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How does this whole thing work? Start by making your wishlist!

Participating in Secret Santa is really, really easy. While we work on tidying up some wires behind the scenes making the #SecretSanta  experience even easier, today we'll let you know how the whole thing works!

1) Make your wishlist at Amazon. This is how people will choose what gifts to get you. You make your wishlist at

2) Soon, we'll announce where you submit your wishlist.

3) Browse and gift! It's incredibly simple. On the #GPlusSanta  site, you'll be able to browse wishlists and see why your friends or followers need some extra love this season. Additionally, you can search Google+ with the hashtag #SantaGift  

Stay tuned for more details in the coming days.
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Hii can i talk u ??? 4 design
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Susan Tournour

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Johnny Cash Cover

A couple months ago, I shared with you a friend of mine's son singing God Will Cut You Down by Johnny Cash (God will cut you down cover).  He did it again, this time with Ring of Fire.  If you like Johnny Cash and deep baritone, have a listen!  

#singing   #johnnycash   #coversong  
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Adopt a School  

A good friend of mine works in a bookstore and they are trying to fundraise for one of their local schools.  The great news is they were on track to win the fundraiser contest so their school gets the funds, but they just got knocked down to second place.  The school with the most votes gets $10k for their library.  

If you have a few moments, can you please click the below link, scroll down to the pink button on the right that says "adopt this school today" and click it.  They ask you to register, but it's a quick and easy registration.  It is completely free to vote, but there is also a make a donation button if you're so inclined.  

Thank you so much!
Donate $12 to a high-needs school, buying them a book and a chance to win $10,000 in books in the Adopt & Don't Stop: 10th Anniversary $10K Giveaway.
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Thanks so much for sharing this, once again! Every 'adopt' counts, and we've begun to gain some ground. :D It's easy, it's free and you'll be supporting children's literacy! Just 2 days left to retake first place, and these children have worked so hard for it! 
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Johnny Cash Pipes

This is the son of one of the guys I work with and he has definitely chosen the right singer to want to emulate.  If you like Johnny Cash, you should listen to him croon out those deep notes.  He's quite good!  

#singing   #johnnycash  
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Amen brother.
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Susan Tournour

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*I - don't care - what they - SQUIRREL! *

That's probably my favourite line in this, but I adore so many moments in this cover of Frozen's "Let it go".  Listened to it a couple times already so I could hear it with and without the video.  I definitely recommend doing that so you get the full experience.  
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Of all the Disney villains, I have to say Maleficent scared me the most as a child.  Sleeping Beauty is also one of my favourites of the classics.... probably for that reason.  

That said...

Her voice gave me flashbacks of chills from my childhood of her.  Scary the similarities (and impressive).  I'm really hopeful about this.  Though, perhaps I should make sure I bring a blanket to cover my head with if she brings back too many flashbacks!  lol  
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Have her in circles
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Susan Tournour

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Tis the season!
Ho ho ho

Santa Clause is coming (back) to town....

#SecretSanta   #GPlusSanta  
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Inktober 2014
October 4-5, plus one Makeup Doodle

I got a bit of a late start on participating in this, but I'm determined to end up with 31 images by the end of October!  Here's the first three images I've done.  These are using my Prismacolor brush tip illustration marker.  

For the first one, a friend of mine was in the midst of a tale of his woe over the loss Hawaii suffered against Alabama on Sunday.  So, to help him with his grief (or maybe rub salt in the wound a bit), I gave him that doodle of an elephant spraying the University or Hawaii emblem with water.  Salt does cheer people up as it turns out!  

The other two are wands for +Virtual Hogwarts characters.  Such fun to doodle, so chances are there will be more wands this month!  (And, of course, shameless plug - VH is a Harry Potter RPG I've been on since 2003.  If you like to write, you should check it out!   Sorting will be starting soon! )

#inktober   #inktober2014  
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Susan Tournour

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Fact or Fiction

It was an afternoon like any other.  I was ready to enjoy a nice lunch; this time of a southwest salad, sweet tea, and an apple pie.  

In my spot under the tree, salad in hand, the first soldier arrived to check out what was going on.  Flitting about above the salad, it quickly left.  Deciding it was no big deal, I was lured into a false sense of security.  That was the beginning of the end of that tasty lunch.  The soldier had gone for reinforcements.  

Flitting back to retrieve what it deemed it's prize, it flew in through the window and landed on me.  I froze, paralyzed as all was not well in the world of the purple duckmobile.  The invader had returned!

Jumping out of the car as soon as it had released me, the situation had become dire and there was a casualty.  The apple pie had been left behind and was just as enticing to the bees as it was to me.  Calling for my own reinforcements, the battle was on.  After much flinging of things, the apple pie was sacrificed and the bees won their prize.  

The car now bee free, I pulled out, breathing slowly to soothe the panic and saw the army swarming on it's prize.  


Is this fact?  Or did I write a stinging fiction?  [/Jonathan Frakes channeling] Hint: It's fact.   I've never seen that many bees so intent on going after anyone or anything! And it was only like 5 or 6.  >.>

#bees   #meep  
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Gentle Leader
Bella's and My New Best Friend

I took the pups out for a walk/run tonight and while I normally don't get this gung ho over a product.... if you have a dog who pulls or slips out of their collar or any number of things... get this.  Seriously.  It is worth it.  

Most of the time when I get home, my shoulder is sore from teaching Bella to walk on a leash since she wants to use however much of her leash that I'll let her.  Tonight I was able to have her on a loose leash for the majority of our time out tonight and she didn't pull it tight hardly at all once she got used to the new leader.  It really was like leading a horse "where the head goes, the body goes".  Even the one time she wanted to go play with a couple dogs behind a fence, there was no real pulling.  

#dog   #dogwalking   #running  
More than 5 million dog owners have found the secret to controlling their dogs on walks with the Gentle Leader Headcollar. Premier products now on
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Yesssssss 💚
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Susan Tournour

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Happy Star Wars day! May the fourth be with you. 
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Susan Tournour

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+Secret Santa has woken up from his long summer's nap refreshed and ready to get to work checking and collecting his lists!  Luckily, everyone who submits theirs is on the nice one, not the naughty one!  

Secret Santa 2013 starts today!
Share this post so we can collect as many lists as possible!

HO HO HO! It's good to be back! Last year Secret Santa only lasted for less than a month and were able to collect over 2,500 lists! 1,500 more than 2011! Your generosity and compassion giving gifts to the Google+ community made holidays better last year. Today I'm happy to announce that my elves and I start collecting your Amazon wishlists into our master list. It's easy to create a list! The hardest part is deciding what to put on it ;)

Just follow these simple steps:
1) Create your public wishlist on Amazon:
2) Add your list to the form: (Important instructions are on the form!)

Once added you can continue to edit your list. We'll share everyone's list with you on November 25th! We suggest waiting to share your list until then so people have the holidays in mind ;) For now, get that wishlist together!

Remember, we're all #SecretSanta ! #GPlusSanta  is happy to be back.
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Graphic Designer
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    Print and Web Graphic Designer, present
  • Infosource, Inc
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  • Infosource, Inc.
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    Graphic Art Intern, 2009 - 2009
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I tend to use Quacked Duckie a lot around the web or some form of that as a username for forum type things. So, if you see that, chances are real good it's me!
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Graphic designer & social media lover with a slight obsession with ducks, Stargate, & Harry Potter.
As it says above, I'm a graphic designer and social media lover.  However, like anyone else, its hard to summarize yourself in so few words that above or even here will allow.  Take a look at some of my public posts and you'll learn more about me there than you ever will here.  


For those in a hurry, here's a few words of obsessions:

Pleasure Writer (NaNoWriMo, Virtual Hogwarts, Twitter/G+, etc)
Business Writer (Blogging, Copywriting/editing, Tweets, etc)
Semi-Movie Buff
Tennis Player
Girl Gamer
Harry Potter

I love to travel and want to see quite a few more places in my lifetime.  To date, I've traveled abroad to Egypt, United Kingdom, France, plus places closer to home in the Eastern US and the Caribbean. Learning about other cultures while doing so and seeing the history surrounding them first hand is my favourite part. 

Also, I love my job. Contributing to something that makes the lives of a group of people in our country better is great even when I'm not a direct member of that community, simply a friend of it.  Beyond the professional experience, it's been an educational one as I hear both the good and bad reactions to what we do from business owners.  If you'd like to see some of what I get up to, circle the Gay USA Pages.  

Opinions posted here on my profile are my own and not that of Diversified Exposure, Inc/Gay USA Pages or any other company I'm associated with.
  • Full Sail University
    Digital Arts and Design, 2008
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