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Into the unknown

We do not know what the future hold. But sometimes we can get an idea even if it is just for a short time ahead.

I still need to fill in some of the weeks I did not post an image, but I want to get going again. So here is the image for this week. I wanted it to be a bit dark and took this while exploring my Nikon 50mm 1.4 lens. Shot raw and developed in Lightroom.

WPP 2015 - Week 14 - Symmetry
+Weekly Photo Project 2015 curated by +Alen Ianni , +Bernhard Rembold , +Cliff Loresco , +Francesco Scaglioni , +Heather D ,  +Ken Fowkes ,  +Navin Upendran  , +Robyn King and +T.E. Smith
#WPP2015-Wk14-Symmetry #Norway #travel #Lyngdal   #blackandwhitephotography   #nikon   #travelphotography  
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+Robyn King Thank you very much!
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Mountains and fjords of Norway

Majestic mountains and deep fjords - and small farms down by the sea. This is part of the view that meets you in Sæbø, Norway.

To get here is easy - a domestic flight with the airline Widerøe will take you from Oslo or a number of other airports to Hovden in Ørsta/Volda. From there, it is 45 minutes by car to fantastic view.

This region has a lot of mountains like these, and it is a perfect place if you are into extreme sports. In fact, there is a festival that is being held each year where you can try competing in climbing, skiing, parachuting, paragliding, base jumping and a lot of other things. Check out their website at

#x2festivalen   #sunnmøre   #sunnmore   #norway   #nikon   #fjords  
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+Svein Wisnæs your welcome!! God Blessed!!!!
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A little touch of spring

One more picture today, just because it was a signal of what is to come.

The snow is still covering the mountain tops, but we can see a few flowers coming up here and there. This crocus is among the first ones and is a welcome sight among all the brownish colors of winter when there is no snow.

#flowers  #Norway #Volda #spring
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So beautiful! I love the depth of field and how vivid the colours are. Fantastic photography! I don't mind hanging this photo in my room:-)
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Reaching for gold

Triple jump (tresteg in Norwegian) is an Olympic sport and part of the track and field competition that was held in Ulsteinhallen last week-end. The athlete here is on the final jump just before landing in the sand.

#UMDimna2015   #trackandfield   #sports   #triplejump   #norway  
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+Ali Raja Takk!
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Mikael Solheim fra Fana IL på besøk i kontrollrommet for TV under UM 2015. Hyggelig å se slektninger her oppe!

#UMDimna2015 #nernett #nærnett #oceanwatcher #nikon
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Svein Wisnæs

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Breaking the waves

Close to where my parents live, there is a small harbour - only a few small boats will fit there. It also has a wave breaker that make sure the boats are not destroyed by the huge forces of the sea.

But during the winter, people pull their boats up on dry land because they know there will be times like in this picture, when even a wave breaker will not be enough.

A storm - or in this case hurricane Nina - is fantastic to watch. But I also have respect for it and stay at a safe distance. I took a lot of pictures that day and will try to find those few that best will describe the forces at work.

I have a lot of pictures and other things I need to catch up on. Without my laptop, it is tough to do, but I will make it.
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The sun is going down behind the Fishermen's Memorial at Ferkingstad on the west coast of Norway.

The people of Norway have always been sailors. Fishing, transport, exploring. With one of the longest coast lines in the world (longer than USA), it comes as no surprise. But this also means some will be caught by storms, and even some will find a grave among the the waves.

This humble monument, set right at the shoreline, is to commemorate those that gave their lives at sea.


Among other things, I am trying to catch up on a photo theme on Google+, the Weekly Photo Project 2015. I will not be able to do it chronologically, but will do my best over the coming week to get up to date :-) This is what should have been week 12.

WPP 2015 - Week 12 - Moon / Sun
+Weekly Photo Project 2015 curated by +Alen Ianni , +Bernhard Rembold , +Cliff Loresco , +Francesco Scaglioni , +Heather D ,  +Ken Fowkes ,  +Navin Upendran  , +Robyn King and +T.E. Smith
#WPP2015-Wk12-MoonSun #Karmøy   #Norway   #vikings   #travel  
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+Robyn King Thank you!
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Dancing light above Volda

The aurora borealis show last night was fantastic. And by the look of the cloud cover today, that will be all we got to see of it. I just wish I could get some more pictures!

#nordlys   #auroraborealis   #volda   #nernett   #nærnett   #sunnmøre   #Norway   #naturephotography  
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+Nila Sweeney Thank you. Unfortunately, tonight is cloudy and it seems it will stay like that until Friday afternoon. Don't know if there will be anything left, but me and my camera will wait for it :-)
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Lightshow in Volda

One of the things I was hoping to be able to photograph during my stay here in Volda was aurora borealis. And yesterday it really showed!

Unfortunately, I did not have access to a car, so I could not get to a spot where I could get a better angle, but one of the students brought a group up to a point where I could capture this image. I am really hoping for a clear sky tonight so I can get another chance!

If you want to see this in person, the winter in Norway is the best time. And the further north, the stronger it will be. But yesterday, some said it could be seen as far south as Paris!

#Volda   #nernett   #nærnett   #auroraborealis   #nightphotography   #norway
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Amazing Great Photo!
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A royal jump

Another image from the sports event a week ago.

The indisputable king of UM 2015 was Karsten Warholm, here at the high jump. He ended up taking 7 gold medals and equal the worlds best this year in his 200 m run at 21.05!

#UMDimna2015 #sports   #trackandfield   #running   #indoor   #highjump   #Norway  
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Another stunner +Svein Wisnæs! Excellent capture of an intense moment. Perfection on every level indeed!
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An image from last week-end at UM 2015, the Norwegian youth championship of indoor track and field. This image is from one of the 4 x 200 m relay heats.

#UMDimna2015 #sports   #trackandfield   #running   #indoor  
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+Kemal Naghshi I am sorry, but I require that the comments are relevant for the post they are under.
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Svein Wisnæs

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Norwegian Indoor Youth Championship, Track and Field 2015

This week-end, Ulsteinvik and DIMNA is hosting the Norwegian Indoor Youth Championship this year and the University College of Volda is doing the video streaming for the event. I am very impressed at how well the students are doing! They are working camera, interviews, commentary, and all control room functions! Really good work!

Check the link under to see the live broadcast. I will update tomorrow and Sunday with the links for those days.
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Consultant and trainer with a passion for photography.
Video editing, multi camera directing, Training on Avid MediaComposer (ACI), photography.
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    ACI status is up to date - MediaComposer 8.3. Available for training almost anywhere in the world - get in touch and we can work out the details.
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A Norwegian living in Brazil
The area I live in has a very high technological level. A great workforce and great universities. We also have what is called the "Silicon Valley of Brazil" only 20 minutes from here. It is the perfect area for any foreign company to find partners for business.

I have spent the last 20 years in the area of communication. Mainly broadcast tv, editing, film, but also internet. And I really enjoy these areas coming more and more together. Seems like all forms of communication are melting together these days and we get possibilities we could only dream about when I started out!

ACI - Avid Certified Instructor - Please contact me for more details about official Avid MediaComposer training. I am comfortable doing the training in either Norwegian or English, but will be happy to mix in some Portuguese to the best of my ability.

I bring my camera with me as often as I can. The best camera is the one you have with you! It is my way of saving some moments. But to me, photography is not decoupled from enjoying the moment. I can walk around for a long time without even taking my camera out, just breathing in the things that are happening around me.

I do have a website set up for some of my pictures, . Go there and have a look!

And in between all this digital life, I have a passion for one of the most analogue things there is - cooking. Brazil really has an abundance of products to cook from and I am enjoying it a lot. Even a small garden here can have a variety of fruit trees - mango, avocado, papaya, lime, lemons, oranges, figs and most of them can even be found in several varieties. I sometimes feel like a child discovering all these things. My latest adventure has been starting a small herb garden in the hope I will be able to grow enough for my own use.

Another analog activity is playing golf. I have not played as much as I wanted over the last couple of years, but I love every round I am able to play!

If you want to add me to your circles, good topics could be

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