Via +Adina Levin comes news that Kaliya Identity Woman has had her G+ account suspended because Google doesn't like her name. Given she has been working on identity under the name 'Identity Woman' since, well, it feels like forever, the irony of this almost burns.

Google+, your "real name" policy is wrong. Please, just stop is now, and let people be whom they wish to be. If people misbehave, then let's deal with that misbehaviour in partnership: You give us the tools and we'll report the spammers, fakers, griefers and trolls. We'll work with you to keep G+ a civil, enjoyable, creative space.

But don't go round trying to decide what is a name and what isn't a name. It's not your position to tell us how we should call ourselves. It's not your position to decide what's a 'real' name and what isn't. It's not your position to audit our identity.

Right now, you're being nothing more than a corporate bully, throwing your weight around and being the very griefer you say this policy is supposed to discourage. Shame on you.

Still, the solution to this is simple: Reinstate everyone you've suspended. Remove your current name policy. Collaborate with the community on how best to moderate bad actors. If you need some sort of identity policy, let us help you write it. And, finally, apologise to everyone you've bullied. There are lots of them, so you might want to start now.
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