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In my cat-like curiosity, I used a power cube to see what would happen! Sharing some findings so that others don't have to waste theirs to sate their experimental natures...

What does it do?
It's essentially like a mana/health potion from any other game. It recharges your XM bar up to the value of the cube itself. So a level 4 cube will inject you with 4k XM.

Does it increase your XM bar above cap?
No. It only refills the bar you already have (up to its own value).

What happens if it's worth more than the XM you need?
In short, the overspill fizzles. The cube is consumed utterly on use, and will only give you up to the full amount, as much as you have room for. For example, I had 1348 XM short of 100%, used a 4000XM cube, so I gained 1348 to bring me to 100% and the other 2652XM just dissipated into the ether.

What does it look/sound like?
It's pretty nifty! Swirley gold XM droplets spiral around you while a "chargin' mah laz0rs!" sound effect revs up. There is no residue once the cube's power has been used.
EDIT: Courtesy of +Fevenis Silverwind : Power Cube animation (RAW)

Can you use cubes of a higher level than yourself?
Nope! The 'Use' button is greyed out, and trying to click it gets an "insufficient access" error.

Can you use a cube while already at 100% XM?
Yes, and it'll be totally wasted. So don't. (Thanks +Alexandre Luna Barros for the sacrifice).

I'm not getting any cubes from hacking, whassup with that?!?
They are dropping for people, but it still seems to be rather hit and miss. My theory is that the portals need their 'loot tables' to be refreshed post-update, either by flipping them, or waiting on the daily decay. Hopefully over the course of the next day any stubborn portals will get updated, and in the meantime try not to get too frustrated. Also, bad luck is bad, but not permanent, so try not to despair if you're burning out and still not seeing any just yet!

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I have one question, are the cubes reusables or are they a one time use as the other items?
One time use. It vanishes from your inventory after you Use it.
Thanks! :) Wish me luck for my hacking today :P
Another one! jajaja sorry but you're my only source of Powercubes behavior. I don't know if you already tried this, use a lower Powercube than your agent level, how would that works?
No idea, only useable one I had was my own level. but assume it's the same as with the resos and xmps, so you can use it, just it's less effective (less XM per cube).
wouldn't it be nice if you used one at a portal and it also recharged the portal too.... ach well! 
Aaaand suddenly I receive posts about Ingress. :/
Can you use a cube directly on a portal to recharge it?
I have a question. What are you talking about?
It's silly that excess is wasted. It should dump out the excess like a portal. Then a lvl 5 player with 100% xm could shower some n00bs so they can use it to level up. 
I don't see much use I them unless I can blow thing up even bigger 
I'm also curious like a cat. That's why all my friends call me 'Whiskers'.
(from old SNL skit with Will Ferrell and Jeff Goldblum)
+rob bennett useful on farming runs when xm runs out you can recharge and hack until burnout. Or conversely when ripping up opposition farms and the defending side is mopping up xm like crazy to prevent attack (and using it themselves to farm to burnout before the portals get taken down)...
+Suzanne Rush You have heard of power cubes dropping for people since the update?  I think it was just during that brief period a week ago that people were getting them, I've been hearing lots of reports from people with 100+ hacks since the update and no power cubes, and not a single report of someone getting one...
I bet they will come live at weekend with portal update
Luckily, I received several during that small Window last week. Since the update yesterday, I have made over 300 hacks and no cubes :( I do imagine that once they go live again, they will be pretty darn rare... But we will see. 
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