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Why do people use #LGBT or #GLBT when they mean #LGB? If you do mean to include the T (and #GayMarriage has just about fuckall to do with the T), do use #TBLG just for fun, OK? #GSM (gender and sexual minorities) would probably be a better acronym anyway; although that would leave out #intersex people, and that happens way too often. Remember that the T doesn't include intersex people.

Ah, you know... Just forget that I ever said anything, because nobody gives a fuck anyway. sigh
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shakes head back'n forth I see what you mean.
Well, the sexual in GSM refers to sex (as in to have sex). Gender again isn't the same as sex (as in female/male/etc). But, in the end, it depends on what intersex people think, really.
I don't like using such terms, acronyms or what ever; people are people. Fuck labels, although I use geek a lot and moron (as a classification of morons lol). Sorry, minor rant :)
We are all doomed to use acronyms at 1 time or another the point is that you do it in a positive light and not snuff out others positive asperations of the belief they carry.
+Richard Green Moron is an ableist word. I'd kindly ask you to not use it. We could fuck labels, sure, but only if we're privileged enough to do that. Cis people often refuse to call themselves cis, because they believe that they're simply normal since they're not trans. If a cis woman can go about her life being just a woman, why can't I do that without being called a tr*nny? People who are 'normal' don't have to label themselves, and that is privilege.
+Suvi-Tuuli Allan I apologize, generally I use it to describe people who don't want to learn or better themselves or the ignorant masses; I don't use it to describe people with disabilities. I don't mean offence.

What is a 'cis'?

People, well I say people, who intentionally use derogatory terms to offend don't have any kind of intellectual capacity. Personally, I think 'normal' people are boring and find it offensive to be called so. Normal people are weird.
Hmm, interesting read. A testament to the evolution of language.

I'll have to find some new non historically offensive terminology: sheep, drones and zombies. :)
+Gianmario Scotti Because probably most feel that gender has nothing to do with inter*sex*, sex and gender being separate things. Ain't so for me. But, sex and gender are social constructs both. I mean, how do you define sex? Chromosomes? Genitalia? Hair? Finger-length ratios? Probably the best way to do it would be by making it about behaviour... But, that doesn't really work, either. :o zomg! So complicated!
Some of my transexual correspondents are being affected by "gaymarriage". Some of them live in USA states that refuse to allow (or recognize) gender changes on birth certificates, and which also deny same-sex marriage; as "gaymarriage" gets defined in terms of legal sex rather than in terms of gender or sexual orientation, the "gaymarriage" laws end up allowing these people to marry cis-gender.

Also in UK, until the very recent legal change, it was not possible for transsexuals to obtain a "gender recognition certificate" (GRC) until they divorced. They could then recommit to their partner in a "civil relationship", but it would have been counted as a new relationship rather than a continuation. With the legal change of a few weeks ago in the UK, there is no longer any requirement to divorce. (This is not theory: I know someone who was directly affected by this and they have been sent an official letter about this.) 
+Walter Roberson Thank you for the lecture! I'm well aware of issues in the US and the UK. I've had to deal with similar issues here in Finland. What was your point?
You had written that #gaymarriage has just about fuckall to do with T. Although ideally it should not be connected to T, the unfortunate legal situation is that there is a nasty connection in many places. I suspect many of your g+ followers are not aware of the way that governments put roadblocks up for trans people. 
Well, it is good that you're here to teach them what is important.
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