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Good Morning Vietnam, a story about art
This is one of many ceramic (porcelain ) reliefs decorating the Ba Thien Hau (Pagoda of the Lady Thien Hau) in Saigon. The Lady Thien Hau is the protectress of the sea, ensuring both safety and good catches for fishermen.

The temple was built by Chinese immigrants to Saigon in 1760 and continually improved and expanded until the early 20th century. In fact, these reliefs are believed to be from Chinese ceramic manufacturers. Like most temples in Asia, this one is actively used by the population and you will find more faithful than tourists at any particular time of day.

Though I have no idea what story is being depicted here in th is relief with demons, I thought it was cute, which is probably not the intended reaction ;-)
May your demons be as harmless as these, and tread lightly

#art #vietnam #treadlightly

In Chinese legends, the souls of the dead become either shen, good spirits who join the gods, or gui, malevolent ghosts or demons who wander the earth, usually because their descendants do not offer them the proper funeral ceremonies.

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yes, the faces are smooth enough to be minions...
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Being holy is such hard work
Much better to have fun and enjoy yourself than try to conform too much.
But do tread lightly ;-)
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The felling to the hell shell either be my joining of their own, or to watch the final evil of another.
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Good Morning Vietnam!
(I've always wanted a reason to say that)
On our 7th morning here, we finally got to see the sun. This lovely small traditional boat is 'parked' in the river in front of our hotel, to be enjoyed from the balconies in our rooms, or on the restaurant terrace. .....
And enjoy we did, as I hope your day is also a good one.
tread lightly
#treadlightly #vietnam 
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+Susanne Ramharter Charlatan. 
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Susanne Ramharter

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Greetings from Hanoi
Where tonight we celebrate 'Tet', then Vietnamese New Year. Though most stores are closed for the holiday, the streets are still busy as they can be.
More on the wonders of Vietnamese traffic another time.

Happy New Year and tread lightly

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+Susanne Ramharter ps: by the way, I understand there are some interesting medical practices there. 8<)
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Ah, those heartwarming, (in)sincere brand commercials...
Honestly now, how often have you felt warm and fuzzy after seeing a commercial using some of the buzzwords or scenes shown in the clip below?

But, most of the time, it's really a case of the brand playing Bulls**t Bingo with your emotions. True purpose and values of an enterprise are never to be found in official statements, commercials or even social media posts.

To see what a brand is really about means to watch what they do. How do they treat their customers, employees and environment? Are they involved in spurious litigation? 

In other words, to they walk the talk?  If they don't, then no amount of happy-posts or syrupy commercials will make them 'good'.

Find out for yourself and tread lightly

h/t to +Simon Mainwaring of +We First  for the link in their newsletter.

#treadlightly   #brands   #brandstrategy   #marketing   #socialmedia  
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+Suleman Sardar Who are you asking to wait?
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☆Good Morning Google+ ☆ your daily story about art: 01.19
Last week was the Green Hour, today let’s look at the Witching Hour, generally understood to be the time after midnight and before the beginning of dawn.  Chinese Medicine views the time between 1 AM and 3 AM as the time of the Liver, which stands not only for (de-)toxification, but also for emotions, especially frustrations and anger, as well as spring, with all of it’s associations of rebirth and growth. 

Here is a representation of the Witching Hour in a painting by Andrew Wyeth, the American realist painter. As the painting seemingly shows, Wyeth was a realist painter, but is that really true?

Abstraction in visual art is usually understood to mean that a work of art is ‘free’ of conventional elements such as perspective, recognizable objects and, most importantly, narrative. We usually associate abstraction with artists such as the cubists, Mondrian, Pollock, etc.

But if we look past the obvious visual elements to the idea of abstraction as something that is devoid of narrative, which can apply to recognizable things as well, we can definitely understand Wyeth’s self-assessment as an abstract artist:

“You can have the technique and paint the object, it’s what’s inside you, the way you translate the object — and that’s pure emotion. I think most people get to my work through the back door. They’re attracted by the realism and sense the emotion and the abstraction — and eventually, I hope, they get their own powerful emotion.”

In my opinion, his “Witching Hour” is a perfect  example of this. We see an empty room at night. Only the strange fluttering of the candles’ flames (while the windows are closed?) give a hint that something unusual is happening. Is it a draft from an open door, and if so, why is the door open, who opened it at this hour?

Like most of Wyeth’s paintings, as there is no obvious narrative or story to be seen, we are free, almost challenged, to make up our own. To make our own associations, based on our own lives and histories. And that is a core element of abstraction, isn't it?

So if, like me, you've been waking up around 2 AM lately, these are some things to ponder as you wait for sleep to come again, but do tread lightly with yourself!

Image from here:

#art   #treadlightly   #artandclassontheplus   #EuropeanHistory  #europeanpainting #yourdailyartstory #arthistory  
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+Kathy Frank "blow the hinges off the doors of decorum" - I gotta write that down.
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Are you a snob?
Admittedly, I am. Let's be honest, this picture sucks. It was taken with my tablet on a very touristy river dinner cruise in Saigon last night. The ship was full of about 100 tourists from all over the world, most of whom were busy taking pictures of each other, and with themselves and the traditionally dressed musicians. The Russians brought their own vodka.

My snobbish self was unhappy with the whole performance. And then I just watched the people. Regardless of the whole theatricality, they were having fun. So I let go of my conceptions, and just enjoyed the ride. Even talked (kind of) with the Russians who had so irritated me in the beginning, and they were just people like me.
Just another lesson in treading lightly

Ps: photo taken with tablet, it's bad, but the moon above the lit building was too great a temptation.

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+Friedl Fuerst What is mine is yours, with some rare few exceptions. Help yourself. 8<)
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Good Night Vietnam
If you counted 3 people on this motorbike (one of the millions of 125ccm machines on the roads here), then you would be wrong. Can you find Waldo? He's the little one in the very front. Finding whole families on bikes is nothing unusual here. In fact, it's probably the form of travel for the majority of families. Cars are unaffordable for most people and at least in the cities, the bikes are both more flexible and faster than cars.
It only gets tedious when they seem to be driving through your hotel room through most of the night, because, like most parts of Asia, the horn is an absolutely essential instrument when driving.
More on that later.
#treadlightly #vietnam
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I was just offered a Rolex watch for 20$ at the market, +Gihan Wickramage​, I guess her face mask is just as authentic. ;-)
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Google made my Foto 'auto awesome', not sure if I agree
Anyway, it does simplify the choice of which to post. Rooftops in Hanoi this morning, clouds create a flat light, which does nothing to diminish the fascination.
Because property costs are so high, many, if not most private houses are only one room wide. But, as can be seen, they make do creatively.
Create your own comfortable space and tread lightly

#treadlightly #vietnam 
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You sure this is a photo and not a painting? Gorgeous! Lovee their sense of color, there is nothing boring or monotonous about their roofs ... 
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Synchronicity: +Russell Brand explains the real meaning  behind the Superbowl commercials
It's amusing how well this fits in with my last post.

#treadlightly   #marketing  
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happy birthday +Susanne Ramharter  have a great life :)
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SO nicht, lieber Standard!
(edit: English summary added down below original German text)
Dieser Artikel erschien im gestrigen  im Wirtschaftsteil, nicht etwa unter den Kommentaren. Er wurde von zwei Mitarbeitern, die als "Konfliktlöser" bei Freshfields arbeiten, verfasst.

Was aber leider NICHT erwähnt wurde ist, dass Freshfields bislang als jenes internationale Unternehmen gilt, welches sowohl von der Anzahl, als auch vom Umsatz (und Profit), als größte Kraft in den im Artikel erwähnten Investorenschutzklagen gilt.

Es mag ja wohl noch verständlich sein, dass die beiden Verfasser diese Tatsache verschweigen und viel lieber betonen, dass die Ablehnung von TTIP (und somit von irrwitzigen Investitionsschutzklagen) durch die Österreicher: 
"ein erstaunliches Phänomen, das nur mit der beeindruckenden Medienpräsenz ideologisch positionierter Organisationen erklärbar ist."

NICHT verständlich ist, dass derStandard diese eindeutig einseitige Darstellung von durchwegs interessierten Verfassern nicht als solches gekennzeichnet hat.

In anbetracht der Tatsache, dass: 
"Während des Bürgerkriegs in Libyen riet zum Beispiel die britische Kanzlei Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer ihren Klienten, Tripolis zu verklagen. Begründung: Die Instabilität des Landes führe zu Sicherheitsproblemen, die Investitionen der Unternehmen gefährden könnten." (Le Monde dimplomatique:

wirkt das Eingeständnis der Verfasser im Artikel:
"Dass der Investitionsschutz auch zu missbräuchlichen Klagen führen kann, mag sein. Unbegründete und abwegige Klagen vor Gerichten hat es schon immer gegeben, und es wird sie auch weiterhin geben. Was aber 'missbräuchlich' ist, bleibt häufig der subjektiven Wertung überlassen."
als besonders zynisch und als regelrechte Verhöhnung.

Dieses Schriftstück ohne weitere Erläuterung durch die Redaktion als seriösen Artikel zu präsentieren, entspricht nicht den selbstgennanten (und vom Leser erwarteten) Qualitätsansprüchen des Standard.
Man muss die Frage stellen, was denn sonst alles im Standard ebensowenig glaubwürdig ist.

English Summary: is probably the best newspaper in Austria. Unfortunately, yesterday's edition included the article below, which is an unapologetic piece extolling the virtues of Investor-State-Dispute-Settlements, in which an foreign investor can sue a government. 
What the newspaper failed to mention is that, the authors of the article are employees of the arguably largest and most profitable organizations that often represent the claimants, earning literally billions of dollars in fees from such claims.
My point is that to present such a piece without mentioning this, and thus creating a proper context for the opinions stated by the authors, is not worthy of a respectable newspaper.

#ttip   #icsid   #globalization  
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Gerne, +Gerald Steger , ich habe mich so geärgert, dass ich einfach schreiben musste. Bin neugierig, ob je eine Antwort vom kommt ;-)
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Gotta love this Man
Not a single word about Gays, or contraception. Had he been Pope 30 years ago, I might still be Catholic ;-))
h/T +Friedl Fuerst on another site
VATICAN CITY -- When Pope Francis met before Christmas with Vatican employees, mostly lay people with families, he asked them to do 10 things. The list sounded remarkably like suggestions for New Y...
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Hello dear hw are you doing ?
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Treading Lightly
To tread is to take a step, place your foot on a surface (betreten, auftreten, schreiten), to walk. 

To tread lightly means to move carefully, mindfully and with awareness; to do as little damage as possible to your surroundings and to yourself.

It means to be:
  • open to learning, new ideas and thinking
  • compassionate towards others, especially those who are weaker, or have difficulty fending for themselves
  • engaged for a society whose main definition of freedom is not necessarily the freedom to make money, but rather freedom of ideas, speech, development and privacy 
  • and above all, the ability to be amazed and laugh about absurdity, irony, myself, others - to take myself lightly 
My cool friend, +Eileen O'Duffy shared a poetic understanding of the concept by William Butler Yeats:
HAD I the heavens' embroidered cloths,
Enwrought with golden and silver light,
The blue and the dim and the dark cloths
Of night and light and the half-light,
I would spread the cloths under your feet:
But I, being poor, have only my dreams;
I have spread my dreams under your feet;
Tread softly because you tread on my dreams. 

So if you are interested in art, psychology, a fair and open society, organizations and leadership, a little photography and a touch of the spiritual, all seen with a smile then:
Welcome to My World, and please, tread lightly!

Note about posted Images:  I post many images of Art Works, the vast majority of these are works in the Public Domain, used here under Fair Use Regulations. I take care to add information about sources/copyrights for any newer images that do not fall into this category. All images are posted for educational, non-profit purposes only. Should I have overlooked an existing copyright or source, please let me know and I will gladly rectify by giving credit.
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Museum of Viennese Fantastic Realism - not one of your typical, clean, sterile and professional museums, but ohhh! Much like the original grouping of artists, this is a very informal setting, the ambiance is spontaneous, as if someone had just decided to exhibit here and just started putting paintings on the walls. You won't find electronic guides, but you will find great art with some decent explanations and an excellent overview of the Fantastic realists. Personally, I like the slightly grungy effect, it goes well with the rebellious aspect that the original artists had.
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Sehr gute Küche, wirklich freundliche Bedienung, netter Wirt und wunderbares Ambiente, besonders schön der Innenhof mit alten Kastantien, ein paar Olivenbäumen und die (noch) alten Gebäude. Man könnte glauben, mitten am Land zu sein.
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