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Hello new week! What's everyone up to?

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experimenting today mixing various materials  ...
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Sometimes doodles with no purpose are the best doodles of all.

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Don't you love this Warren Buffett career quote?

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I think you are out of your mind if you keep taking jobs that you don't like because you think it will look good on your resume. Isn't that a little like saving up sex for your old age?”
― Warren Buffett

Feel free to look through our posted jobs.

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This is a great article showcasing a follow-worthy Instagrammer.
Be Careful What You Say in Public, This Designer May Be Listening
Do you assume that all people who wear overalls are good people? That the secret to a woman’s heart is grilled cheese? Have you ever found glitter in strange places? If you’ve ever said any of those things in public, Brooklyn-based designer Mete Erdogan may have been near. Erdogan uses snippets from overheard conversations to generate hand-drawn pieces of typography for his popular “Eavesdropper” series on Instagram. “Eavesdropper” began back in ...
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Just for fun (coloured pencil and ink)

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This happened last night.

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Thanks!  You too, +Susan Wright-Boucher 
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Happy Family Day to my friends in Ontario, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and Manitoba.

BC celebrated Family Day last Monday — I hope your day is just as fabulous as ours was.

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Thanks +Joan Kalacis 
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There is a TON of great material on this site.

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Canva's Design School has everything you need to learn design. Check out our daily design articles, interactive tutorials and awesome tips.
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+Susan Wright-Boucher  Very true. Worth exploring this material at Canva.
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This doodle from +Jennifer Broderick makes me want to celebrate.

#art #doodle #illustration
One Doodle a Day for One Year
Day 122:
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You're so welcome +Jennifer Broderick 
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Here's a quick round up comparing the 3 graphics programs / photo editors I use the most.

My 3 go-to programs are +Canva, +PicMonkey, and +Inkscape.

Lately, I've been bragging up Canva and PicMonkey. They're so darn easy to use! And that's what initially attracted me. Inkscape is a powerhouse, and with all that power comes a fairly steep learning curve.

Despite that learning curve, the limitations of the other 2 apps have sent me back to Inkscape. (I think that will make my friend +Caroline Jones happy. She and +Davina Brawn have created a number of Inkscape tutorials available under their business name +Useful Graphic Design Tutorials.)

All 3 programs are free to use. Canva and PicMonkey require no download and offer additional levels or services you can purchase if you like. Inkscape is completely open source and free but, unlike the other 2, you have to download the program and run it from your hard drive.

Before I point out limitations, here are the things I love most about Canva and PicMonkey

Canva - Fantastic graphic elements! Also, the photo frames are more than just useful -- they make using my own photos a breeze. And, I love it that I can upload a watermark or logo and it remains available for all my projects.

PicMonkey - This is my go-to program for resizing photos. It's so fast! You can turn a jpg into a png or vice versa. Cropping is quick and reliable. If all you want to do is add some words to a photo and maybe add a simple overlay, PicMonkey is King!

Both Canva and PicMonkey have hundreds more features, but these are the ones I use every single day and wouldn't want to live without.

Here are the limitations of Canva and PicMonkey that make me appreciate Inkscape.

Canva - You can't change the dimensions once your project is started. I love being able to edit a previously made graphic, but again, you have to keep the original dimensions intact. Why would that be a problem? Sometimes I like to make more than one graphic for a blog post. I usually want them to match in colour and texture, but not size. The only way to do that in Canva is to remake the whole thing a second time.

PicMonkey - Can't edit your work once you save it. If you change your mind about the typeface while you're still in editing mode, no problem. But once you save and exit, the only way to change things up is to redo the entire thing from scratch.

There you have it! One day soon, I'll have to write about GIMP. It's another useful tool I learned about from Caroline and Davina.

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Okay, duly noted and thanks for that.
1 - Do the drawings generally have a simple outline? If you can post here an example of a typical drawing, that would be good. The more complex the outline, the trickier it is in Inkscape (and Photoshop for that matter) and it does take practice. Removing a background where there is a head of hair is probably the worst case scenario!

2. this sounds relatively straight forward. The key here would be to start with a large enough image..

They are in the Ideas book!
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Coloured pencils - How to create smooth gradients, use a blending stick, blend colours from +Art ala Carte 

#art #drawing #coloredpencil  
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Me too! Thanks for sharing!
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I hope everyone had a nice weekend. I'm still playing around with sketches.

#draw #drawing #pencil 
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Oh wow. And you make me want to try drawing flowers, +Susan Wright-Boucher :-)
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