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Suzy Jenkins

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Suzy Jenkins

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Amazing that nobody has thought of developing this principle before. After all, the same evaporation effect on animal hair fibre in a 'hair tension' hygrometer has been seen to produce energy of a level to move a pointer enough to measure humidity, since 1783.
(It's what makes the little man and lady in those silly little weather houses, come out in wet weather and in dry weather respectively!)
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Suzy Jenkins

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I didn't have chance to post this last night but this was the beautiful sky.  Salmon pink rather than red last night.

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That's beautiful Suzy. 
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Suzy Jenkins

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I forgot to post these from 2 nights ago - the sunset was brilliant.
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Very lucky to have such skys
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Suzy Jenkins

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You hear of having to check cars before you drive off but not a plane.
I can't believe how this lucky cat could hang on - talk about cats having 9 lives!
Yikes!!  Check plane before takeoff!

Apparently the cat is fine and continues to be the mascot of the flight club, according to the French caption on the video.
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Suzy, Check List for car,is 1000000% different than Airplane,, NO BRAKES at 12,000 ft.. LOL!!!!!!! 
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Suzy Jenkins

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I've bits and pieces all over my craft table for making some male cards (or for the females who are not into pretty cards).
Here are 2 of those I have made.

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My favourite toys were my box of cars - and my favourite thing when I was a bit older was climbing around building sites.  You can't do that these days as they are all fenced in.
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Suzy Jenkins

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While the pups are sleeping I've time to post some of the cards I made before their arrival.

#antiquechic   #steampunk 
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I just sell them direct via paypal on here +Darlene Mckinney 
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Suzy Jenkins

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Morning all.  Thought I'd show you some more cards I've made.  There are some more but I'll keep it to small doses :-)
mainly because I haven't had chance to take photos yet due to the dull weather today
These are more in the antique chic / steampunk style.
All large A5 size on stiff card with matching colour inserts.  £4 each + postage

#antiquechic   #steampunk  
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Luvly cards
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Suzy Jenkins

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Happy Litha / Yule / Summer Solstice everyone.  
I can't believe it is the longest day and it's going to get darker earlier again from now on.
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Maybe it will still be dark by the time I go to bed soon as it's not at the moment ! :(
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Suzy Jenkins

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I know this isn't new but I love this
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Suzy Jenkins

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A pretty dramatic sunset this evening!
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I am just me - no pretences.
I am just me - what you see is what you get. 

I am very easy-going but get hurt easily so please play nice.  Any nastiness on my threads will lead to me blocking you.

I am a bit of a collectorholic - crystals, bears, tarot decks, unicorns, music.  

I am also a pet lover and chocoholic.

Dancing is a real passion of mine.
I love all new age things and I make jewellery to sell using natural crystals / gemstone. 

I have a page on here for the jewellery I make called Pendant-Heaven.  If you are interested please circle that page too (I promise I wont flood your stream with selling as I only post one item a day).

I've also recently taken up making greeting cards as I love designing and making them.

At home I am also a Reiki & Energy Healer, Intuitive Advisor and Tarot Reader. 

I only add people to my circles when I get to know them through comments on my posts or others so don't feel offended if I don't add you until I get to know you better.

If you are new to Google+ you may like to check out my 2 blogs to help you get started, although things change so fast round here that although they will help they may get outdated at any time:

Part 1

Part 2

Bragging rights
I'm a mum, a nan, a wife and a pet owner and I have survived them all, especially being a daughter. I have managed to get my jewellery into my own little shop online rather than just selling locally which you will find from my page on here - Pendant-Heaven.
Ooh a bit of this and that. Whatever I put my mind to usually.
  • Pendant-Heaven gemstone jewellery designer
    Mixture of everything really!, 2006 - present
    I used to own and run an Entertainment Booking Agency with a partner. Now I take life easier and just dabble in things - making and selling natural gemstone jewellery especially (see Pendant-Heaven on here).
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