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Hedge fund billionaire Ray Dalio attributes his successes in business and his relationships on a particular practice.
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The Indian space agency is all set to undertake the maiden launch of its very own indigenous version of a 'space shuttle'.
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Helicopters Augusta, Italian kickbacks to Indian politicians. In the background the case marines

of Marco Lillo | February 1, 2014


To Finmeccanica process underway in Busto Arsizio, the prosecutor Eugenio Fusco shows the list of New Delhi personalities on which the industrial group made in Italy wanted to pressure ranging from the right arm of Sonia Gandhi to Prime Minister Singh

Here is the card that could make the glowing match between the Indian government and the 'Italy. On the one hand the fate of our marines,Massimiliano and Salvatore GironeLa Torre. On the other side, according to a document in the file of the Prosecutor of Busto Arsizio, there are politicians in India who have taken bribes worth millions byFinmeccanica for the job of helicopters Agusta in 2010. The letter that could complicate relations between the two countries to publish next door and was found in a villa on lake Lugano in the Italian consultant living in Switzerland, Guido Ralph Haschke, accused of corruption along with the former president of Finmeccanica Giusppe Bears and other consultants and managers, on charges of having paid 30 million euro in bribes to Indian officials to favor Agusta Westland in the race for the job of AW101 helicopters.When in April 2012 entered into his house Italians and Swiss investigators, Haschke feigned an illness and collapsed on his bed. Underneath it was a suitcase full of documents that the consultant of Piedmontese origin had left there, convinced that hisSwiss citizenship was a shield against the intrusiveness of the policemen of the NOE led by Sergio De Caprio, aka Ultimo, and VincenzoNeapolitans pm Piscitelli and Henry John Woodcock. 

Maro finmeccanica


Among the papers of the case there was a letter that, after switching to the survey expertise from Naples to Busto Arsizio, the prosecutor Eugenio Fusco has studied and been able to bring out the best in coordination with a handwritten by the same Haschke, he said dictation of hisChristian coindagato Mitchell, with a list of roles or with the abbreviations of the names of the beneficiaries of the Indian bribes. Thursday, January 9 was going to Haschke-examination by the defense, and after the prosecutor Fusco has dropped three cards: letter, the handwritten note and a picture of Sonia Gandhi with his main collaborator Ahmed Patel. If the Fusco tris, reproduced in the montage, it was aces or two of spades it just tell the Court following proceedings.

The first card dropped by the prosecutor on January 9, is in English and reads: "March 15, 2008. For the attention of Mr. Peter Hulett (sales manager of Agusta Westland in IndiaEd). Dear Peter, because Mrs. Gandhi is the driving force behind the VIP (ie the elicoitteri prepared to transport the Indian authorities that they had to be purchased by the government to pay 556 million Agusta Ed), she will no longer fly the MI-8 (the old Russian helicopter fleet of the government that Sonia Gandhi used and still use some Indian personalities, Ed). Mrs. Gandhi and his closest collaborators are the people to whom the 'High Commissioner (Ambassador of Great Britain: Agusta Westland is also British, Ed) should aim. " After this reference to Sonia Gandhi as a "driving force" follows the list of personalities to put the diplomatic viewfinder, at the request of Agusta.

The letter would not be embarrassing if it were not for the signer: Mitchellwas responsible, according to the prosecutor, the payment of bribes and is now quiet in Dubai. The list is impressive: 1) Manmonah Singh(Prime Minister of India, Ed); 2)Ahmed Patel (political secretary to Sonia Gandhi Ed); 3) Pranab Mukherjee (President of India in 2012, in 2008 the foreign minister Ed);4) M. Veerappa Moily (Energy Minister, Ed); 5) Oscar Fernandes(Minister of Transport, En); 6) MK Narayanan (Governor of Bengal, En);7) Vinay Singh (Chief of the Indian Railways, Ed). The list of personalities to suggest ambassador ends with an abrupt "greetings Christian". The prosecutor Fusco, after showing a letter with the name of Sonia Gandhi and Ahmed Patel, his collaborator narrow, January 9, has dropped the second card: the list of bribes, which emerged in a previous hearing in December last but not connected to the second document in that forum (AP was thought to be the People's Alliance, the party's name).

The list, written in ink by Haschke, dictation Mitchell according to the story of the Swiss mediator, is divided into four parts, each with a code corresponding to a category of corrupt. AF stands for Air Force,6,000,000; BUR, ie bureaucrats who should be 8.4 million; then the POL, ie the politicians, who are 6 million of which 3 million in a mysterious AP.Fusco puts Haschke under the noses of the two documents: "Dr. Haschke, but do you think this AP of three million referenced in the memo Mitchell manuscript is Ahmed Patel of the letter?". Haschke responds: "Even I would come to his own conclusions but I Mitchell has not said and I do not know him." The prosecutor shows one of several of Patel's picture next to Sonia Gandhi. It requires to Haschke those Patel. The Italian-Swiss insists: "I only know Sonia Gandhi." The legal representatives of the Indian government present at the audience jumped on the chair.

January 10, on Indian newspapersappear two pieces of news. The first, published eg by 'Indian Express that follows most of the Italian media the process of Busto, was the record of the interrogation of Fusco on stacks of 3 million, of AP, the associate of Sonia Gandhi and the letter he quoted. On the same day appears on Indian newspapers reported that the families of our riflemen cold imprisoned in India for two years: "The decision whether or not to apply the death penalty will be assessed by the Indian government within two or three days," he was filtered that day the Indian Interior Minister, Sushil Shinde Kamar. The Italian newspapers, as Free, spoke of "sudden change of scenery: just yesterday, Thursday, January 9, Foreign Minister, Salman Khurshid,had excluded once again the application of capital punishment to the two Italian soldiers, accused of murder two fishermen ".

The feeling is that the two criminal cases, one against the marines in India and one from which could emerge representatives (currently unknown) of Indian politics that would take bribes, crossed stories.The oddities of the two stories, whether it concerns together, seem to have more sense. The Indian government has frozen the order that would be won according to the prosecutor Fusco thanks to bribes by Agusta but it does filter out the idea ofarbitration, known to be the prelude to a soft closing. Even on the trial of the marines will remain in a legal limbo. The prosecution has not yet formulated a count of indictmentand a matter now closed, such as the death penalty, was reopened surprise January 10, after the interrogation Fusco to Haschke Ahmed Patel, and yesterday was again throw in a drawer by the Indian government. In spring there are elections in India, Sonia Gandhi's party could be in trouble just for the story of thehelicopters. And this is not good news for the sailor.

Done by The Daily January 31, 2014


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Translated from an Italian newspaper of February 1 2014
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"As hailed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, panel also suggests adoption of Yoga and transcendental meditation as part of teachers exercise." 
The panel has also prepared a draft of the bill. The suggestions include opting for a national research aptitude test for admission to Ph.D. It also plans to do away with 10 years as professor criteria to become vice-chancellors.
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Very important to use pure A2 milk and avoid the dangers of A1 milk protein.
When my in-laws moved from India to the United States some 35 years ago, they couldn't believe the low cost and abundance of our milk—until they developed digestive problems. They'll now tell you the same thing I've heard a lot of immigrants say: American milk will make you sick.
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Prime Minister Narendra Modi meditating
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Great !
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LARGEST ONLINE COLLECTION of peer-reviewed academic articles on the benefits of Transcendental Meditation practice (stress, blood pressure, alcoholism, heart disease etc)
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Quote from this article :
"BJP MP from Pali in Rajasthan and SC lawyer PP Chaudhary emerged the best performing first-timer with participation in 297 debates. He raised 362 questions (including supplementaries), according to the data. He also moved the highest number (18) of Private Members' Bills."
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Can large group meditation lower the crime rate? The most recent in a series of studies spanning decades suggests again that a sufficiently large group practicing an advanced program of Transcendental Meditation, the TM-Sidhi program, is associated with decreased social violence. For the period 2007-2010, when there was a sufficiently large group, statistical analysis found …
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TM is an adaptable, natural, and effective form of meditation that suits a fast-paced millennial lifestyle.
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Have him in circles
918 people
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Teacher of meditation.

An Introduction

Swami Shailendra Saraswati was born in a family of diverse cultural influences. His grandfather was a Vedic scholar while his father was an officer in the British Indian Army. From childhood, he was exposed to both, the oriental and the occidental world views. Unable to reconcile between the two, he decided to follow the reliable path of science to find answers to the ultimate questions of life and the universe. Physics became his religion.


Though selected for admission to IIT’s with an all India rank of 106, he decided to pursue pure science as a national science talent scholar with scholarship from NCERT. After completing B.Sc. honors in Physics from Delhi University, he chose elementary Particle Physics as his specialization in M.Sc. It was then that he started to realize that at the quantum level of reality, it will become necessary to understand consciousness as the source course and goal of the physical universe which was not possible by purely objective physical means used in Physics of that time.

Disillusioned with objective science, his attention briefly turned to the surface world of poverty and mismanagement in all spheres of life and as a consequence he started to study management .After completing PGDM from IIM Ahmedabad, and working in public and private sectors for a few years, he again realized the futility of trying to change the world at a superficial level.

Journey So far ..

In order to search for a real solution to the world’s problems, and to find the true purpose of life, he embarked on a Chautauqua- an introspective journey within, while at the same time traveling in India and then in western Europe on a bicycle for about a year.

His search ended with learning Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation (TM) at a forest academy in Finland. He was not yet ready to take a hasty decision or to abandon his natural skepticism about hazy metaphysical and pseudo-religious approaches based on blind faith which he had come across repeatedly till then. Believing that in order to be reliable, any knowledge must be verifiable by both approaches –objective as well as subjective, he got into a routine of long meditations interspersed with a rigorous critical examination of the methodology used for the published scientific research studies on TM. However after thorough examination from all angles he was forced to come to the conclusion that TM is in fact the panacea capable of creating a utopia. Convinced of TM’s potential to solve all problems of an individual and the world, he decided to dedicate his life to the practice and propagation of TM.

Natural support came when His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi chose him to accompany him on his repeated world tours and for more than 25years since then, he enjoyed the good fortune of close personal guidance from Maharishi ji in his spiritual pursuits. Surrendering his will to Maharishi’s commands, he served his world wide movement in different capacities.

After serving as founding principal of Maharishi College of Management at Nairobi, Kenya and Dean of faculty at Maharishi International University at Oslo, Norway he taught Managerial Statistics and Physics at Maharishi University of Management at Fairfield, Iowa, USA. While teaching Physics, he became convinced that the Unified Field of all the laws of nature which according to Physics is the source of all matter, energy and intelligence in the universe, is nothing but the field of consciousness itself, the ultimate field of subjectivity and that it is this which is experienced through TM and utilized to produce any desired effect through the TM Sidhi program. Having been convinced of the all powerful nature of consciousness based Vedic technologies, the question remained as to why India with all her Vedic knowledge was in a state of affairs as it is. It remained to find out the misunderstanding which caused the Vedic literature to be misinterpreted. This required a deep study of the whole of Vedic literature in original Sanskrit.He studied the forty aspects of Vedic literature and finally, corroborated his studies with direct personal experience of the Vedic teachings by doing sadhana under Maharishi’s guidance in the forests of Amarkantak, the source of Narmada River in the Vindhyachal Mountains for eight years.

After Maharishi Mahesh Yogi left his mortal coil, Swami Shailendra Saraswati has decided to continue Maharishi’s work in the world by teaching TM and the advanced techniques of TM Sidhis.

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