The cypherpunks got a few things wrong:

First, security is an illusion if the adversary is your own government. They can detain you and under some circumstances, even take your life. No amount of technology is going to change this.

Second, security mechanisms do not really create security; they only transform security problems and move them around. Encryption in particular transforms the problem of protecting your data into the problem of protecting your keys. Our mobile devices are our keys.

Third, you are not the people. If you are willing to bear the inconvenience, you can of course follow OpSec procedures that distinguish you from almost everybody else. Your government, however, will adapt their tactics to what the majority does. If something works for you—perhaps because you are too unimportant as a target to spend too much effort on you—that does not mean that your defenses would work for everyone. If everyone did it, you opponents would use different tactics.

Enjoy your disconnected travel, but please refrain from recommending that everyone should follow suit. Nothing is to be gained by following your advice.
It’s totally legal for a US Customs and Border Patrol officer to ask you to unlock your phone and hand it over to them. And they can detain you indefinitely if you don’t. Even if you’re a American citizen.
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