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Enter the world of well being, transformation, healing, personal power, joy and empowerment
Enter the world of well being, transformation, healing, personal power, joy and empowerment


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What To Do When Your Wife Complains

Q: Whenever I spend time with my wife she keeps complaining that we don’t spend time enough time together. This just takes away the joy of being with her. Please advise what I should do?

A: Dear K, Find out what the hidden cause beneath that complaint really is. A lot of women tend to collect their grievances and when these become too much they have a sudden outburst. Since the trigger itself is not the only cause they may club it under a non specific issue like not spending enough time together. The solution lies in discovering what it is that she really wants to do with you in that time together, assuming that there was all the time in the world.

1. Explore whether she is facing emotional neglect.

Sometimes despite being surrounded by a houseful of people she can be very lonely within herself. Find out if she is feeling neglected, lonely or misunderstood? Is she facing problems with other people such as in-laws, which she wants to share and seek your understanding or counsel about? Is she bored of just performing her duties and chores and does she want some simple fun time out with you? Take her out for a coffee or plan evening walks together so that she can rediscover or find a friend in you.

2. Does she need to vent her feelings?

Sometimes all a woman wants is to be heard and have a shoulder to cry on. She doesn't want you to find solutions or fix her problems, she doesn't want help in finding her way about, she simply wants to be.... to read more click here #marriage   #women   #relationshipadvice  

Visual Art: Autumn Skye
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Q: I have a habit of procrastinating and leave things to the future. Things get delayed and remain pending. How can I help myself so i don't run away from doing the work that needs to get done?

A: Dear A

The reason you procrastinate is because hidden behind that behavior is the fear of failure. Try to identify exactly what it is that you are scared of. 

Do you feel you lack knowledge or expertise? Is there something you don't know and need to find out? What are the ways you feel ill equipped to handle the task you wish to finish? Are you simply being lazy and need to get your body metabolic rate up?

If you are still unable to pinpoint your fear or the reason that's holding you back, try completing the statement; I can finish this task if .....

Once you have found the cause search for solutions to overcome the fear. Do you need to learn something new and if so who can teach you? Whom can you ask for help and clarifications? Do you need to start an exercise regimen to get over your laziness and improve your metabolism? Do you need to some some research on the internet?

Create a schedule and set targets for yourself. Reward yourself for every small success you achieve and set up red flags to alert you when things fall behind schedule.

Request the help of a friend or well wisher to pull you up when you start to lose track. And remember to write your victory journal each day. Print a copy of the flow chart given below to remind you to keep going at it until you succeed.

I wish you the best of luck in conquering your procrastination and meeting with success. 

For more tips visit #goodhabits   #sucess   #procrastination  
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Quick Tip 2: Get rid of Anxiety, Stress & Negativity

No matter where you are, if you find yourself feeling uneasy, stressed or anxious about something take two minutes to ground yourself with this exercise and feel better instantly.

Sit on a chair with your feet planted firmly on the ground and your hands resting on the sides.

Close your eyes and bring your attention to the uneasiness. Ask yourself... where in my body do I feel this?

Now imagine that you are gathering all of this uneasiness and bringing it together into a ball. 

Next visualize or imagine that you are pushing this ball down your legs and out through your feet towards the earth.

At the point where it ejects out from your your feet, see this ball transforming into a ball of brilliant White Light and entering the earth.

Now take a few deep breaths and feel fresh energy and prana entering you. Open your eyes, smile and get on with your day.

If you are in a public place such as in the midst of a meeting you can keep your eyes open and do this process mentally. 

You do not need to create time away to do this. Make it a part of your instant feel good kit.

For more tips visit #anxietyrelief   #stress   #relaxationtechniques  
Visual art: Anil Jaychandran
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Tip for Healing Digestive Disorders

If you are suffering from acidity, reflux (GERD), gastritis, IBS, or other stomach related discomforts drinking solarised water can bring you great relief.

 To prepare solarised water fill a few glass bottles with drink worthy water and seal the tops with any natural fiber like a piece of cloth. I use cloth coasters kept in place with rubber bands or on rushed mornings I just place the bottle caps on the coasters (though this is not the ideal way). 

Prepare enough bottles for a full days supply, ideally about 3 liters.
Now place these bottles in the sunlight for a minimum of 6 hours. Make sure the bottles are made of glass and not plastic. If you have a window or a ledge that receives a good amount of direct sunlight you can simply leave them there as I do.

You can also paint on affirmations or loving words to incorporate blessings and healing vibrations into the water.  This can be done by using glass paints or even nail enamel as I have done on occasions when I have run out of glass paints.

 Simply write on the bottles and then place them in a microwave oven for 3 minutes on full power to permanently imprint these messages. Those of you who are familiar with Dr. Masaru Emotos works on water crystals will know that this makes a big difference to the quality of water.

 My bottles have words like peace, love, joy, Light, blessings etc written in silver blue nail enamel on the bottles. On the others are painted angels to include all chakra colors. 

Do not leave the bottles out in the night exposed to the moon as that has a completely different effect and is not recommended for digestive disorders.

Remove the bottles from the sunlight after 6 hours and they are ready for you to consume. You will notice a discernible silky mouth feel when to drink this water as compared to normal water. 

Sip the water slowly throughout the day and you are likely to find relief from your discomfort. #digestiontips   #acidity   #ibs   #gerd  
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Whatever you put your attention to, grows. Often we allow ourselves to be drowned in the negativity of our unconscious thoughts. If we can become aware and deliberately focus on our blessings instead we can manifest the life we truly seek. #blessings   #manifest   #faith  
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How Alternative Healing can bring Joy and well being to your Life. #healing   #wellbeing   #happiness   #peaceofmind  
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