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It's the 19th century version of "Just Do It"

I love the defiant tone in this quote.

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Waaaaaa great words by the great painter 
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Do you love to write, or would you like to start?

I'm sharing a favourite new writing app — +Prose. App — by launching this challenge (link is below):

Design your ideal work / writing environment. Tell us what it looks like, what's there, and what you're doing in that space. No need to be realistic. Use any writing style or format you choose.

The site is free. But one warning: You may become addicted to the clean and easy page and the supportive writing community.

Start here:

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+Susan Wright-Boucher Thank you I forgot I sign up with my Facebook lol
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Plants have their own internet?
Hidden under your feet is an information superhighway that allows plants to communicate and help each other out. It’s made of fungus
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This Huff Post piece on the cause of addiction is fascinating. I call it a 'must read'

Get ready to question some of the most widely held - yet now refuted - beliefs on the causes and remedies for addiction.
New evidence about addiction isn't just a challenge to us politically. It doesn't just force us to change our minds. It forces us to change our hearts....
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Indeed +Beth Lee Browning. I can't get stop thinking about the isolated rodent and the drug habit that killed it -- and then the reverse results when rodents were placed in an environment that was stimulating and shared with others.
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Susan Wright-Boucher

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Great tips for when you're changing something about the way people experience you — your personal brand.
Have you ever worked hard to change a behavior, but then got feedback your team still saw you as a frog… not the prince or princess you thought you had become? If so, you’ve not alone. One of the most common reasons people revert to old behavior patterns is because of lack of appreciation of their efforts, lack of acknowledgement they’ve changed, and lack of support to continue acting differently. Here's why and some things you can do to get the recognition and support you need to continue your efforts.
Have you ever worked hard to change a behavior but others still saw the old you? Instead of slipping back into old patterns, here's how to make change stick
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Thank you for sharing this +Susan Wright-Boucher | Excellent point about the built in accountability in step 1 +Red Seal Recruiting Solutions 
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Happy Family Day to my friends in Ontario, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and Manitoba.

BC celebrated Family Day last Monday — I hope your day is just as fabulous as ours was.

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Thanks +Joan Kalacis 
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There is a TON of great material on this site.

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Canva's Design School has everything you need to learn design. Check out our daily design articles, interactive tutorials and awesome tips.
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+Susan Wright-Boucher  Very true. Worth exploring this material at Canva.
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Have them in circles
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Writer's Block: Is There An App For That?

The only difference between writer's block and a root canal is one comes with the promise of Novocaine. 

Don't worry. There are practical tips in this LinkedIn blog post to get you back to your writing in no time. While there's no app that will cure writer's block, I do include info on 3 apps that will help you with your writing: +Trello, +Evernote and +Prose..

Read it now:

 - Or - Pin it for later:

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What's behind your procrastination?

Ugh. That awful feeling of guilt mingled with irritation and just a splash of remorse. Sometimes it's not the task itself that's so distasteful, it's what that task represents to us.

Here are four common reasons we put things off — and how to blast through.

Read it now:

— or —
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You are welcome +Susan Wright-Boucher It's coincidence that I remember them. Few years ago my friend was sitting on this stone sphere and resting for a while during hot day :) They are located very close to the main market of this beautiful city.
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Today is Digital Learning Day

Need some fresh learning resources? Here are 3 of my faves (we're so lucky!):

+Marie Mosley's Code It Pretty site
► I have to include +Susan Finch and +Ask Yvi for their Monday Geekspeak Guide  hangouts.

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Hello new week! What's everyone up to?

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experimenting today mixing various materials  ...
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Sometimes doodles with no purpose are the best doodles of all.

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