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Suzette Mariel
Creating publicity with style.
Creating publicity with style.

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You have to keep going, regardless of the outward signs. You never know when you are so close to making it.

When you feel like quitting find someone to talk you out of it and keep pushing. It's one benefit of having a success coach.

Hiding and playing small and procrastinating and doubting yourself is not going to build your empire. You have to keep going. Go farther than where you are now and keep doing it. It's the secret to success.

You got this! 💥
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You don't need to be a hero to have a message. Your life is your message.

Most of us look to people who are heroes or champions of causes because they have a message to share. I say your life is your message to the world.

You are the shining example to your child or friend or colleague.

Your kindness, your attitude, your generosity and how you live your life is your message. Everyday in every way that you live, speaks to the world about who you are and how you want to be remembered.

It's all a choice in how you think and how you act. You can choose to be grateful or miserable. You can chose to change or live how you have been.

Either way your life is your message to the world.

✨Want a better life? Want more freedom? Want more clarity?

Tweet me @suzettemariel Ask me about high performance coaching and how 12 sessions can change your life so you can live the dream life you have been waiting for. ✨
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The Quote That Helped This Entrepreneur Stop Questioning Himself
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Join my FREE Facebook group, Media Influence Empire for tips on monetization, messaging, media, marketing and mindset.
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No one determines your success but you.

Have you ever been told that success was having your name in Hollywood lights?

Or that success was having millions and millions of dollars?

Or that success was being a published author in a name brand publishing house?

Or that success is being a Hollywood director or producer?

Let me share something with you that successful people know and rarely share.

Success is how you define it. That's right. You get to choose what success means to you.

For some people success IS only defined by money, fame or luxury items.

But for others success is defined by lifestyle, quality of life, freedom, happiness, peace of mind, legacy, philanthropy, making a difference and living well.

And there are others who define success as a combination of all of the above.

The beauty of success is YOU get to define what that means.

Wishing you an abundance of success on your terms!


Beliefs of a multi-passionate media entrepreneur

I believe in putting people first and things second.
I believe that there is NO COMPETITION.
I believe in work, hard work or working smart, just make it QUALITY work.
I believe in living your life how you choose.
I believe in aligning your work to who you are.
I believe you must take bold steps to get the life you deserve.
I believe in conscious marketing.
I believe there should be NO SHOULDS. (Except for the one in the preceding sentence.)
I believe in freedom of expression.
I believe in skill development.
I believe in high performance.
I believe in strategic placement of completed high quality work.
I believe in maintaining GOOD HABITS.
I believe success creates more SUCCESS.
I believe with the right mindset you can achieve your goals.
I believe to get to the next level you need a mentor.
I believe in systems but also in the chaos of exploring to find a system that works for you.
I believe saying F*ck doesn't make you a bad person. (Asterisked for the sensitive.)
I believe in shoring up your weaknesses so they do not subtract from your strengths.
I believe coaching can shorten your learning curve.
I believe in getting results.
I believe in developing your mind and strengthening your body.
I believe in quality over perfection.
I believe you must put FUN in your schedule.
I believe in taking some risks in life and business.
I believe in helping the ones that come after you to ensure the knowledge is passed on.
I believe you can recreate yourself.
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Yay Singapore! #singapore #travel
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