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If you are a numbers person:
Just in case you haven't noticed we are currently in a series of dates that if you write them with the month first (as they do is the US) they will read the same forwards as they do backwards.  It actually started on 4/10/14.

I am a numbers person but didn't spot this until this week because we write them differently over here.  The only date I had noticed was 1/4/14.
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do when i'm working on pc, if im writing a date it really depends
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Suzy Jenkins

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Something for you to seriously think about :-)
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Yes I always go after what I want..if possible , right if u don't ask it always no.. I always ask because I like knowing things....and I'm not going to always be in the same spot.cause I love going forward
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What great advice (and a lovely way to put it) :-)
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Love this
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We like to do that on here, don't we :-)
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All of my friends are disturbed anyway
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Hang on - I've got you!
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Considering you have all been aware of the moon over the last few days, here is some great information about the various stages of the moon and suggestions on what to do at each phase  - or maybe more importantly which phase to wait for to do those things.
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What a good way to get the kids to eat fruit :-)
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I HATE. Bananas, but that looks so cool!
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Hehe - I've just realised all my posts today are green - does that mean something I wonder ?
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So many people would do well to remember this - it is so very true and easily forgotten!
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Hear hear ♥ xx
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Ooh a bit of this and that. Whatever I put my mind to usually.
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I'm a mum, a nan, a wife and a pet owner and I have survived them all, especially being a daughter. I have managed to get my jewellery into my own little shop online rather than just selling locally which you will find from my page on here - Pendant-Heaven.
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