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Bros on horseback, oh my!
The region in which I live sports a number of wonderful, curvy, mountainous roads that are beloved by motorcyclists. Having been what we call a 'motorbike-bride' for most of my life, I understand the pull of these roads completely.

Seeing the bikers, in their helmets and dress has often reminded me of the knights of old. Both are not recognizable in their uniforms, are on very powerful, often destructive, forms of transportation, and have a bit of 'bad boy' aura.

So imagine my delight at finding this article, which is not only a quick read, but also quotes one of my all-time favorite authors: Mark Twain:
"You can’t depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus"
which is so stunningly true not just about history.

Watch your imagination and tread lightly

#treadlightly   #history  
Oh, the pretty tales of gallantry and adventure! Hate to break it to you, but this history is little more than bloodbath with solid PR.
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Hmm, I don't know, but the blood soaking part is exactly what attracts me so much (about Knights) ... The fact that one might lose everything in a brute, ridiculous manner makes all the hero's actions fantastic! And, of course, I'm the coward sitting in a cozy dining room without even seeing or smelling the blood in the making of my meal ... 
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Susanne Ramharter

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I got myself into trouble here with some quotes .....
I re-shared a post with some quotes, the attributions of which were probably not quite correct, and was reprimanded in the comments.
Because that was such a success, I found some (fictitious!!!) quotes by artists about their works at +Hyperallergic  here:, and had to share this one.
Bonus points to anyone who can describe what this actually means!

Have fun and tread lightly (especially in the comments)
#art   #treadlightly  
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Jackie Brazeal
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Susanne Ramharter

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The irony of Napoleon's quote is amazing
Edit: I'm clear on the fact that the attributions may not be correct, which doesn't really matter to me, what I like are the ideas and the way they are articulated.
h/t +Rob Jongschaap 
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Susanne Ramharter

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Good Morning Google+
while reading about a marvelous exhibition called Organic Matters at the National Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington, (see here: I came across the work of Ysabel May, a Canadian born artist who now lives and works in Texas. 

Originally, my attention was caught by this work, The Reflection, which is on view at the exhibition, because it reminded me of the painstaking detail so often shown in the works of old masters. For a moment, I actually thought it might be an oil painting from the 17th or 18th century. But a closer look showed that this work actually has a few surreal aspects.

The reflections, for which the work is named, are not only at the bottom, where we would expect to see them, but also at the top of the work, where they simply make no sense. While the floral wreath at the bottom of the work reminds me of some of the works of Rachel Ruysch, one of the premier female artists of the 17th century, a closer look shows that LeMay's work is actually not realistic at all.

Neither is it a painting, but an amazing piece of digital art.  Ysabel LeMay works with photography and digital editing, often working with images cropped from many, many photos, and re-assembles these into truly fascinating works. All of her works have elements of nature in them, some more obviously surreal and 'made up' than others. But even her most life-like, floral compositions never descend into the mundane or trivial sentimentality.

In sum, they are a joy to behold and a challenge for the brain as well.

Let your own brain be challenged today and do, tread lightly

#treadlightly #art #digitalart

Image (and all rights) from the website of the artist here: 
PS: there is a good video about her work here: 
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Very very naice
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Susanne Ramharter

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So many people share selfies, ... now I get why.
Much if this is truly LOL. but, as with most of his clips, there is truth that goes beyond the snort-factor.

#selfies   #treadlightly  
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are you on the right channel?
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Susanne Ramharter

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Nice Summary of a complex topic

Plato’s Allegory of the Cave, Animated: History’s Greatest Parable Exploring the Nature of Reality | Brain Pickings

'...“Reality,” wrote Philip K. Dick, “is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn’t go away.” And yet how are we to be sure that what we observe actually is? After all, so much of what we experience as reality is the product of our remarkably flawed perception.  

Some 2,400 years earlier, Plato explored this very question in his famous Allegory of the Cave — perhaps history’s most masterful figurative inquiry into the meaning of life and the nature of reality — found in Book VII of his Republic (free download; public library).
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Following links is for mugs Susanne. That's how the kiddie porn mob operate you realise.

Noticed your growing band of sycophants. Not much talent or quality in that lot I'm aftaid. Your "latest friend" even states he doubts I have MENSA IQ. Complete fuckwit. He wouldn't even know what MENSA is.

Like Groucho Marx once said "I wouldn't want to belong to any club that wanted ME as a member". He's right and I agree entirely.

By the way your comment on ad hominem completely misses the point dear. I do that deliberately. It just means play the man, use English maybe? I always play both the man and the ball. You see if I don't attack the person they may think I don't mean them when I ALWAYS do.

So don't go telling me not to do things I do on purpose. Otherwise the person may think I'm only attacking what they wrote. I always attack both, for a purpose. To expose the morons dear. Your buddy has had a big bite showing his true colours.. SAD.

As is expecting to find "friends" on here. That's for the very lonely only as they will always fail you. How can you ever be friends with someone you've never met and never will? Impossible. For the sad sacks of the world.

I do not ever seek friends on here and nor do I curry favour as your sycophants do to you.

Lots of people like me and how I write, you wouldn't believe how many dear. I've been friendly with some people but never expected "a friend."rom that.

Mind you, you do seem intelligent enough for us to get along, for a time at least. But I change for no one dear.
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Susanne Ramharter

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Ever had a "misophonia-related rage blackout"?
I have them all the time. What a relief it is to find out that it's not just intolerance, but a valid disorder, for which I must take no blame ;-)

#treadlightly   #cognitive  
Some researchers argue that being aggravated by mouth-related sounds can be a psychiatric disorder.
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Now I feel relief I am not a hater :)
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Susanne Ramharter

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Telling the truth - what a novelty
my favorite sentence is right at the bottom:
"Telling the truth may be working for Bernie Sanders, but it shows a serious lack of respect for the American political system,"

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Hilo janow
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Susanne Ramharter

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Good Morning Google+  your daily story about art:
Last night we had a truly wonderful display of the Perseis meteor showers. Because these showers usually occur around August 10th, which is the Name-day of St. Laurentius, the showers are often referred to as the "Tears of Laurentius".  St. Laurentius was treasurer for the Church of Rome in the 3rd century, under Pope Sixtus II and in the reign of the Emperor Valerian.  In 257, Valerian began a wave of persecution against Christians, including the beheading of Sixtus II.

It is still not really clear whether Valerian acted thusly from purely religious motivation - he did believe that it was important to keep up worship of the old Gods. However, financial reasons probably played a role as well. It is said that after the death of Sixtus II, Valerian ordered Laurentius to hand over the treasure of the Church of Rome. Laurentius instead distributed the treasure among the populace and then gathered the poor, sick and needy, which he presented as the 'true treasure of the Church'.

Valerian was having none of it and had Laurentius roasted alive on an iron grill on August 10 in 258. Thus the connection to fiery showers and the 'tears of Laurentius'.

The showers and the story reminded me of this image, called Representation of Strange Occurrences seen in connection with two comets in 1456 in an illuminated manuscript called the Lucerne Chronicle by Diebold Schilling.  The image is a combination of gore and (to us) humor, and, seen in our day, is rather whimsical and quaint.

Have some whimsy in your day, and tread lightly

Image from wikimedia here: 

More info about the Perseis Meteor Showers here:  or here: 
dates for future meteor showers this year are here: 

#art  #treadlightly  #artandclassontheplus  #EuropeanHistory  #europeanpainting #yourdailyartstory #arthistory 
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Yes it was an amazing sight,Susanne. But awkward, normaly I see them coming down but this .... again strange 
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Susanne Ramharter

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Good Morning Google+  your daily story about art:
The last few days were spent in Munich, mostly in the two wonderful Museums the Old and New Pinakothek. Here just a teaser of how I learned to love Rubens.

More when I get back home.

Image from wikimedia here:

#art  #treadlightly  #artandclassontheplus  #EuropeanHistory  #europeanpainting #yourdailyartstory #arthistory 
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We saw this art in my dream
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Susanne Ramharter

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Happy Birthday to HH the Dalai Lama
This extraordinary man has been both hero and role model to me for many years now. That he can still talk about compassion, when he knows exactly how the people of Tibet are made to suffer under Chinese occupation, is simply humbling.
I was blessed to see him in Vienna a number of years ago, and, though I was in a cheap seat far from the stage, his personality filled the hall pervasively.
May he live many, many more years.
May his spirit of joy and compassion touch many more people.
and ... may the Tibetan people soon be free of occupation and suppression.

#dalailama   #freetibet   #tibet   #treadlightly  
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+Susanne Ramharter +DragonRoman  It's easy to speak  about beig compassionate but very hard to practise. Still I will refuse to consider people like George Bush, his son, and many other politicians who have brought sorrow and pain to millions as "human beings worth of forgivness". Their action have contributed to many people's deaths and sufferings. I do not agree with this kind of message. Should we forgive Hitler as well? or Stalin? All the dictators and the politicians who  spreaded death and pain? I love buddhism altough I am not a buddhist and all the teachings that are taught by this wonderful religion, but I state it one more time: I will not be able to consider people like W. Bush, or his father worth of the +Dalai Lama  sitting and laughing with them at the same table. Would His Holiness sit with the Chinese authorities who have killed many Tibetans troughout these years? I seriously doubt it.
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Susanne Ramharter

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TTIP erkärt von einem, der weiß, wovon er spricht

Kurzer Bericht von dem TTIP Vortrag, der Gestern Abend in Klagenfurt von +Michel Reimon gehalten wurde.

#treadlightly   #ttip   #freihandel  
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Skürgen vlœppen das unkü buroti!!!! Mekha mekha Hi mekha hidee ho!
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To tread lightly means to move carefully, mindfully and with awareness; to do as little damage as possible to your surroundings and to yourself.

It means to be:
  • open to learning, new ideas and thinking
  • compassionate towards others, especially those who are weaker, or have difficulty fending for themselves
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  • and above all, the ability to be amazed and laugh about absurdity, irony, myself, others - to take myself lightly 
My cool friend, +Eileen O'Duffy shared a poetic understanding of the concept by William Butler Yeats:
HAD I the heavens' embroidered cloths,
Enwrought with golden and silver light,
The blue and the dim and the dark cloths
Of night and light and the half-light,
I would spread the cloths under your feet:
But I, being poor, have only my dreams;
I have spread my dreams under your feet;
Tread softly because you tread on my dreams. 

So if you are interested in art, psychology, a fair and open society, organizations and leadership, a little photography and a touch of the spiritual, all seen with a smile then:
Welcome to My World, and please, tread lightly!

Note about posted Images:  I post many images of Art Works, the vast majority of these are works in the Public Domain, used here under Fair Use Regulations. I take care to add information about sources/copyrights for any newer images that do not fall into this category. All images are posted for educational, non-profit purposes only. Should I have overlooked an existing copyright or source, please let me know and I will gladly rectify by giving credit.
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Museum of Viennese Fantastic Realism - not one of your typical, clean, sterile and professional museums, but ohhh! Much like the original grouping of artists, this is a very informal setting, the ambiance is spontaneous, as if someone had just decided to exhibit here and just started putting paintings on the walls. You won't find electronic guides, but you will find great art with some decent explanations and an excellent overview of the Fantastic realists. Personally, I like the slightly grungy effect, it goes well with the rebellious aspect that the original artists had.
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Sehr gute Küche, wirklich freundliche Bedienung, netter Wirt und wunderbares Ambiente, besonders schön der Innenhof mit alten Kastantien, ein paar Olivenbäumen und die (noch) alten Gebäude. Man könnte glauben, mitten am Land zu sein.
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