NEW AGE circle for anyone who is drawn to the New Age section of bookstores. This circle covers anyone who is interested in any type of healing, therapies, tarot, psychic, mediums, crystals etc. etc.

We can then share things in this circle which we would not share to the main stream.
You don't have to actually be involved with any of these things but just have an interest in them and would like to see these types of post in your stream.
But if you are interested, hopefully we can all help each other progress.

Please note this is NOT for selling or promoting anything - this is for developing / chatting / sharing. You will be removed from this circle if there any promotional posts - please keep those to your other circles and Pages.

I will update this circle every now and again so that new members can be included. If you want to be included in the next share (the public one or the limited one) please just let me know by adding your name and any particular interests to the comments.

I am happy to share individual interest circles if there are sufficient people.

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