a green spoofed link between #Satna* and **#Jodhpur** . The ENL took the opportunity to invent seven lakh eighty nine thousand four hundred and fifteen(789415) uncreative ways of blaming us for this and more. The incident was reported to NIA separately by us along with a request to take down the link. Play was halted for two days until this was done.
     Come the weekend, agents from the neighbouring cities of #Pune and #Mumbai , having watched their comrades in #Delhi and across the country defend the target on a regular basis; decided to take ownership of and extract the artifacts from the ENL safe house.

There was chatter on all channels and a possible route for extraction was drafted, while agents drafted their own route for the journey that awaited them.

     On Saturday, September 6th 2014, @LorenzM and @ScorpioVenom set off early morning from Pune and rendezvoused with Mumbai agents @MH43, @mrsMH43, @DartStrike and @GhOsTRiDeR007(Team A) to begin an eventful journey to Nashik... 

    ENL movement was unmonitored between 0430 and 0930hrs. We cursed ourselves as we realised that the take-down of a crucial blocker from #Bhopal had gone unnoticed, giving the ENL an opening. Bolstered by the rare chance, ENL from Mumbai swarmed around #Nashik in the morning, ready with a potential strategy that would take both the artifacts to the ENL target under a green megacover. Our agents were still at least 3 hours from the location. Luckily, enlightened attempts failed for two consecutive hours, following which #7 made a random jump; giving us a few extra hours to orchestrate our mission. Ground and Intel alike rejoiced!

      Agent @MH43 realized we had ourselves a very brief window of opportunity to steal at least one if not both artifacts and left a message for @ShankyNirvanaa regarding the occurrences on ground. @ShankyNirvanaa sprung into action and assembled a second team (Team B) consisting of himself and agents @Mjuana and @WackySmurf. Responding promptly to their #CallOfDuty , Team B headed straight to the location without a moment’s hesitation.

*Our agents were an hour away when the ENL succeeded on perhaps their 5th attempt since morning and sent #8 to the target in Delhi. * 

     We watched in horror as the ENL anchor for the #Delhi cover was shifted to #Anantapur from #Nashik , keeping the same base.
The cliff had suddenly become steeper. The enemy would attempt to move #7 to Anantapur and from there to the ENL target and all would be lost. We prayed and hoped and waited for Team A to arrive at the location… and arrive they did, 15 minutes to jump! 

      The path east was blocked by the Anantpur-Patna link and we had no immediate options. Agents quickly went through their key lists and a snap decision was made to deliver the artifact to a RES safehouse, out of the crossfire until a further course could be charted. Agents waited in stealth till 3 minutes to jump time. The portal housing the artifact was ADA’d and the first attempt to move #7 somewhere safe was made- but alas, the message “link cannot be established; crosses another existing link” flashed on their scanners. Blocked by 4 metres by an inconspicuous link! We beseeched the fate of our agents- the element of surprise was lost and the artifact continued to sit #BehindEnemyLines .

       Team B arrived on site following another failed attempt to send #7 to a portal in #Pune the next hour. Their presence was kept under wraps for as long as possible and the Intel team wracked their brains to come up with a new plan, improvising as more information became available to them. 

There were 9 RES agents and 8 ENL at *#Nashik* . The mission had descended into a dogfight- the side that persevered would win.

      Improvisation at it’s best, a new plan was drafted: Team B were given a good number of keys to the Artifact portal and sent back to #Igatpuri hill station about 42 km south of #Nashik . The next jump was scheduled in just under 25 minutes. Team B made the ridiculously impossible journey of 42 km in under 24 minutes upon realising the gravity of the situation. The ENL, aware or unaware of the situation, managed to throw a cross from #Pune ; stalling all proceedings.
A huge #Shoutout to agents @iRobinhood and @BellaTricks, who extended their support and dropped the green link from #Pune just in time. Team B secured their corridor immediately.

       A splendid demonstration of rhythm and coordination between Team A and Team B led to extraction of #7 to an isolated portal at Manas Resort in #Igatpuri ! Team A was advised to clear a few green links coming out of Nashik as a precautionary measure, while agent @crixus03 operated from the outskirts of Pune, linking to Osmanabad; ensuring the same links were not established again.

       On successful movement of #7, Team B guarded the artifact for another 2 hours, at which point Team A replaced them. Agents then prepared for a long wait at the hillside resort while Bangalore agent @DoctorRV made his way to #Anantapur ...

Chapter 5: Stealing Artifact *#7-* The Anantapur Chapter*  
        Well before all the above happenings surrounding the artifacts were in progress, agent @DoctorRV noticed a concentrated group of ENL up in North Bangalore at around 0500; perhaps trying to bring in Artifact #7. The time was ripe for them to make a move, with less than 10 minutes remaining for the jump. Jump time passed with one of the ENL showing movement closer to the last blocker- perhaps they missed it or were planning something unexpected.

@DoctorRV ceased all activity, rushed to and waited at the suspected P7. Panicked, the ENL fell silent. With no activity for nearly two hours, he captured a nearby portal to test their reaction. Predictably, 3 ENL of the same group immediately showed activity further south. The others didn’t. These agents travelled to Anantapur and made the BAF that was to be their secondary cover over the target site for their attempted transfer of #7.

Later that day, hangouts buzzed with the news of a green megafield spread across a major portion of the country, anchored at Anantpur. With no hopes of clearing the path to steal the Artifact without taking down the field, Bangalore Resistance _being the nearest city from Anantapur was called in for action.
Four hours passed with no response; heavy rain prevented any kind of travel. Again, on his way home, agent @DoctorRV made a snap decision- “Why not extend this streak and mark this day to cherish forever? Of course, things could go the other way, but at least one would have tried.”

       He stopped halfway home, checked the route map, distance and time; finally deciding to buzz Intel- "Where is the artifact? Will it come to Anantapur? What are my possibilities if it does and if it doesn’t?" While this dialogue was ongoing, Team A in Nashik had managed to move Artifact #7 to Team B in Igatpuri.

         Team A in #Nashik had left home at 0830 that morning and managed to steal #7 only after battling from 1500 to 2130! Inspired by their commitment and perseverance and on confirming that Team A could guard the artifact for another 3 hours, @DoctorRV took the plunge and began the 217 km-long journey to the isolated town of Anantapur to honour the efforts of his comrades. He zipped along the Bangalore-Hyderabad highway while an actual plan was being improvised on Hangouts, only wishing not to get an Abort call. The journey was made in a record 2 hours and 10mins! 

      It was 0015 hrs: 15 mins to jump time. There was no activity from the ENL, who were probably busy sleeping off their disappointment. “ADA or Destroy?”, he asked. "DESTROY THE DAMN VRLA!", was the unambiguous reply. Destruction it was…

       Meanwhile in #Igatpuri , a 3-hour wait was about to come to an end for agents . Their spirits soared as news of @DoctorRV’s arrival at *#Anantapur* reached them.* Right on call, they took position around the artifact portal, waiting for the destruction of the Anantapur field. The signal was given, field went down and agent _@DartStrike_ made the link from ‘Sculpture at Manas Resort’ in Igatpuri(West India) to ‘Bala Tripura Sundari Temple’ in __#Rajahmundry__ (East India).

@godassasin confirmed the receipt of #7 in Rajahmundry, where it spent some hours until it was shipped to agents @AllIsMind and @redyellowgreen in Vizag.

Team A reached home only at 530am the next morning; bringing an end to their mission, a 9-hour battle and an epic 21-hour journey. We salute the efforts of all agents involved.

@Dpest +Dipesh Limbu 
@isceman +Shishir Chumber 
@CaptSaxena +Rohit Saxena 
@FluffyMonster +Rachit Saxena 
@OhmResistance +Bipul Keshri 
@runvijay +Jaisurya Jai 
@nickdex +Nick Warke 
@vizay +Vizay Soni 
@Ritz27 +Ritesh Gupta 
@preski +Preetam Gaikwad 
@TheRaiden +Aditya Angal 
@GolDi3 +Kunal Sonawala 
@jeetss +Jitesh Padhiyar 
@LorenzM +Harshveer SAINI 
@ScorpioVenom +Amit Nama 
@DartStrike +Ashish Shelke 
@MrsMH43 +Jyoti Jadhav 
@MH43 +Rahul Jadhav 
@GhOsTRiDeR007 +Pratik Chavan 
@ShankyNirvanaa +Shashank Jain 
@MJuana +Meghna Kunnath 
@WackySmurf +dhaval sudra 
@DoctorRV +Rakesh Varma 
@crixus03 +Pawan Padwal
@BellaTricks +Bhavna Thadani 
@iRobinhood +Narendra Thadani 

Chapter 6: #ItTakesFourToTango* (The Hisar Heist of #19)
      The morning after #7 was stolen, agent @Elememtal set out on a 5 hour journey from #Haridwar to #Ambala to take down the North anchor of the previous day’s fields; while agents @CaptSaxena and @OhmResistance operated from Greater Noida to restore all Resistance links and fields to their usual glory. The anchor was taken down and blocks restored to ensure no more green slime over Delhi.

       However, *another surprise was in store for us when Dubai exported artifact #19 to #Hisar *- a remote location and the hometown of an Enlightened agent, with zero Resistance presence.
#Karnal & __#Ambala__ were quickly recaptured by the Enlightened and L8 ENL within Delhi suddenly sprang to life._ 

So was another Artifact going to the target? Not really!

       An awesome web of blocking links were soon created by agents @Dpest, @icseman, @YTtheOne, @Poethacker, @nickdex and @runvijay; duly supported by @CaptSaxena.@nickdex spent the entire morning blocking the target from Ambala, from where the ENL would attempt a transfer to the target.  Sleeper L8 agent, @Silv3rhawk, was requested to go live on the scanner after ages and he gladly obliged, throwing blockers from #Bhiwani in the west to North and Western Delhi. This ensured Hisar was blocked from Gurgaon & the target. 

       Nothing happened. We waited the entire night, watching every move made by the ENL- nothing happened.
While we wondered if the Enlightened were waiting for Christmas to move the artifact or if they were trying to play safe by keeping it away from the Resistance, the unattended artifact jumped randomly on a grey portal at Hisar railway station. _Surely they had an agent travelling to the location...

        The next day, ENL appeared to be prepping a portal south of the target for the receipt of an artifact. It seemed reasonable to believe that they had agents enroute to the target; the portal was duly taken down by @isceman and a block was set up by @Silv3rhawk from Bhiwani, following which the ENL fell silent. They attempted to prep the same portal a few hours later and it was again taken down. All the while, #19 sat on an uncaptured portal in the middle of Hisar. What their real intention was, we’ll never know.

       The next day was the last that Delhi would be hosting the ENL target and we prepared to stump their final stand. It came upon the us to either wait for #19 to reach the city and fight the battle in Delhi or to stump them at Hisar. Tired of waiting and watching, #ResistanceDelhi decided to take control of the situation. It was a leap of faith as agents headed to Hisar, not knowing if the Artifact would suddenly move out and/or if they would have to return empty handed.

       Four L8 agents were required for the desired range to move the artifact to our safe house in #Rajahmundry . Agents @Toadripper, @k2roop, @dpest, driven by @CaptSaxena in his famous Tata Manza, set out for Hisar, 190 km away, at 1630 hours on 9th Sep 2014. 

The objective - To send Artifact #19 on its way through a 1481 kms long link to Rajahmundry at 2030hrs. 

        With absolute stealth and just one quick bio-break en route, the team reached Hisar railway station at 2020 hrs. Without sparing a moment, the team headed to the portal, captured, immunized and recaptured. The usual network issues ensured anxious moments towards the end. The portal was finally upgraded with 2 agents on tethering.
Meanwhile in *#Jaipur* ,@vizay jarvised the 42 million MU RES field and the link from ‘Hisar Railway Station’ to ‘Bala Tripura Sundari Temple’, Rajahmundry was made.* 
           The last few minutes were spent scanning the railway station for any likely ENL that could foil our plan. But it was our day… Bang! 2030 hrs 09 Sep 2014, #19 shifted to Rajahmundry successfully and the team had their victory moment to the utter bewilderment of a few porters, passengers waiting on the platform, a goods train and an engine shunting around… 
         Artifact exported, it was time for a clean up drive. Two long-standing green p7s and several guardians were all cleared by 2130, following which the team left for home- New Delhi. After a quick dinner stop near Rohtak, agents were home only by 0210 on 10 Sep 2014. 

The Hisar Heist was a grand success!
A message for Indian Enlightened: “Tumse Na Ho Payega” (You can't able to do ;-D)

@nickdex +Nick Warke 
@Silv3rhawk +Aditya Gulia 
@k2roop +paras rana 
@ToadRipper +Shaz Siddiqui 
@dpest +Dipesh Limbu 
@CaptSaxena +Rohit Saxena 
@YTtheOne +Yashaswi Tiwari 
@Poethacker +Ajay Ohri 
@runvijay +Jaisurya Jai 

Special mentions:
- @patchboy, @AllFlash, @sayanthan for beating the Chennai ENL back to the ground,

- @isceman @dpest @nickdex for working tirelessly to keep the target shrouded in a mesh of blue links despite being outnumbered 2:1 by the ENL

- @CaptSaxena @Toadripper @k2roop @dpest for responding to their call of duty and pulling off the Heist at Hisar,

- @jeetss for travelling to Veraval against all odds and rescuing us twice with his links,

- @AllIsMind @redyellowgreen @godassasin for blitzkrieg crosslinks and for safeguarding artifacts beyond anyone’s expectations,

- @Elememtal @vizay @Ritz27 @Thunderhunt @Silv3rhawk for making themselves available as remote agents around the target site,

- @vidyasagarreddy @psprakashreddy for being ever-ready to help with remote crosses and for making Tirupati a viable stopover throughout the anomaly,

- @GolDi3 @ScorpioVenom @LorenzM @crixus03 @iRobinhood @BellaTricks for keeping the Pune ENL at bay,

- @unknownADDY for lending us support from Ahmedabad,

- @DartStrike @MH43 @MrsMH43 @LorenzM @ScorpioVenom for agreeing to wait an additional 3 hours to transfer #7

- @ShankyNirvanaa @Mjuana @GhOsTRiDeR007 @WackySmurf for ensuring that the #SmurfStorm at Nashik was a success,

- @DoctorRV for undertaking a 217 km-long journey to ensure the efforts of our agents weren't wasted, saving the day once again.

Agents, your dedication and sharpness on field foiled numerous enemy attempts in a fortnight-long battle. We salute your efforts.

The Enlightened target shifted to Kobe, Japan on 10th Sept. *

The Final Chapter: Goodbye #7 #19
          With no plan for extraction whatsoever, #7 and #19 were allowed to jump around in Vizag. The local ENL ensured that any sort of enemy extraction was impossible, naively blocking the artifacts in a web of green links; giving our agents a much needed break. 

   Things continued this way until the evening of 13th September, when we were informed of an absolutely crazy plan to send the artifacts to the target in #Sydney , Australia: #ResistanceJapan**************** urged us to send the package through **#Con** -Dao, Vietnam to **#Okinawa** and further to the town of **#Tateyama** , Japan(a mere 400 km from the ENL target!); from where they would attempt to send it to **#Hawaii** to **#NewCaledonia** directly to the RES target!

    Eager to be part of such a bold and unexpected move, #Hyderabad was alerted. Agents @scremino and @chegu immediately stepped up and a plan was drafted. The artifacts were to be united in Vizag and moved to Suryapet by 930am; and from there to Vietnam. Agents @smokinguns and @JSR2012 did a brilliant job transporting the required inventory from @kaama to @scremino and @chegu late at night.

Unfortunately, #7 random-jumped to a portal inaccessible until 9am on the night of the 13th, setting us back a few hours. On the flip side, this saved agents in #Vizag the trouble of uniting both artifacts before shipping them out.

     Early next morning, @scremino and @chegu caught a 530am bus to #Suryapet , equipped with all they needed to make the 3000+km-long link. Agents in Vizag woke up around the same time and set about helping agent @heropanti reach l7 so as to create p7s without the need to flip before upgrading.

     In a supreme display of coordination, agents @bubloo @heropanti @AllIsMind and @redyellowgreen captured #19, upgraded, cleared all crosses in time for the 730am jump and dispatched it to ‘Bala Tripura Sundari Temple’ in #Rajahmundry ; while @scremino and @chegu waited patiently at ‘Laminar Fountain’ in Suryapet.

        The Vizag team moved to #7, which was perched atop #Kailasagiri hill. Having failed to convince the security guards to let them in before 830am, a morning jogger came to their rescue, pointing our agents towards an old staircase which is open at all times. Willing to do anything to get the artifacts onto their planned route, agents decided to climb several hundred steps to reach the artifact portal.  

          The ENL were awake by this time and threw a few last minutes blockers that stopped us from making the jump at 930am. Agent @shivudu set out to clear the blocking links and the jump was rescheduled for the next hour...

      The team regrouped and, ably supported by off-site agents, cleared the links in perfect sync with @tej911(who jarvised a remote cross from #Mangalagiri ) , upgraded ‘Kailasagiri Entrance Arch’ and linked #7 directly to ‘Laminar Fountain’, Suryapet in time for the 1030am jump!
Meanwhile, agent @godassasin spent 15 minutes trying to ADA ‘Bala Tripura Sundari Temple’, Rajahmundry in an attempt to unite #19 with #7, only to be foiled by yet another ‘portal network disruption. #19 was stuck at Rajahmundry and we were in a conundrum…

      Suryapet, 90 minutes away from the city of Hyderabad, was not safe for more than one jump. Linking Rajahmundry to Suryapet for the next jump was not an option anymore, as the artifacts would simply switch places. We decided to send #7 to Vietnam at 1130 am and attempt to move #19 through the same path over the next 2 hours. The ENL now had a 3 hour window to make a 90 minute journey and attempt a steal.

           *‘Laminar Fountain’, Suryapet was linked to ‘House of Camille Saint Saens’, Con Dao, Vietnam in time for the 1130am jump. #7 left the country. @chegu and @scremino waited for another 2 hours to foil any attempt made by the ENL while we attempted to transfer #19 along the same route.

‘Bala Tripura Sundari Temple’, Rajahmundry was linked to ‘Laminar fountain’, Suryapet by @LastingEffect in time for the 1230pm jump.

              What followed was the most tense hour since morning. Off-site agents were certain that ENL from Hyderabad would arrive and steal the artifact. @chegu and @scremino, however, were confident that they wouldn't. Having waited at the location for over 5 hours by then, our bored comrades decided to play a trick on the off-site agents: acting as if ENL had arrived with limited and low level ammo, they induced the recharging of a full-charged and unharmed portal for the better part of ten minutes prior to jump!
Luckily, their judgement turned out to be right. ENL did not arrive and #19 was successfully chased off Indian soil.

          ‘Laminar Fountain’, which was a long-standing guardian of Warangal agent @bheeshma, was then jarvised and the VRLA destroyed. We would like to thank @bheeshma for taking this in the right spirit. Agents @scremino and @chegu then headed back to Hyderabad. Mission accomplished.

Artifacts #7 and #19 are now on the Resistance Target in Sydney, Australia.

@kaama +Kaama K 
@smokingguns +Swaroop T.G. 
@scremino +sumanth putta 
@chegu +Santosh Raj 
@AllIsMind +Ashish Rawat 
@bubloo +sri harsha pullakandam 
@heropanti +bhanu singh 
@redyellowgreen +mehta ankush 
@shivudu +k shiva 
@godassasin +sudheer akkala 
@LastingEffect +Deepika chandana 
@bheeshma +ChandraShekar tumma 
@JSR2012 +Sankalp Raj 

Off-site agents:
@MonsterSnail +Snehal Ghone 
@Stalactite +Rahul Ashok 
@estrul1an +najfa razee 
@pasindu007 +Pasindu Wanniarachchi 
@3ngineer +Gowtham R 
@AllIsMind +Ashish Rawat 
@blitz79 +Dinesh Gundu 
@LorenzM +Harshveer SAINI 

A #ShoutOut to @Frito +Dwayne Maxwell  for helping us on Intel at the times we were stretched for resources.

#ResistanceIndia*********** successfully stole 4 out of 5 artifacts that entered Indian soil. All 4 were sent to the Resistance Target.*

+Ingress +Brandon Badger +Anne Beuttenmüller +Joe Philley +Brian Rose 

#IngressReport   #SitRep  
Helios Artifacts
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I'll add all #Ingress  users in Hyderabad to this circle. If you're playing from Hyderabad.. Let's all be in this Circle to kick start adding portals

Something's happened in #Ingress  (GAME). I can't see the roads anymore (worked perfectly in the morning).. The XM is still floating around though.. 

Am i missing something +Joe Philley, +Brandon Badger 

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#INGRESS  suddenly makes sense.. It is the core of the resistance.. 

It was visible all along.. How can I not see it. Here look +Joe Philley, +Brandon Badger and please gimme an ingress invite for pointing it out for the rest. 

India Gate, New Delhi, India - (Google Maps)
One of the most important places where "India Against Corruption" moment gatherings were organized.

#ingressindia   #resistance   #ingressresistance  

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I keep day dreaming for an #ingressinvite  

Do you too? #ingress  

+Joe Philley +Brandon Badger 

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Man - Every one's chasing +Joe Philley, +Brandon Badger  for #ingressinvite  

3rd Artwork Attempt to get into #ingress  

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I am ready, but still can't take the calls from the resistance without an #ingressinvite


+Joe Philley +Brandon Badger 

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Hey +Joe Philley +Brandon Badger Re-digging just in case you missed my artwork from last night.. .. Was hoping to join the resistance tonight.

#ingressinvite   #ingress

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I've been scratching my head on how to get an #ingress   #ingressinvite  

Then I thought why not go back to the school days. Here's my artwork for INGRESS

Hope you guys like it. +Joe Philley +Brandon Badger 

Spent an entire morning doing this which included a trip to the stationary shop and a lot of drawing using compass and scale and colouring using wax crayons. 

I'll still have lots of memories doing this :) Now gimme an invite already. 
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