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Svein Morten Erikstad
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Svein Morten Erikstad

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I constantly hear how enterprises are poor at innovation, bad at product development and unresponsive to business change. So it begs the question, why do so many organizations get it...
Til etterfølgelse - neste år. :-)

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Internett har alt jula handler om: Ro, kjærlighet og rådyre sjakkbrett.

Svein Morten Erikstad

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Our interactive customer journey tool helps you explore and understand the many paths to making an online purchase in 2014. Check it out: 
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Nobody reads above the fold, they immediately scroll.

-via O'Reilly Media
You might've come across our graphic on Engaged Time below the fold at some point in the last few months in AdAge, Buzzfeed, or on the blog. That figure's message is simple: even if not every reader scrolls down the page, the vast majority of readers' collective time is spent below the fold (the ...
Great news from Microsoft. Things got even more interesting, I think.

"Announcing .NET 2015 - .NET as Open Source, .NET on Mac and Linux, and Visual Studio Community"
Scott Hanselman on Programming, User Experience, The Zen of Computers and Life in General
Wondering if there will be recording available later of the sessions at Google Cloud Live? If so, when?



Svein Morten Erikstad

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We’re bringing Inbox to Work

You asked, we listened. +Inbox by Gmail transformed the way personal emails are managed and starting next month, it will be transforming your work emails, too. 

We will begin enabling Inbox to a small group of Apps customers to learn about their needs, challenges and use cases. Want to be an early adopter? Email from your Google Apps for Work administrator account to apply for an invitation. 

Learn more: #googleforwork
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Svein Morten Erikstad

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Enterprise UX often involves navigating cumbersome processes, ancient technology, and clients skeptical of design’s value. Yet Fortune 500 companies are often the ones most in need of well-designed internal tools. Jordan Koschei takes us through common problems lurking in global organizations—and how we can improve people’s lives by giving internal tools the same attention as consumer interfaces.
Putting the engineering part back into software engineering? Interesting article.
We've redesigned the Queue article pages. Please let us know what you think. Development · Download PDF version of this article. November 29, 2014. Volume 12, issue 10. A New Software Engineering. What happened to the promise of rigorous, disciplined, professional practices for software ...

Svein Morten Erikstad

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Interesting post...
By becoming more conscious of our own stereotypes and biases, and making use of the insights revealed by the research on bias and stereotype threat, unconscious decision making, and cognitive illusions, each of us can bring more to our work and create diverse, innovative, and meaningful organizations.

Head over to the Research blog to read about the diversity research ( by Google Software Engineering Manager +Beryl Nelson that was recently featured in the November issue of Communications for the ACM. 
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Svein Morten Erikstad

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Excellent critique of Five Whys and an alternative approach by +John Allspaw -via O'Reilly
Before I begin this post, let me say that this is intended to be a critique of the Five Whys method, not a criticism of the people who are...
Software developer, technology enthusiast
Hi! My name is Svein Morten and I create software for a living.

I also create software just for fun and like to explore various programming languages, development platforms and environments.

At work I'm using a stack of different languages and platforms including Microsoft .Net/C#, SQL Server, SharePoint, BizTalk, HTML, JavaScript, NetExpress Cobol, IBM DB2 and some other stuff as well.

Previously, I've been working with a lot of different technologies like C, C++, Java, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Qt, Visual Basic, Linux, Unix, Tandem and the list goes on. I also like to program and dabble in dynamic languages like Ruby, Python, Scala and Groovy.

I'm also interested in software architecture, agile/lean methodologies, mobile devices, social media and software tools. I also tinker a bit with hardware using Arduino. I try to blog and tweet about these things, but not as often as would have liked to. If you get me talking about this, you'll notice it's hard for me to stop.

On the personal side, I'm a dad and husband. I like cycling, swimming and hiking to keep in shape.
  • NKI Datahøgskolen
    Computer Science, 1989 - 1991
  • Tinius Olsen Skole
    1988 - 1989
  • Fauske videregående skole
    1986 - 1988
Software developer, Software Architect, Team Leader
  • Felleskjøpet Agri SA
    Software Developer, Architect, Team Leader, 2010 - present
  • Informasjonskontroll AS
    Software developer, 2007 - 2010
  • Aktiv Kapital Norge
    Software developer, 2004 - 2007
  • Bankenes BetalingsSentral
    Software developer, 2002 - 2004
  • Online Consulting Partner AS
    Partner, Software developer/consultant, 1999 - 2001
  • WM-data
    Software developer/consultant, 1996 - 1998
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Deilig mat og hyggelig betjening!
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Koselig og intimt. Kokken, Silver, kom opp med fantastisk mat og uventede smaker. Flott utsikt.
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Flott gjestegård med fine konferanselokaler. God mat og bevertning.
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