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Warum wir eine richtige Flatrate fuer mobile Plattformen brauchen
Ich denke diese kleine Statistik zeigt ganz wunderbar wo wir in Deutschland stehen. Achtung... die Tarife haben min. 1000 Gespraechsminuten und eine SMS-Flat. 
Dennoch macht es meinen Rant noetiger denn je...
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Brakes are NOT natural! 
Won’t someone think of the children?!

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Auch wenn es hinkt, denn: Driving a car is not natural :)
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Unterhaltsame Bestandsaufnahme.
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Dorothee Baer und ich sind uns noch nie persönlich begegnet. Stünde die stellvertretende CSU-Generalsekretärin, Chefin des CSU-Netzrates und parlamentarische Staatsekretärin im Verkehrsministerium jetzt neben mir, würde ich sie in den Arm nehmen, ihr Haar zerstruppeln wie bei einem Kleinkind und ...
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Some Science Porn
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Naja, Ist ein bissel wie bei Science vs. Movies
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Mir ist das zu grün hier. Bye.
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Gut auf den Punkt gebracht.
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Decay, Devra, Niantic

Warning, this is going to be a long post.

A lot has been said about the decay problem but I think we need to resume it and try to find a solution acceptable to all. We also need to look at the lessons this holds for the way Ingress, as a world wide community and ecosystem is organised (or not).

0) Who is this guy anyway

But before, so you can see where I’m coming from a few words about me.
I’m a L10 ENL agent from Besançon, France. I’ve been playing since february 2013, and am involved in a fair number of regional and national communities. I’ve also been involved in a few medium to largish ops. So all in all a fairly active but middle of the road agent - I’m not Joe Newbie but I’m not Damien Morka either…

Our town has a population of 130 000 people and 7 active HL players on our faction and 3 for the RES. There a few newbies too but not very active. We have around 200 portals total.

We are lucky enough to have a small (15 portal) L8 farm. It was built with the help of external players from another country as part of an organised event.

1) Decay.

The current decay rate is clearly far too high for small to medium size towns like ours.
With a doubled decay rate that means we have to spend twice as long as before recharging.
Clearly we cannot double, our playing time (at least not permanently) so something has to give. 

For the moment we have managed to maintain our farm at the expense of spending almost all our playing time doing so. However we have been unable to recharge many of our long distance strategic portals used for fielding operations.

The problem is not that it is hard. On the contrary recharging is easy. I like hard challenges.

The problem is that recharging is the most tedious / boring part of the game and it has now become central. Many players are already getting fed up with this (unsurprisingly).
Some of us go twice a day just to recharge. Myself most of the time I don’t even hack - I’m at item cap anyway but it has to be recharged because if it decays it will take us over a month to rebuild.

Having read and participated in a number of other threads on this subject I know that this pain is widely felt. I also know it is not shared by all. So let’s look at a few of the counter arguments that have been expressed too:

“Don’t bother recharging - flash farm”
Well, that’s a great strategy for a large city where you can send a message on a HO and get 8 L8s in 15 minutes to build a farm. Doesn’t work for us - not enough players.

“Don’t bother recharging - let it decay and rebuild”
Again, sound strategy in some situations but not if you can’t get 8 L8 players together every 3 days. To do that, accounting for scheduling issues, holidays etc you probably need between 16 and 24 L8 agents. Not an option for us.

“You’re too small you don’t deserve a L8 farm”
I beg to differ. I consider we deserve our farm more than big city players. It took us serious organisation to build it (players came from 150km to help us). And we maintain it, not just for ourselves but for the whole region.

So what was the decay change for anyway?

Ah good question, glad you asked. This is one of the wider problems with Ingress, Niantic make changes (fine, keeps the game fresh) but never state the objective behind those changes.

It is, however, widely supposed that the objective was to have more neutral portals to help newer players (especially the iOS crowd). So, assuming this is true:

It’s perfectly pointless in towns like ours. Of our 200 portals, over the past year, even before the decay rate increase, we rarely had more than half fully deployed. So there have been plenty of portals available for a long time (that was not true in the very early days but that was before I started playing). This is perfectly normal, relatively few players can, over the course of time, submit far more portals than they can maintain. 

I’m not sure it’s even a good idea in big cities. 
Ok they have less neutral portals (because at some point you run out of portal materiel to submit) but there are also plenty of HL players available to help newbies by blowing up a zone for them to deploy / field. I always thought Ingress was supposed to be played in teams - apparently they don’t want the newbies doing that...

But even assuming it was necessary to increase the decay rate for large cities why couldn’t it be variable? 
I think one size does not fit all here. It could have been made variable based on a number of factors:

* Portals in the area
* Neutral portals in the area
* Players in the area
* Hack rate

etc etc

I would like to see a solution that fits all types of areas. And I’m sure there are many ways of doing it.

2) Devra’s Challenge

So then Niantic came up with this wonderful idea in the form of a message from Martin Schubert stating

Our research shows that if the combined Global MU Level is above 700 Million at the end of the first #Helios  Anomaly(^), +Devra Bogdanovich's next planned deployment is likely to fail, and in fact, Portal Decay may begin to decelerate towards its former state.

Now, although couched in the conditional, with “likely” and “may” I consider this indicates that that it was possible to reduce the portal decay rate by succeeding the challenge (not restore it to the original value) but not just prevent it getting worse either.

So, hundreds of players all over the world started planning and executing fields to meet this challenge (to all those that consider any kind of criticism of Niantic to be mere whining, this was certainly not).

I was among those players.

We did a cross faction operation for 2.2M mu that required 3 mobile players to travel a combined distance of over 500km and the entire town accepted to be under a field for 4 days because they wanted the decay to improve

But it didn’t.

To me this is by far the worse aspect of this whole, sad, story.
Niantic has now lost all credibility for me (and many others).

Thery’ve now announced the artifact game. 
It actually sounds quite nice, could even be fun.
But we’ve been burned once, why should we trust them now?

There’s also Devra’s thing about keeping the MU score up - not sure at all where that fits in

3) Division of players

For me one of the nastier things about all this is the way it is dividing players, even of the same faction.

Please everyone make the game so it can be enjoyed by all and stop the “blow you jack I’m all right” attitude that I’m seeing some players express.

Some players even went as far as to sabotage the cross faction operations organsied for #stopdevra #saveourportals

There are ways (eg variable decay) to do this.  

4) Comminications channels

Ok so we have a problem Houston ……   Houston….. Houston…..    BAM

Urgh is anyone actually listening?

I have seen zero official reaction from Niantic or Niantic staff on this issue.

And, frankly, G+ is a damn poor issue tracker. 
Stuff gets swamped by the next big thing or round of “gee whiz look at my stats” posts.

So I thought,  “how to get in touch?”. 

Well….  we’ve got the Elite V, one of whom is  our very own Green Frenchie +Damien Mórka 

So I contacted him (though this is a cross faction issue and I’d have contacted a blue too). 

Well guess what, even he doesn’t have an official line to Niantic !

Urmm something is very wrong here if players like Damien can’t get a hotline to Niantic.

These channels need to be set up. 
Maybe the Elite V aren’t the right channel maybe we should have elected national representatives or something but the channels need to exist.

There has to be a better way of getting action on important subjects than random G+ posts (like this one)

5) Action plan

So here is my proposed action plan

0) Decrease the decay immediately to something more reasonable (say 25%) to honour your engagement for Devra’s challenge and salvage some credibility.
1) Stop use of ambiguous announcements (or at least provide a clear text version). If X happens Y WILL happen
2) Do the artifact game to set it back to 15%
3) Implement variable decay in some form or another (I appreciate this takes work so won’t be instantaneous)
4) Implement proper communication channels via regional councils and/or the Elite V

+Niantic Project 
+Brandon Badger 
+Joe Philley 
+Matilde Tusberti 
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Have him in circles
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"Die Leitlinie für richtiges Führen ist einfach: Finde die Richtigen, vertrau ihnen, fordere sie heraus, rede oft mit ihnen, bezahle sie fair und mach dann das Wichtigste von allem: Geh aus dem Weg."
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Hab diese Ausgabe auch im Regal gesehen im Laden .. aber stehen gelassen nach laengerem durchblaettern ..

Was hilft gebetsmuehlenartiges wiederholen von Dingen die "wir" bereits wissen ..

Ich habe mir dann fuer 9 euro einen fix-und-fertig Lotto-Schein gekauft .. :-)
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Bahnkennzahlen von 1991 bis 2011: Bahnbeschäftigte -67% , öffentliche Mittel +60,7%, Bezüge Bahnchef +2067% #bahn
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"Bahnkennzahlen von 1991 bis 2011: Bahnbeschäftigte -67% , öffentliche Mittel +60,7%, Bezüge Bahnchef +2067% #bahn"
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Wikipedia bezieht sich auf zwei Quellen. Eine davon ist

Nun widersprechen sich die Zahlen aber auf der Webseite der DB schon enorm.

Die Unterschiede sind relativ groß. Die Frage ist nun, was "Sektor Schiene" bedeutet…
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Report für Operation 'Blue Motion'
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Operation NR02-Golf-03 BLUEMOTION am 28.11.2014

Kurze Version

• mit zwei Multilayer-Feldern die komplette Zelle überzogen
• ~23.200.000 MU
• Planung ab Mitte August
• 102 Agenten zur Operation im Einsatz
• viel Spaß gehabt, super Cleaner-Einsatz, keine (spürbare) Gegenwehr

Lange Version - english version below (very far below!)


Seit es in Ingress Zellen gibt, gibt es die Idee, solche Zellen zu überfeldern. Nicht nur einzuschließen in einem großen Dreiecksfeld, sondern die viereckige Zelle auf der globalen Intel blau zu markieren. Für diese Idee Agenten zu gewinnen war leicht. Und los ging es im August 2014. Wir werden Zelle NR02-Golf-03 überfeldern. In Anlehnung an den VW Golf wurde die Operation "Blue Motion" genannt.

Lage und Größe der Felder wurde von der Zellengeometrie vorgegeben, weshalb bei der Wahl der Ankerportale relativ wenig Auswahl blieb.

Als vor einigen Wochen die Chemnitzer Resistance den Kollegen in Hof beim dortigen CityFlip half, konnte ich persönlichen Kontakt zu Agent +Andre Bauer @datasearch aus Rudolstadt herstellen. Rudolstadt ist perfekt für den Südwest-Eckpunkt geeignet. Manchmal muss man einfach Glück haben. ;)

Einen Kontakt am Nordost-Eckpunkt Lübben zu finden, war etwas schwieriger, aber auch hier half der Zufall: Während einer Uniquetour in dieser Region kam der Kontakt zu +Tobias Richter @Raewou zustande. Zwei von vier Ecken versorgt.

Um den Südost-Eckpunkt Satzung brauchten wir uns nicht sorgen, der Chemnitzer Agent +Andreas Roth @CrimeEdge stammt aus der Ecke und es liegt nah genug an Chemnitz, um in einer Nachtaktion zu viert dort Schlüssel farmen zu gehen.

Im Nordwesten (Möckern) fand sich +Alexander Helmeke @Sinopokayo bereit als Keyfarmer. Mit den Links dort wurde schließlich +Markus Nentwig @VardisNar aus Leipzig betraut, der schon über einige Felderfahrung verfügt und enorme Manpower in die Operation brachte.

Das erste Planungstreffen fand am 14.09.14 in Chemnitz statt. Mit Stiften puzzelten wir auf Papierkarten die einzelnen Cleaningbereiche zusammen, und überlegten, wer am besten als Operator für einzelne Bereiche eingeteilt werden könne. Die Ops sollten dabei die lokalen Gegebenheiten bestens kennen, um verdächtige Froschwanderungen möglichst schnell zu bemerken.
Über die folgenden Wochen wurden Cleaner und Eyes rekrutiert, sowie Keys gefarmt. Bereiche, in denen mit größerem Froschwiderstand gerechnet werden muss, genossen besondere Aufmerksamkeit. Unbegründet, wie sich später herausstellte.

Etwa im Zentrum der Zelle liegt Leipzig. Dort wurden bei einem gemütlichen Essen im Oktober die Schlüssel verteilt und weiter geplant.

Ca. sechs Wochen vor dem angepeilten Termin spielten die veränderten Droprates zum zweijährigen Ingressgeburtstag uns in die Hände: Neue Agenten fanden ins Spiel, welche in die Operation integriert wurden. Störende Links verschwanden ebenso, wie eine verfelderte blaue Farm, die direkt auf einer Linkstrecke lag.

Ende Oktober musste unser ursprünglicher Feldtermin verschoben werden, um nicht mit Operation Smurf Connecting People zu kollidieren, welche ein noch größeres Feld zum Ziel hatte und unsere wie auch angrenzende Zellen komplett überdecken würde. (SitRep )

Knapp vier Wochen vor dem angepeilten Termin waren für fast alle Bereiche Cleaner und Ops eingeteilt. Jungschlümpfe ohne Felderfahrung wurden rekrutiert und gut gebrieft, so dass bald jeder Bereich ausreichend mit Agenten versorgt war.

In der Woche vor dem großen Tag nahm der Stress enorm zu. Die Zahl der Hangouts explodierte. Einige Schlümpfe wurden gebeten, konkrete Portale decayen zu lassen und in bestimmten Regionen aufs Linken zu verzichten, was zum Großteil auch klappte (tausend Dank dafür!). Ops wurden krank und mussten ersetzt werden, störende Links erschienen auf der Karte und wurden unauffällig beseitigt. Besonders das Leipziger Team nahm weite Anfahrtstrecken in Kauf, um einen Cleanerengpass auszugleichen.

Durchführung (Countdown 24h)

Einen Tag vor der Operation bauten dann Frösche einen hervorragenden Linkkorridor für die Südlinks. An dieser Stelle unser Dank für das Freihalten der Linkstrecken.
Ins Zittern kamen wir, als Schlümpfe ingame in den Chat schrieben, dass einer von uns "etwas bauen wolle". Wenn das die falschen Augen gesehen hätten!

Das Cleaning in den Stunden vor dem angepeilten 4-Uhr-Checkpoint verlief reibungslos und nicht zuletzt durch die gute Planung im Vorfeld konnten wir verräterische Signale auf ein Minimum beschränken.

Es geht los.

Sturm, Nebel mit 50m Sicht, vereiste Straßen, aber keine Frösche behinderten die planmäßige Anfahrt der Linker und das Verteilen der Cleaner. Der Südost-Punkt war durch @CrimeEdge und @Yolana besetzt. Mit Wärmeflasche und Decken bewaffnet, standen die Linker einsam an den Portalen und zählten frierend die Minuten.

Agent @datasearch hatte in letzter Minute noch zwei frische Schlümpfe rekrutiert. Zusammen standen sie in Rudolstadt parat und bewachten elf Ankerportale. Agent @Raewou war in Lübben vor Ort und wartete auf das Kommando, seine neun Portale zu verbinden. In Möckern mussten sich Eye-Op-Linker @VardisNar mit Beifahrer @hauptrolle2708 noch durch letzte Störlinks arbeiten. Die Anspannung stieg.

Zur vereinbarten Zeit wurden in allen Bereichen zeitgleich die letzten Störlinks entfernt. Nach wenigen Minuten meldeten die meisten Eyes "Bereich clean" und Linker meldeten "Link möglich". Nur in Bereich 10 gab es ein paar Probleme durch schlechten Empfang und dadurch bange Minuten beim Team. Sekunden wurden zu Stunden. Kurze Zeit später waren alle Linkstrecken frei.

Das Kommando zum Linken wurde gegeben und Team Südwest arbeitete rasend schnell. Ein Link nach dem anderen erschien auf der Karte. Das Südwest-Feld stand als erstes. Doch dann der Schock: Linkfehler! Stop! Die Notbremsung sorgte für unangenehme Verwirrung, die Nerven bei den Eyes lagen blank (Eye @TheHippo hielt es nicht mehr auf dem Sessel ;). Jetzt galt es in Windeseile eine Entscheidung zu treffen: Weiter linken und mit weniger Layern über den Checkpoint kommen, oder abbrechen, Portale drehen und von vorn beginnen? Nach endlosen Sekunden dann die Entscheidung: Vergesst den Checkpoint, wir machen's ordentlich!

Obwohl der Adrenalinpegel bei Linkern und Eyes am Anschlag war, wurden die Fehllinks repariert und dann der ursprüngliche Plan konzentriert durchgezogen. Am Ende standen alle geplanten Layer und das Team war leicht euphorisch. Durchschnittlich 850k MU fasste ein Feld im Nordosten, rund 1.565k MU im Südwesten. Das letzte Feld stand 04:46 Uhr.

Das Sahnehäubchen der Operation, das Feld über den Checkpoint zu bekommen, war leider gescheitert. Lediglich ein Layer vom Südwestfeld war in der Wertung. Sonderlich weh tat dieser Wermutstropfen in diesem Moment niemandem. Alle Beteiligten gingen unter einem dunkelblauen Feld schlafen.

Longest Link (Diagonale): 199,72 km
Umfang / reach: 597,75 km
Fläche / covered area: 22.091 qkm
Zu cleanende Linkstrecke / linkdistance: 797,47 km
in dieser Nacht aktive Agenten / active agents: 89 
Total MU: ca. 23,2 Millionen
- SW 11 Layer: 17,3M
- NO 9 Layer: 5,1M
- Randfelder / Edgefields durch Backlinks: 800k


@0nemanshow @17Bloodwyn04 @agent007 @Antizombie180 @axesintexas @BigBert83 @BIGWALL89 @brase @CBS7512 @CBUDRAGON @cellidd @Cilius @CrimeEdge @Cylon91 @D3fton3 @datasearch @DaVati @deratheist @DerMoin @DrKingSchultz @Droggelbecher90 @exlar @FancyFlan @Foobar2013 @Frag4 @FR1TZ @genfrau @Gothamar @GUCSeppel @Hallore11 @hauptrolle2708 @hakkeborn @HELLRACERAVER @iface @ischone @JE1904 @jms1001 @jne1979 @KarlSchlag @Kolle1306 @KSchlumpf @KurzerTheBest @Levithus @Lindi200000 @ludiwawa @madstop @Manko10 @MaNuWi @MartWart @MaverikLE @McAnd @Meiner1er @MerbeDatze @milanic @monochruen @MrWHT @N1L5 @NC100 @Niye @noseboy316 @Noxifa @Prest1ge @RageQuit @realOnYx @Schluebbah @Schneehase @schorsch76 @schwarzekatz7 @SchwarzeRose @SgtLeevi @SimS01 @Sinopokayo @skanX @skorpidius @Stampfi13 @Thoronris @Tk007 @Trinity36 @Tschita @unvi3h @VardisNar @Wachhund @Wutzilein @ZeroSimon

Keyfarming und Keytransport
@CrimeEdge @datasearch @MartWart @Raewou @Schluebbah @shockbase @Sinopokayo @TheHiveMind @Yolana

@exlar @hauptrolle2708 @highfidelityart @ludiwawa @Manko10 @MaNuWi @MartWart @Meiner1er @milanic @Raewou @RageQuit @TheHiveMind @Skamander @VardisNar

@cleptric @Crasher07 @hirun @jkr @Lindi200000 @MisterET @Skamander @Strafnick @TheHippo @Pupskopf @realknorke @VardisNar @Verstrahlt
@Antizombi180 @CrimeEdge @datasearch @hauptrolle2708 @Raewou @VardisNar @Wachhund @Yolana


Operation NR02-Golf-03 BLUEMOTION - 2014-11-28

Short Version:

• created two multilayered fields above the whole cell
• ~23.200.000 MU
• planning since mid august 
• 89 agents involved during the operation
• a lot of fun, superb cleaning dedication, no (effective) countermeasures noticed

Long Version:


Since there were cells in Ingress, the idea of creating a field covering a whole cell was lingering around. It should not be a simple triangular, but rather a square shaped field coloring the whole cell blue on the global Intel map. Acquiring agents for a field like this was not really hard and so we started planning in August 2014. We will cover the cell NR02-Golf-03 in blue!
In reference to the VW Golf (also known as 'rabbit' but advertised as 'Golf' in german speaking countries), which shares the name of our cell and also features a technology with 'Blue' the name for the operation was set: "Blue Motion" 

Location and size of the fields would have to match the cell's geometry, so the choice of the anchor portals was relatively limited.

A few weeks earlier, while the Resistance Chemnitz was helping out during the CityFlip event in Hof, I had the chance to get in touch with agent +Andre Bauer @datasearch from Rudolstadt. Rudolstadt was the perfect spot for the southwest corner point. Fortune favors the bold. ;)

Finding a contact for the northeast corner in Lübben was a bit more complicated. Fortunately, during a unique-portal tour in that region the contact to +Tobias Richter @Raewou could be established. Two of four corners covered.

The southeast corner in Satzung should not pose a big problem, as agent +Andreas Roth @CrimeEdge of the Resistance Chemnitz used to live in that region. The distance from Chemnitz was not that big, so the necessary keys could be farmed in a cloak-and-dagger operation with four people there.

In the northwest (Möckern) we could acquire +Alexander Helmeke @Sinopokayo for key farming. With a lot of field experience,@VardisNar from Leipzig later was in charge of linking in the northwest corner,  

The first planning meetup took place in Chemnitz, 2014-09-14.

For hours we brood over maps to work out a solid plan where we tried to find the best agent responsible for each cleaning area. The operators should well know the local conditions to be able to identify suspicious frog movements as fast as possible.

During the next few weeks cleaners and eyes were recruited and keys were collected. Regions in which greater frog activity could be anticipated had our greatest attention. Unnecessarily as we later realized.

In October we met in the center of the cell in Leipzig for a cozy evening. We exchanged keys and had a nice time eating, drinking, and planning the next steps.

About six weeks before the appointed date for the operation NIA changed the drop rates for the 2-Year anniversary of Ingress.  The resulting chaos helped a lot because new agents found their way into the "game" and quickly got integrated into the operation. Some of the blocking links vanished as well as a blue farm that was interfering with our link plan.

At the end of October we had to move our original date for the operation, as we did not want to collide with  operation "Smurf Connection People", that should cover an even bigger area, covering not only our but every neighbouring cell as well. (SitRep

About four weeks before the operation nearly all regions had there respective cleaners and operators. Young smurfs without much field experience had to be  recruited to fill some gaps. But in the end we had enough manpower to assign agents to every place we wanted.

The week right before the big day was quite exciting and the amount of hangouts exploded. Some smurfs were asked to let specific portals decay and to abandon the linking in some areas, which also worked in the majority (Thanks a lot for that!). A few operators got sick unfortunately and had to be replaced. Blocking links that appeared on the map where taken care of in secrecy. Especially the team of Leipzig covered huge distances to overcome the cleaner bottleneck in that area.

Execution (Countdown 24h)

One day before the operation the frogs actually helped us unknowingly in the south by building a set of links, securinga corridor for the planned links. I like to take this opportunity to thank them for saving us the effort of cleaning in that area!
Cold shivers ran down our spines as we had to read that some smurfs wrote about @ludiwawa and how "he is going to build something" If this information would have been seen by the wrong people, it could have meant trouble.

The cleaning in the last hours before the 0400 checkpoint went on smoothly, which could be accredited to the good forward planning. This kept suspicious signals to a minimum.

And so it began.

Storm, fog with about 50m of sight and icy roads instead of the frogs were hindering the planned approach of the linkers and the spreading of the cleaners. The southeast point was manned by @CrimeEdge and @Yolana. Equipped with a hot-water bottle and blankets the linkers lonely stood their ground at the portals, counting the minutes, freezing.

Agent @datasearch recruited two fresh smurfs at the last minute. Together they stood in Rudolstadt guarding eleven anchor portals.

Agent @Raewou was waiting for the command to link his nine portals in Lübben.

In Möckern, the two man Eye-Op-Linker team @VardisNar with co-pilot @hauptrolle2708 worked through the last blocking links. The strain was constantly rising.

At the appointed time the last critical blocking links where taken down simultaneously. Only a few minutes later most of the eyes reported "Region clean" and the linkers could confirm "Link possible". Only region 10 had some trouble due to bad reception, causing some uneasy minutes for the team. Seconds became hours, but a short time later all link corridors where clear.

The command for linking was given and team Rudolstadt worked astoundingly fast. One link after another appeared on the map. The southwest field was established first.

But then the shock: Someone made a link failure! Stop!
The emergency stop caused a unpleasant confusion, the nerves of the eyes were on the edge. (Eye @TheHippo could not even hold himself on his chair anymore. ;) )

A choice had to be made really fast: Close the remaining possible fields with less layers to get through the checkpoint or to cancel and flip some portals to start over? After a few uneasy seconds it was clear: Forget about the checkpoint, we will do it properly!

Even though the adrenalin level of the linkers and eyes was at its peak, the wrong links could be fixed and the original plan was executed fully focused. In the end all planned layers stood as planned and the team was euphoric! Averaging 850k MU per field in the northeast and about 1.565k MU in the southwest.
The last field was built at 04:46.

The icing on the cake - getting all fields through the planned checkpoint - did fail unfortunately. Only one layer of the field in the southwest made it through the CP. That drop of bitterness did not really hurt anyone at this moment as all attendees where going to sleep beneath a darkblue field.


+Anne Beuttenmüller +Márta Adriána 

#ingress   #Cell   #NR02GOLF03   #Golf03   #BlueMotion   #Resistance   #smurf   #nianticproject   #wewoningress   #fieldbitch   #funfunfun   #smurfing   #ILoveIITC   #JustSmurfyThings   #ingressreport                                        


special thanks to +Sven Teresniak ;-)
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Respekt, starke Aktion
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Here are my brave minions…
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Unter nem Androiden Fels XD 
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wer ist für zuständig? Ich hätte gern die Offizielle Resistance-Community für Leipzig in die Liste eingetragen gesehen. :)
URL ist (geht auf g+)

Bitte den Beitrag einfach löschen, falls der hier am falschen Platz ist.
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Deine ersten Schritte als Resistance Agent. Das Ziel dieser Seite ist nicht das Spiel vom ersten bis zum letzten Punkt zu erklären, sondern dir zu erklären, wie die Kommunikation und Vernetzung innerhalb der Resistance funktioniert. Nutze bitte für deinen Einstieg das Agenten-Training im Spiel ...
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Okay, gerade das Impressum gefunden. ;)
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“As for me, I am tormented with an everlasting itch for things remote. I love to sail forbidden seas, and land on barbarous coasts.”  Herman Melville, Moby Dick

A mosquito was heard to complain
“A chemist has poisoned my brain”.
The cause of his sorrow
was paradichloro-
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