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Alles wird gut!
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Sven Balzer

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The past 24 hours  this has been what my intel has looked like. When it does work  I have  the map for less then 5 min, get the "NIA Takedown in progress" screen  for 5 seconds then back to this. for the next hour or so. This is a lil absurd. Are others having this kind of issue? 
+Ingress +NIA Ops  +Brian Rose +Anne Beuttenmüller 

... allow me go make a guess

"Shaper interference"
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Sven Balzer

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I open Intel 1st time during last 10 hours. And I see "Oops! Something went wrong..." again...

I started to think that guys from Niantic think that @wyrdyjet is so cool agent who is able to make BAFs and fight for connected cells even be blind :D

Give me working Intel pls or GTFO.
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Sven Balzer

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Sven Balzer

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A slight cleanup and rephrasing of the second report I filed. Still contains errors and points I missed. I'll do my best to reply to any challenges, but it's time this got spread.

or read below.

+Anne Beuttenmüller +NIA Ops +Brandon Badger +Niantic Project  #ingress   #ingressbot  

Good day to you.
This is a repeated plea for attention to the Enlightened account liliifee2o73.

After several weeks of this account harassing the city of Magdeburg, Germany, the situation has become desolate.
You should have received numerous reports from players of both factions by now.

Players of both factions - oftentimes together - were on the ground on numerous occasions when this account was deploying or attacking and have never seen or heard from anyone.
Apart from never being seen where it should have been, indications for suspicious play include:

Most of the time, the account 'silently' upgrades Enlightened portals at all times and all over town.
Aside from shunning actions that would show up in COMM, badges indicate the account is heavily focused on recharging and hacking.
When attacking, the account is almost exclusively targeting Resistance L8 Portals that are not also home portals of local Enlightened. 
It is doing so either by heavy use of Jarvis viruses or taking them down with a speed that may indicate multiple instances firing and a stamina that may indicate an automated farming effort.
In its regions of activity, capsules started to drop, possibly to rid itself of or distribute excess inventory.

Mere indications of course, but if all what transpired has been entirely done by one single individual playing legitimately, I wonder why he or she did not step forward to harvest the well deserved acclaim.

Its blatant tenacity and skewing of resources and support has led to severe demotivation and anger on both sides.
The local Resistance is largely boycotting the game until the account is gone.
The local Enlightened express embarrassment in parts, but of course can't be blamed if they want to play on.
We have not invested time, sweat, and money for many months, fought in your anomalies, hunted for your dead drops, decrypted your passcodes, made national and international connections, held operations and interviews to add footage to your Ingress Report, tried to hold up the spirit of the game... 
just to see it all ruined by a minor coding effort from the proverbial couch.

I both realise you have a lot on your plate and that we are not the only town having problems with spoofers or automated agents. 
Yet the lack of any kind of response - be it positive, negative, tentative - is immensely disheartening for most of our local players.
Kind regards, 
Daniel Richter

[L14 agent TheHiveMind, playing since 06.01.2013, Magdeburg, Germany]
[Decoder of passcodes, fighter of anomalies, finder of dead drops, regional contact for operations, victim of a shell script.]  
P.S.: If I may I would like to use this opportunity to appeal the bans of our local Resistance agents jagwar and momo2xic. 
It is inconceivable that agents who have made tremendous efforts in the game get banned for slight oversights or missteps, while an automated account that is seemingly trying to cause the most damage to the balance using the least effort is still roaming free.
(I take this as a general problem for all factions and regions)
P.P.S.: Please, if at all possible, at least indicate somehow - even with so little as a 'k' instead of an automated reply - that something is or will be done.
Wohnt in Magdeburg, Deutschland Hat in Blankenburg, Deutschland - Hannover gewohnt Hat Otto von Guericke University of Magdeburg besucht
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Mehr als 20 Tote bei schwerem Anschlag in Sanaa

(dpa/afp/reu) ⋅ Bei einem schweren Anschlag auf die Polizeiakademie im Zentrum der jemenitischen Hauptstadt Sanaa sind am Mittwoch nach Angaben der Ausbildungsstätte mehr als 40 Personen getötet worden. Dutzende seien verletzt worden, hiess es vonseiten der Akademie. Die meisten Opfer seien Studenten, die sich dort wegen einer Rekrutierungsveranstaltung versammelt hätten.

Wo bleibt die Berichterstatung der "großen" Medien darüber?
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Sven Balzer

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Another Fail. Why Niantic, why? Why do you provide two versions of your bug reporting system? And why do you need a screenshot of my empty intel map? Do you really think, I open tickets for fun? Do you really think, player posts screenshots with suspicious content or IITC?

+Anne Beuttenmüller +Matilde Tusberti +Joe Philley +Brandon Badger 
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Again and again!!! /: - After some intensive use in the morning, I get "Oops! Something went wrong...". It's really annoying.

And this stupid required fields in your support form!  Why do you need my device, android version and the version of my ingress client, if I report a bug on the desktop intel map!

Your entire attitude towards the community in this case is very frustrating!

#ingress   #oopssomethingwentwrong   #intel  

+Anne Beuttenmüller +Matilde Tusberti +Brandon Badger +Joe Philley 
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You really want to BEG?? Think about Ingress without players... They just suck and that would be the only thing I would write in their form. 
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Sven Balzer

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Checkpoint Intel screen. Thnx to +Alexandre Luna Barros ;) cause my Intel was mostly like "Oops! Someting went wrong..." during last 12 hours 😈

Thnx a lot to +NIA Ops 😬 that you care about load on your servers. But if some L16 agent uses Intel a lot during short period of time it seems some OP are planning and executing.

I cant do my Ingress job effective!!!

If somebody wants awesome results they should give us awesome tools! It looks like we dont have google and still living in stone ages...

+Brian Rose +Brandon Badger +Anne Beuttenmüller +Matilde Tusberti +Joe Philley

Sincerely yours,
(Ingress agent without working Intel)
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Sven Balzer

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Sehr geehrter Herr #Wulf   ,

"Ganz oben, ganz unten"?  -  Ganz unten? Sie sind einfach unverschämt und maßlos!

200.000 Euro Ehrensold pro Jahr bis zum Lebensende, Chauffeur und Büro - bezahlt vom Steuerzahler? - Ganz unten?

Fragen Sie mal jemanden, der trotz 40 Stunden-Woche sein Gehalt durch den Bezug von Leistung von der Agentur für Arbeit aufstocken muss, was es heißt, ganz unten zu sein! Fragen Sie einen Obdachlosen, was es bedeutet, ganz unten zu sein! Fragen sie einen afrikanischen Flüchtling in den Auffanglagern auf Lampedusa, was es heißt, ganz unten zu sein! - Sie sind nicht mal gefühlt ganz unten angekommen! 

Aber es zeigt nur wieder einmal mehr als deutlich, wie abgehoben und fern jeglicher Realität Ihresgleichen lebt. 

ein wütender Staatsbürger
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Sven Balzer

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Fingerabdrücke für die USA  - oder darf's ein bisschen mehr sein?
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Bei der Verbrechensbekämpfung wollen die USA und Deutschland enger zusammenarbeiten. Testweise sollen automatisiert Fingerabdrücke ausgetauscht werden. Angesichts der NSA-Affäre sehen Kritiker darin das falsche Signal.
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Sven Balzer

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Weiterverbreiten! Angela Merkels CDU fälscht die Berichterstattung über Europawahlkampf am 14.05.2014 in Berlin! Der gleiche Tag, das gleiche Ereignis, doch zwei völlig verschiedene Aufnahmen. Die ersten 2 Minuten des Videos sind pure Merkel-Propaganda und stammen vom offiziellen YouTube Kanal der CDU. Danach folgt ein 18-Minütiges Video eines Passanten, der Merkels Auftritt in Berlin von der ersten bis zur letzten Sekunde festgehalten hat. Deutlicher lässt sich diese offensichtliche Manipulation Zugunsten der amerikanischen Kanzlerin nicht nachweisen. Teilt das bitte!


Video 1 - Angela Merkel: „Erfolgskurs mit der CDU fortsetzen!"

Video 2 - Was wirklich am 14.05.2014 in Berlin geschah:
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