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Suzanne McCain
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We all need to force ourselves to check out the google maps tutorials...geolocation should be primary for any retail business.  There's nothing more frustrating than using google maps to find a Starbucks and not having it show up on my Android phone.
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Suzanne McCain

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Great article on the basic concepts on which a new startup may need to change course.
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Suzanne McCain

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Suzanne McCain

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Suzanne McCain

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A little older, a little wiser.
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You look great Suzanne!
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    Vice President, 2014 - present
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    COO, 2011 - 2014
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Suzanne Elise McCain, Suzanne McCain Ortiz, McCain is my maiden name
Don't be afraid, just believe! Mark 5:36

I believe in being intelligent, deeply curious, warm, caring and friendly.   I find great pleasure in conversation with anyone who is interesting, unique or intelligent.   

I’m a writer, though I am not funny or amusing.  I have had an amazingly interesting life full of incredible experiences and challenging hardships and have currently entered the extremely blessed phase.... thank God!  

I have a high level of integrity and ethics and believe in keeping my word.  I don’t lie or make promises I cannot keep.   I am exceptional at lifting up and encouraging others; always keeping a positive attitude in the face of adversity, but am not overly effusive, except on occasions of major achievement and success in which case, I get so excited and happy I can't sleep.  

I am a natural leader, have high expectations for my own performance, am down to earth and have been described as classy; no cleavage shots for my profile. ;)   

I am from Washington, but have lived in Houston, Texas, on Coronado Island in San Diego, California, and am now happily residing in Scottsdale, Arizona. I care deeply about Autism, Lupus, Cancer and faith in God. 

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Scottsdale, Arizona
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Scottsdale, Az
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Google Maps for Business

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Everyone at Auto Solutions is amazing! They are honest, fair and flexible. I have purchased 2 cars from Danny who has great integrity. Everyone there is kind and caring. I have recommended them to friends and would endorse them highly! An exceptional business!
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Very, very rude receptionist refused to explain what type of law they practice, saying none of your business. No website. Don't waste your time...
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I had gone to another jeweler who is well known for buying jewelry. A friend recommended them based on an experience he had. But their offer was low, and their assessment of the grade of my diamond was inaccurate, so I continued on to The Diamond Vault, having made an appointment by phone, and was treated honestly and fairly by Mr. Ephraim. He did a great job of instilling trust in his business. I went away feeling good about our transaction. I will happily return to The Diamond Vault to have something new made for myself to show my appreciation!
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