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Webite Academy - Vergesst das Thema Content für einen Abend, es wird technisch!

Audisto und Patronus laden euch am 31.05.2016 in die Volksbar zu zwei spannenden Kurzvorträgen und anschließendem Networking ein:

Regain Control - Infrastruktur überwachen (+Jens Altmann, PIO Security)

Facettierte Suche - So geht es richtig (+Tobias Schwarz+Audisto)

Wir freuen uns auf alle die Interesse an den technischen Aspekten von Webseiten haben und sich gerne zu diesem Thema austauschen.

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"Parsey McParseface is built on powerful machine learning algorithms that learn to analyze the linguistic structure of language, and that can explain the functional role of each word in a given sentence."
What does one name an English language parsing model, built with an open-source neural network framework implemented in #TensorFlow that provides a foundation for Natural Language Understanding systems? Parsey McParseface, of course!

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+Search Engine Watch compiled a complete overview for Googles Search Console

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""We're going to use this technology to breathe life into the inanimate objects in our life,""

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Paginierung ist gar nicht so trocken, wie man denken könnte

Paginierung auf Webseiten hat einen Effekt auf die Ebenentiefe, PageRank und CheiRank-Verteilung. Für die Kollegen von Leap/ habe ich ein paar Fragen dazu beantwortet.

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The Ultimate Guide or: All you need to know about pagination! It covers technical concepts, effect of different types of pagination on the website structure, best practices and common mistakes.
For the SEOcampixx 2016 we tested different types of pagination and analyzed the effect on depth of levels, PageRank and CheiRank distribution.

We now compiled a comprehensive guide to explain when to you use it and how to implement a proper pagination. And of course, we summarized all our test results in great detail.

With this guide you get an extensive view on the effect of pagination on your website structure.

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Ever wondered, how much internal link juice flows to your product pages and how much is staying on your product listings?

Ever wanted to know how many pages inside a directory are actually indexable?

With the new cluster functionality, you'll be able to compare important parts of your website against each other.

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Sehr clevere Mini-Reklame in Wien. Könnte von mir sein.
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