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Author, Speaker, Ceremonialist, Sacred Feminist.
  • 4 Seasons in 4 Weeks
    Author, 2005 - present
    Using the sun seasons, moon phases, and archetypes to reach deeply into the vulnerable depths of the repeating female monthly experience, 4 Seasons in 4 Weeks is a non-technical and symbolic journey through the 28 days of the female hormonal rhythm, revealing a logical and predictable blueprint that is easy for anyone to understand. By tapping into this primordial compass and forgotten ancient wisdom, each woman, whether cycling or not, is given the power to find "home" in her rhythmic essence, navigating her physical energy, well-rounded viewpoint, and sexuality by taking charge of her survival as well as advantage of optimal times to connect, create, exercise, seduce, rest, lead, and observe. When men learn the 4 seasons in 4 weeks approach, it takes the mystery and the guess work out when initiating sex or other forms of communication. Brief overviews of women’s history, global healing, sacred geometry/universal rhythms, and female sexuality introduce the guiding four weekly seasons. Using language and images that are clear, comfortable, and positive, this exquisite book sheds light on the true nature of the organic feminine rhythm and allows both women and men to embrace it with grace and ease. I also have a business series on the backburner called The Business Shaman. The pilot book of the same name is on Kindle. It maps out a very simple formula for managing any business or project by using a business medicine wheel.
  • Ceremonialist
    There are 3 particular ceremonies I do: 1) I'm the Keeper of a water blessing ceremony, and am responsible for an ancient stone healing bowl that was gifted to me in the Lakota way. I set it up at events for individuals to walk up to for a quiet, sacred moment. 2) An honoring ceremony for women, which is done at workshops or talking circles. 3) and an Awa ceremony for couples or friends. Awa is a Hawaiian root, which when dried, crushed, and mixed with water becomes Kava. This is passed back and forth between people as a sweet facilitation and gesture for connection. I also facilitate Talking Circles.
Bringing lava to the surface since 1957.

Author seeks natural order and spiritual alignment in business, love, politics, and health.


Sacred feminism, indigenous shamanism, elevating the collective consciousness, the golden rule, appreciating the gifts that are right in front of me, building a new societal model, seriously funny stuff, and holding the love vibe in my heart.

My world is all about my book's message (4 Seasons in 4 Weeks) (which I have found to be the missing link to women's core empowerment), my grown kids, my readers, my friends, and being the Medicine Carrier of an ancient healing bowl that was gifted to me in the Lakota Way. 

I love living in beautiful places. I dance Hawaiian hula here and there. 

Atticus Finch is my dream man.

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Suzanne Mathis McQueen, Mom, McQueen Bee
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