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The Master plays Holi

From How to Live with God: (page 37, middle)
Suresh Chandra Datta recorded: "Once during the dol festival of Krishna, the Master went to the Radha-Krishna temple of Dakshineswar.  He was then in the mood of Radha.  He began to playfully spray coloured powder on the image of Krishna and sang: 'While fighting today with colour, let me see whether you win or I win.'  Those who witnessed that sight were overwhelmed."
Got this during my recent visit to Sri Ramakrishna Math and it's turning out to be a real exquisite book. Here's the Table of Contents. Snippets from Chapter 1: Various Forms of Ramakrishna Page 37 (middle): The Master plays Holi | Suresh Chandra Datta recorded: "Once during the dol festival of Krishna, the Master went to the Radha-Krishna temple of Dakshineswar. He was then in the mood of Radha. He began to playfully spray coloured powder o...
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Seems to be a very good book.  Interesting how Tharkur becomes Radha and Sita. 
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Aum Namo Narayanaya.  Thank you Maharaj
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Holy Kalpataru Day
"May you all be blessed with Spiritual Awakening" was the potent sentence that issued from the lips of the Master Sri Ramakrishna on 1st Jan 1886 – the day is being celebrated as Kalpataru Day. The below given digital art was supplied by Dr Adhinarayanan, a devotee from Chennai.
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Om, Revered Maharaj
Pranams and Happy New Year .
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Holy Mother Sri Sarada Devi's
161st Birth Anniversary Celebration
On Saturday, 13th December the 162nd birth tithi was celebrated at Ramakrishna Centre. The morning began with as usual Managalarati and chanting of suprabhatams. The special puja was done from 7 to 9 am. The relay-japa yajna continued till 4 pm. A special satsang was arranged at the Nischalananda Hall where the President Swami Vishwatmanandaji gave an inspiring Talk about Holy Mother. The Ramakrishna Choir rendered a few bhajans. Two youngsters from a dance academy gave an enchanting performance of dances on Pushpanjali and Divine Mother Meenakshi.
Revered Swami Vishwatmanandaji also distributed hampers to the indigent people from Greenbury area.
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~Bon Voyage Revered Swami Vimokshanandaji Maharaj... I remain forever blessed for having received your personal prayer, guidance and love.

Thank You for EVERYTHING... for giving me the honour of being the first person to interview you on radio... for initiating personal interviews and Lunches with Revered Swami Saradaprabhanandaji Maharaj & Revered Ishtaprana Mathaji... for being the catalyst for my trip to the International Youth Conference in commemoration of Swami Vivekananda's 150th Birth Anniversary in India and thus giving me the opportunity to stay at Belur Math... for endorsing our various Youth programnes... for allowing us to meet visiting Swamijis... for getting us involved in the Vedanta Kshetram project... for the honour of serving your meals on various occasions... for the many blessed times we took Lunch and Supper with you... for launching a brochure I was involved with... for inviting me to be part of a special morning prayer at Ashram... for the many scriptural and philosophical gems you shared with us over the years... for being so accessible... so warm.... so loving.

Holy-Trio-willing... I hope to see you next year at your new posting. I have no doubt that whilst our hearts remain heavy and eyes fill with tears.. that your guidance and love will flow always on your SA devotees.

Go Well Maharaj!
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Home Satsang with
Sridutt's family and friends
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Crystal clear Teaching...
"God has covered all with His maya. He doesn't let us know anything. He who puts maya aside to see God can see Him. Once, when I was explaining God's actions to someone, God suddenly showed me the lake at Kamarpukur. I saw a man removing the green scum and drinking the water. The water was as clear as crystal." – Sri Ramakrishna
I remembered this teaching of Master when I saw this pond covered with green lily-leaves and the beautiful sculpture of a maiden holding a water pot...waiting to remove the scum...?
photographed in Kloof, near Durban, South Africa. Originally in colour but I feel the theme is accentuated in B/W.
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Pranam Maharajji,
Very nice.
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Stunning deco at Chennai Math on the auspicious occasion of Master's tithi puja day...!
Sri Sri Ramakrishna Jayanti Utsav
Chennai Math
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Aum Namo Narayanaya

Pranams Maharaj. And thank You very much for sharing with us.  With love from Nisha
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Latest update on my whereabouts...
Wishing you all a happy Maha shivaratri. May the compassionate Lord Shiva bless you with his auspiciousness!
I am happy to inform you that my travels spanning from European cities to India through Dubai and Mauritius have so far went off well without any hitch. I remember at every step, the grace of our Master is palpable be it on the snow-laden peaks in Vaishno Devi or on the vast deserts of Dubai. Seeing varied sacred places be it the wonderful church in Assisi, the birth place of St Francis or in the holy precincts of Jyotir lingams of Trayambakeshwar or in Abu Dhabi, the famous mosque of architectural wonder or roaming in the Buddhist caves in Aurangabad my mind got attuned to the infinite verities of the One Supreme Ishwara whom I worship in the name and form of Sri Ramakrishna.

I reached Belur Math on 14th instant. Here of course I am looking forward to participate in Maha Shivaratri tonight and also Master's tithi puja celebrations on 20th. The Public Celebration of Master is scheduled on 1st March. In New Delhi on 8th evening I gave a Talk on "Love of God – what it means to us". If you have not heard it already please click the link below:

If you so desire you may forward this link to the known (to you and/or to me) devotees of our ashrams... I am still awaiting the receipt of my Visa for entry into Singapore. 
#hinduism   #vedanta    #ramakrishnamission   #singapore  
Love of God - A discourse by Swami Vimokshananda at Sarada Auditorium, Ramakrishna Mission, Delhi on 8 Feb 2015.
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Aum Namo Narayanay.Pronam Maharaj. Thanks a lot for the insight and explanation. Will do as advised
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Holy Mother Sri Sarada Devi's
161st Birth Anniversary Celebration
On Sunday, the 14th December 2014, Sri Sarada Devi Ashram at Abelia Road, Asherville celebrated the 161st birth anniversary of Holy Mother. The entire program was vibrant enough to hold an audience of 500 devotees spell bound for nearly three hours. It started with opening prayers and three songs on Holy Mother. The program included a children's choral song, an interesting sketch, a dazzling dance performance by the youth girls of the Ashram. Sister Agnes of Marianhill Christian monastery read out a beautiful prayer. Revered Swami Vishwatmanandaji maharaj gave an inspiring discourse on the Holy Mother. All devotees were given sumptuous lunch prasad at the end of the program.
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Ami khub ananda bodh karcchi.Pranam to Maharajji.
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Hearty Farewell
Children and Educators of Hinduism classes bade me Farewell on Saturday, the 4th Dec 2014 at Nischalananda Hall in the ashram campus at a special satsang. The programme began with opening prayers. The Chairlady Sherin welcomed me and the audience with emotional fervour. Kamini representing all parents spoke about the painful parting. Shirley conducted the entire proceedings well. I narrated a story of Ganesha and a Cat and invited the children to speak about the morals that they could pick up from that mythological story. They did well. They also recited 10 verses from Tirukkural, a Tamil Classic which they learnt from me a few months back.The arrangement for supper was collectively done by the Educators and parents.
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At Dolphin Coast with Desmond family
Sea and its waves, Sky and its clouds have an everlasting charm to me and when Desmond, one of our devotees suggested that he and his family members including children would like to take me for the Dolphin Coast, i was too pleased and accepted his invite. It was on Sunday afternoon. The drive was smooth. Without sandals we all walked on the silky drenched sands giving the much needed acupressure therapy to our soles! I directed all of them to drench their feet in the rolling sea waves and chant "aum gaam gangaayai namaha" by sprinkling the cool waters on them. As all rivers ultimately reach the sea, so also all jivas shall reach the Lord.
The supper thereafter at Tawa, was sumptuous.
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Monastic member of worldwide Ramakrishna Mission
spiritual counselling; vedanta preaching; humanitarian service
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    Travelling to Singapore, 2015 - present
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Monk of the Ramakrishna Order. Posted as Head of the Ramakrishna Mission, Singapore. Proposed to join by April 2015.

Swami Vimokshananda was initiated into spiritual life by Swami Nirvananandaji Maharaj (a direct disciple of Swami Brahmanandaji Maharaj) at the Mumbai Ashram of the Ramakrishna Mission. Apart from his monastic training, after his joining Kanpur branch of Ramakrishna Mission in 1971, he worked extensively in the cyclone affected areas of Andhra Pradesh from 1977 to 1979. He took his monastic vows in 1981 from Swami Vireshwaranandaji Maharaj (a disciple of Sri Sarada Devi). From 1979 to 1986 he assisted in building the new Ramakrishna Mission Hospital at Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh. This is a leading Hospital serving the tribal population of that area. From 1986 to 1988 he was Vice-Principal of the Mission's Secondary School in Aalo Arunachal Pradesh.

From 1988 to 1995 he was Assistant Secretary of the Ramakrishna Mission's 550 bed Hospital called Seva Pratishthan and the Post Graduate Teaching Centre - Vivekananda Institute of Medical Sciences - Kolkata. His last assignment in India (1995 - 2007) was Head, Ramakrishna Mission TB Sanatorium, District Ranchi (150 beds). Treatment is provided to over 125 000 patients annually. On 27 March, 2007 he was posted by the Belur Math Authorities as President of the Ramakrishna Centre of South Africa, Durban. After a long stint of nearly eight years of useful service in Durban, he handed over the charge to Swami Vishwatmananda on 7th November 2014. He is now posted as Head of Singapore Ramakrishna Mission. He is due to reach there sometime in March 2015.

Swami Vimokshananda regularly conducts spiritual counseling, scriptural classes and delivers religious discourses, travels extensively. For more information please click here.

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