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Shopping with Ford's Active Park Assist
Pinch me because I refuse to admit that the holiday season is amongst us!  A couple weeks ago, I had the honour of partnering up with Ford again to drive their Explorer for the week while navigating the busy Black Friday crowds searching for their holiday b...

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Back to School
Back to school. It was almost as if it wasn't really happening.  I've been pushing this day to the back of my mind for over a year now - not only because my youngest is entering Kindergarten, but because it's been a loooonnnng ride getting there. To make a ...

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As the kids grow older and our house becomes more saturated with stuff , I've come to the conclusion that experiences are far more valuable than material items.  The anxiety that plagues me on a daily basis when I get home after a long day of work and see t...

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Roughin' It
You guys!!  I just did something that I haven't done since I was 18, maybe 19. C A M P I N G Or maybe it was more like GLAMPING , but that's okay.  At first when I was asked by my good friend and her hubby if I wanted to go camping with them, my first react...

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This Is Eight
To say that summer is finally here is an understatement!  We were hit with a heat wave over the weekend and totally unprepared (I'm sitting here writing this post at the mercy of my rotating fan - enough said).  We also celebrated a pretty special day on Sa...

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A Father's Day Experience + a Giveaway
Isn't it amazing how life comes around full circle once we "grow up"?  Way back when, I remember thinking about how uncool my parents were and how they didn't know anything (because teenagers know EVERYTHING, haha!).  Now I know that they were just trying t...

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Unleash Creativity with The WayZoo Colouring Book
Being a working mother, blogger, personal stylist, nurse, cook, housekeeper, personal assistant, dictator (okay, a mom ), I constantly get asked how I do it all .  Well, I don't.  My time at work is a vacation  and without the support from my extended famil...

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Winter Refresh with Garnier Whole Blends
Disclosure:   Although this post
has been generously sponsored by Garnier Whole Blends, the opinions and
language are my own. Every Mom
can attest to this, I’m sure:   a
10-minute shower is like a brief, but long vacation.   You shut the door in hopes of ge...

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Last Minute Gift Ideas For the Guys in Your Life
Is it just me or are guys just hard to shop for?  I feel like every Christmas and every birthday, I'm faced with the same dilemma when I'm trying to shop for presents for hubby or my dad.   I don't need anything , they say, but what I really want to know is...

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Family Winter Gear Gift Guide
This post could not have come at a better time!  Vancouver was hit  hard  with a blast of Winter last week and, apparently while I'm writing this post, it's started snowing outside again. It took me three hours to get downtown last Monday morning and I had ...
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