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Today I announce the pyasp-1.4.3 release.
As our former host for the binaries necessary for pyasp is no longer working, we had to migrate and update pyasp to use the new location.
Please note that previous pyasp versions and software depending on previous pyasp version will no longer install properly.

Like always the new pyasp is available via the Python Package Index.

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New video tutorials for CellNetAnalyzer are online!

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Video: The Need for Compromise in Free Software - With Richard Stallman.

Huge thanks to my panelists for this discussion: +Aaron Seigo, +Stuart Langridge, +Swapnil Bhartiya and Richard Stallman.

It's over an hour long and the conversation is absolutely fantastic.  Video and audio is available in multiple formats (check the link).

Highlights for me:
- Aaron Seigo being, somehow, more hardcore about Free Software than RMS himself.
- RMS applauding for something I said.  (Who saw that coming?)

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Mmmm curry ...

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Today I'm pleased to announce the pyasp-1.4.1 release.
This version for the first time supports the gringo-4 series
We ship with gringo-4.4.0 which is encapsulated in the new Gringo4Clasp solver class, accepting gringo4 programs.
The legacy solver classes still support the old gringo code.
Thanks go to Clemence Frioux for her help.
Like always pyasp-1.4.1 is available via the Python Package Index.

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An interesting article on many-core development .. maybe particular relevant for modelling complex biological systems.
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