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Amazon to its customers: 'you may owe money for taxes...for the past calendar year' before you ask how it can be legal to retroactively declare something as taxable, I would like to point out that : *you may owe me money for the past calendar year * as well, details will be forthcoming.
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Being a Little Gutless, Amazon, and if this continues - GIVE US A CHOICE of shipping from locations - and BE UPFRONT ABOUT IT!

Just got an email from that says that something they chose to ship to me from Tennessee may be subject to a tax. Ah, so I may have to pay a tax on a $13.72 purchase? Thanks for the heads-up. Oh - and no, I won't be clicking that link :-)

I love it when companies cover their asses, and I hate it when they don't explain this when you place an order.

As you may know, LLC is not required to collect sales or use taxes in Tennessee. However, the state of Tennessee requires us to provide the following notice to you:

You may owe use tax on purchases you made from LLC during the previous calendar year. The amount of tax you may owe is based on the total sales price of the items you purchased during the calendar year unless an exemption exists under state law or you have already paid the tax. A sale is not exempt under state law because it is made through the Internet. The total sales price of purchases you had shipped to Tennessee in 2011 was $13.72. This is the amount that you may include on your Tennessee use tax return to calculate the appropriate use tax owed unless you have already paid the tax."_

In addition, the state of Tennessee requires us to provide you with the following link that you can use to get more information and pay any taxes due:

Use Tax Page:
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There is not a single tax anywhere in the world that is not ultimately paid by the end users. Call it whatever you like, collect it by any and every means possible, its still the little guy who gets it in the neck.
Actually, all of us have always known that we owe taxes on purchases. I believe that most local and all state governments rely on sales taxes for their revenue. And, the law says we owe the taxes, simple as that.

It's the collection process that is a problem. Neither Amazon, nor any other online company has the means at hand to collect and distribute the taxes for every customer.

But - it's coming. Every online merchandiser will eventually begin collecting sales taxes, based on your location.

Yes, you owe it. But, we've been getting away without paying.
amazon saves nothing by not charging tax? they save their market share since no one with a physical presence in a sales tax state can compete.
Anyone that has read a newspaper since 2008 has seen where states are going after this money. It will not be long before the Tax anything you can people get there way and start Taxing eCommerce to death as well.
the issue I have is to retroactively say üh, by the way, we didn't mention this before, but you may owe taxes!'
This would not be legal in Europe - all costs must me stated up front - at the latest with the bill.
I don't live in the US, and am not a tax specialist - but there are/were times when online-retailing was exempt from sales-tax by law - it seems that it is still not really clear and shold not be retroactively revoked.
It is true that the Internet Tax Freedom Act did not exempt states. But, the link was to show what states are doing what now. States did how ever follow the guide lines set by the act. Till by he way I was wrong it was 2007 not 2009. So, to stay civil here and not be rude yes I do read before I link and the purpose of the link in showing what states are doing what still holds true. Have a great day +Holland Rhodes
I was about to order two books, but I gave up:

Items (2):EUR 5,96
Shipping & Handling: EUR 24,36

Shipping = 4 times the order price!? This is insane! :-O
(... and both items are from the same seller...)
+Holland Rhodes I guess you won't believe the amazon tax-free purchases have an effect until the local retail scene has disappeared? I don't think I need to conduct a detailed study to know people will choose to make many purchases from amazon over a physical presence or even a (in my case) CA based e-tailer because of the tax thing. Luckily, it's changing this year: about time.
+Holland Rhodes the end of the story will be when amazon adds the sales tax to the purchase for the customer. then the playing field will be level.
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