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Last moments in my Google ads office...tomorrow a new office at YouTube.
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Hey sue,looking good keep up the excellent work,I'll keep you and your staff in my prayers, 
If that bag has cupcakes in it, then you will be loved wherever you go. ;-}
Can't wait! Will you share with us your vision and ambitions for #YouTube ?

Congrats #16
Love to see a woman as leader! 
Need help at YouTube?  Or need someone to take your old office? :)
Great work on adwords Susan!
It always amazed me how my work stuff fit in just a few boxes. Good luck. 
Can't wait to see what you'll do there!
Congrats looking forward to what your about to do with YouTube :)
New beginnings!
All the best on this great adventure.

Just do whatever you're told in YouTube comments and nothing will go wrong at your new job.
apparently, I get 10x more $$ from YouTube than AdSense for content.  
Can't wait to visit you in your new office 
Congratulations, and have a great time!
Hello do you speak Polish?
Congratulations and good luck! I'm sure that YouTube will now become more efficient as a money-maker.
Susan congratz! The new office is more googly than previous? ;)
Good luck!!Enjoy this new stage of your life!!
I enjoyed the article I read this morning about you becoming SVP of Youtube.  Much luck to you Susan!
Good luck. Let me know if you need any help.
YouTube is one of the best Google products. All the best for your new position. 
Congrats on all yoru succes with Google Ads. YouTube is an incredible brand, sure it will do great under your leadership
Good luck with the move. Great choice! You told me never to worry to much about the role at Google. Plenty to do
Congratulations! We'll miss you in Ads!
Ray Mak
Congrats Susan. I just read about you. This is Ray Mak from YouTube Malaysia and I desperately need your help now. 
Good Luck ! (said just like everyone else here )
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