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With the landing of Donald J Trump as the US president and Republican’s total control over congress, consumer rights are under threat. Republicans are not for protecting people, their goal is to give mega-corporations a freehand over what ever they can grab. I have been using Linux since 2005, but off late I need access to some commercial applications and services, which means I have to use either macOS or Windows. I don’t have any trust in Windows 10, given the built-in tracking technologies. macOS, on the other hand, does make privacy a huge selling point. Remember the while iPhone unlocking saga, where Tim Cooked refused to create a backdoor for FBI whereas Bill Gates criticized Apple?

So my question to you is, which one of the two is safer when it comes to privacy protection and spying by the company and government?

NOTE: Please comment on the story and not here. 

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Donald Trump’s increased attached on the free press is evident from the fact he has direct ties with Russia. A report in New YorK Times exposes Trump.

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That's where future belongs. 
Why Google and Apple will rule mixed reality

(Read my column: )

The brilliant future of mixed reality will come to us from the likes of Microsoft and Magic Leap, according to the conventional wisdom.

Microsoft has grabbed mindshare with awesome demos of its Hololens product, like its Project XRay game demo at its October 2015 Windows 10 event.

Magic Leap, which has raised more than $1 billion from investors, has dazzled YouTube users with simulated experience videos.

Other contenders in this space include ODG and Meta.

There's no question that the demos are cool and that several or all of those products will appear on the market and thrill users with a new experience that blends the real with the virtual.

But the future of mixed reality won't be dominated by Microsoft, Magic Leap, ODG or Meta, but by Google and Apple. Here's why.

#GoogleTango #Apple #Google #Hololens #MagicLeap

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Now this is some really scare ransomware! 

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Scientists Are About to Switch on a Telescope That Could Photograph a Black Hole's Event Horizon
Called the Event Horizon Telescope, the new device is made up of a network of radio receivers located across the planet, including at the South Pole, in the US, Chile, and the French alps.

The network will be switched on between 5 and 14 April this year, and the results will put Einstein's theory of general relativity through its paces like never before.

The Event Horizon Telescope works using a technique known as very-long-baseline interferometry (VLBI), which means the network of receivers will focus in on radio waves emitted by a particular object in space at one time.

For the black hole, they'll be focusing on radio waves with a wavelength of 1.3 mm (230 GHz), which gives them the best chance of piercing through any clouds of gas and dust blocking the black hole.

And because there are so many of these antennae all tuned in on a single spot, the resolution of the telescope should be 50 microarcseconds. To put that into perspective, it's the equivalent of being able to see a grapefruit on the surface of the Moon

That's important, because the first target will be the huge black hole at the centre of our galaxy, called Sagittarius A*, which is actually only the size of a pinprick in our night sky.

We've never directly observed Sagittarius A*, but researchers know it exists because of the way it influences the orbit of nearby stars.

Based on the behavior of these stars, researchers predict that the black hole is likely about 4 million times more massive than our Sun, but with an event horizon diameter of just 20 million km (12.4 million miles) or so across.

At a distance of around 26,000 light-years away from Earth, that makes it a pretty small target.

But the Event Horizon Telescope will aim to observe the immediate environment around the black hole, and it should be able to get enough resolution to see the black hole itself.



#space #blackhole #eventhorizontelescope #universe 
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Thinking of moving away from Linux Desktop to macOS. After all these years Desktop Linux is still stuck in Windows XP era. While Linux is the platform where all innovation is happening , whether it's infrastructure or what not... desktop remains the weakest link. It's still struggling with basics. What are your thought? 

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The ethics concerns are fueled by Trump's decision not to completely sever ties with his company.

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The Terminator and Yoda were printed on my fully open source 3D printer!
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