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Suzi Storm
Weight Loss/Gain/Loss success story. Marathon Runner. Recovering alcoholic. Overall badass!
Weight Loss/Gain/Loss success story. Marathon Runner. Recovering alcoholic. Overall badass!

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Thank you.
I’ve been going back and forth wondering why I have such
long breaks between posts. I’ve come to the final conclusion that I just do not
have any interest in this any longer. Sure I love writing, but I don’t love
blogging….did I ever really love it?? That I...

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Refusing to feel defeated
The other day I went to Target to get some coffee and like
any good shopper with zero money to spend I went the long way so I could circle
the entire store and torture myself with all the things I couldn’t afford to
buy. It completely slipped my mind as to ...

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I'm alive. So alive.
My oh my it has been quite a while. As the time comes for me
to renew my domain I’ve been asking myself, do I or don’t I? Of course I always
do and then I make one post and never return this site again. But a lot has
changed in my life since I last wrote an...

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Because I am a masochist...
If you follow me on my social media accounts then you
probably already know that I am running the Lake Effect Half Marathon this
weekend. Yes…against my better judgement I signed up months ago to tackle this
race again. In case you are new around here or yo...

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New Weight Watchers Program...Yay or Nay??
There is one question that everyone keeps asking me…on
Twitter, on Instagram, on Facebook, writing letters and mailing them to my
house…ok maybe that last part is made up, but my point is that you bitches all
want to know What do I think of the new Weight W...

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Half ass'n it
I tend to get lazy…a lot. Sure, I still run 3-4 times a week
and I get up and go to work Monday through Friday, but I’ve still been pretty
damn lazy over the last few months.  Some
days I am absolutely surprised that I even got out of bed. I’ve been lazy wi...

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The Art of (re)losing...
There are some things that are hard to put into words. I don’t
know how many times I’ve tried to type this post. I’ve thought about doing it
in a video post but then it would just be me asking you to watch me babble on
and on. Or what would probably happen ...

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Meal preppin'
This weekend I did something that I have never really done
before. I meal prepped. That’s right…I’ve managed to lose 100 lbs almost twice now,
yet I have never really done a meal prep. Now that doesn’t mean that I don’t
plan ahead and just eat whatever on a...

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My body...
So many things change when you lose weight. Especially when
you lose a significantly large amount of weight. No one can really prepare for
these changes. They go far beyond anything the scale can show you. I can write
this post and try to paint a picture of...

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Catching the Excitement Bug
Excitement is a very contagious emotion. At least for me it
is. When those around me are buzzing I tend to start buzzing as well. I can easily
get caught up in the excitement, not really paying attention to if it’s the
right thing for me to be excited about...
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