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Maui is showing off it's colors here on the N shore. Maliko early downwind practice paddle for the +OluKai Footwear  race coming up. Follow #olukairace   #standuppaddle   #gopro  +GoPro  #goprohero4  
Add a comment... In preparation for the 7th Annual +OluKai Footwear OluKai downwind race on Maui, we're offering a free 3 mile downwind paddle training session.This is a great way to build your ocean confidence and have some fun! #sup   #standuppaddle  
OluKai Archie Kalepa and Suzie Cooney Host a Free 3 Mile Fun Paddle. In Preparation for the 7th Annual OluKai Ho'olaule'a, all ages & levels welcome.
Add a comment... ‪#‎TBT‬ My First OluKai ‪#‎sup‬ race in 2010, one year after I broke my legs. I had a shark escort and my board was taking on water. Great memories! #throwbackthursday   #supracing   #shark   #paddleboard   #standuppaddle   #olukai  +OluKai Footwear 
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Add a comment... Here's a way to measure your total fitness. Reduce low back fatigue, improve your SUP strength for distance and more. Have fun!  #surf #standuppaddle #fitness  #core 
Add a comment... No sand, salt water in  your hair, just Suzie to push you REALLY hard.. yup. #virtual   #fitness   #training  
Virtual fitness training and personal training is now mainstream and you too can train with Suzie Cooney of Suzie Trains Maui. No sand, salt water in your home
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AWEsome way to train in the cold weather and reap the rewards!
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Throwing it back to 2009 when I could have used a better stylist!! Loved my KTM 250. #tbt #motox #motocross #throwbackthursday 
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Check out Jenn Biestman from Bay Area on her recent trip to Maui. She's getting all the sup surfing in she can in prep for +OluKai Footwear downwind race coming up! #sup #paddleboard #standuppaddle 
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Suzie Cooney

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Been working way too much. I'm needing more of this right now.  #beach #chill #simplethings   #Maui   #happy  
Add a comment... This is what you get first when you sign up for my free e news blast. Sign up to get stronger, get stoked on the new gear, training tips and lots of inspiration. Mahalo, Suzie #sup   #surfing  #standuppaddle #paddleboard   #fitness   #training  
You don't have to be training at elite levels like Kody Kerbox to understand the value of this statement. When your mind is right, your body is fluid and all the stars align, it is that magical moment when the world stops and frame by frame you are achieving mind-blowing athletic feats.
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I'm thankful for my supportive sponsors +Kaenon Polarized +Indo Board +RAWELEMENTSUSA +PocketFuel +NaishSUP  #naish  +Bluesmiths  #sup   #surf   #standuppaddle  
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Great pic! Happy & Healthy!
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Suzie Cooney

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This is why surfing is so soulful...Maui. #surf #love #surflife  
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Athlete, SUP athlete for NAISH, Owner of Suzie Trains Maui, Spokesperson, Model, SUP Event Director/Instructor
SUP surf & downwind racing, personal trainer specializing in water sports performance, spokesperson, sports model, SUP coach/instructor
  • Suzie Trains Maui
    Owner, 2001 - present
Sponsored Athlete, Spokesperson, Fitness Specialist, Model, SUP Event Director/Instructor
Aloha, I'm Suzie Cooney a sponsored SUP athlete for Naish, Kaenon, BLUESMITHS, Indo Board and Pocketfuel Naturals and an athlete for the True Collection Team. I am personal trainer on Maui specializing in water sports performance since 2001 and the owner of Suzie Trains Maui.

I train and work with clients from around the world that come to Maui to learn the ocean lifestyle and to up their SUP skills from downwind paddling to surf. I help them increase their performance from land to water. 

I am so also spokesperson for OluKai Footwear and enjoy dirt biking, rally driving, playing piano & guitar and love the Maui lifestyle. Learn more at

Also follow me on FaceBook at

Bragging rights
Produced worlds first largest SUP event in 2010 on Maui with 430 women in attendance. Team SUP Competitor Naish International,Kaenon Polarized Eyewear,The True Collection Athlete Elite Team, Olukai Footwear, Former AHTLETA Featured Athlete, Support NAMI, SUP Clinic Director/Event Host, Volunteer IRONMAN Big Island Traige Tent
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