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Suzanne Church
Award-Winning author of "Elements: A Collection of Speculative Fiction"
Award-Winning author of "Elements: A Collection of Speculative Fiction"

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Videx - the villain in my new Hellmaw novel "Soul Larcenist"

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The second Roundtable Podcast with me as guest host...
This week we do a braaaaaaains-storm! :D

+Jake Bible returns as Guest Host to workshop a very cool zombie story offered up by Guest Writer +AJ Hare. +Suzanne Church is in the co-pilot chair and together we workshop the heck out of a very cool premise.

And EVERYONE on the call is an Onder Librum creative... how cool is THAT? :D

Awesomeness, laughs, and Literary Gold abound... and it's all just a mouse-click away!

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I'm on The Roundtable Podcast...
We're delighted to have +Jake Bible taking the Big Chair on today's "20 Minutes With..."

Jake is a self-professed pulp fiction writer whose literary canon spans horror, scifi, YA, middle grade, and more. He's a gifted storyteller, recently nominated for a Bram Stoker award, who exemplifies the virtues of dedication and commitment to his craft and the truth that - if you keep writing - you WILL get better.

I'm joined by +Suzanne Church (whose story collection "Elements" was recently nominated for a Prix Aurora Award) as co-host and together we indulge in 20(ish) minutes of writerly discourse with Jake, exploring his perspectives on pulp fiction, mashups, and his writing process.

Writerly goodness awaits you... just click that "PLAY" button! :D

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There's a new SF/F magazine out of the UK. No pay YET, but maybe once they gain some popularity.
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