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Der Further Drache Tradinno am 17.05.2015

#FurthImWald   #Tradinno   #FurtherDrache   #Drachenstich   #Roboter  
Animated Photo

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For #joinindaily by +Johnny Wills

Today's theme is "It Tells The Time"

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#joinindaily by +Johnny Wills

Today's theme is "It Looks Peaceful"

Winter Evening View at HOME

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For #joinindaily hb +Johnny Wills
Today's theme is "Balls"


This one is from stone and was found deep in the ground by my husband many years ago.

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Das Google+ Alphabet...nicht nur für Newbies ;-)
Google Plus Alphabet 2017
The last time I shared the alphabet was 2014. I spent some time today updating it to reflect changes in the last 3 years.
It's hard to answer what Google Plus is about without writing a book. Check list for beginners.
A dd a profile photo.
B uild an interesting profile.
C reate collections to highlight your interests.
D on’t be a spammer.
E ngage with others by giving +1s and commenting on their posts.
F ollow people who post content that you want to read.
G reat posts should be reshared to increase the visibility of quality content.
H ashtags help people find your posts. 3 per post are enough. Don’t over do it.
I mages are important to grab attention. Respect copyrights.
J oin communities.
K eep your Google account protected.
L ive it up with Google+
M oderation is a responsibility that comes with owning a community.
N otify others by mentioning (+name). Do not abuse.
O rganize events.
P osts in public communities are visible to everyone (not just members).
R eview your settings. That’s how you control your experience in G+.
S trangers that follow you are a good thing. Don’t block them for following.
T o view individual circle streams you have to activate the option in settings.
U nder 18? Comments on your public posts are limited by default. Check settings.
V iew your G+ stats. Look for “your influence” in your profile (under 3 dots)
W ould you like to know what others think? Create a poll.
X rated content in G+ is a policy violation. Report it and block the poster.
Y our opinion as a G+ user is important. Send feedback.
Z ero Ads


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Alle meine öffentlichen Gudensberg-Bilder

#Gudensberg   #Nordhessen   #SchwalmEderKreis   #Fachwerkhäuser   #Altstadt  
765 Photos - View album

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